1910 Hannah Dies
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October 21st - Charles' second wife, Hannah, died in Ballarat, aged 70. The following obituary appeared in the "Australian Christian", the magazine of the Churches of Christ -
    "Hannah Martin, relict of our late Bro. Chas. Martin, passed to her rest on October 21st. She was a member for many years of the Dawson St. church, and took an active interest in church work, and was president of the Dorcas Society for some time. She was a widow at the time of her marriage, December 25th, 1883, her name then being Anderson. Her church membership dated from August 11th, 1876. The funeral took place on Oct 23rd, the service being conducted by Bro C. Morris, Bro Jinks, the church evangelist being away."
    Hannah would be buried in a grave quite close to Charles in the Ballarat Old Cemetery. (She had purchased the grave plot 29 years previously in 1881, for the burial of a John Anderson, aged 60, who was probably the father of her former husband.)
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Story of Hannah's Early Life

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