Assorted Notes
Charles Martin's home page

Letter to the Church of Christ Dawson St       Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5     Page 6

Letter from C H Martin, Port Melbourne, on her 21st Birthday(1922)      Page 1     Page 2

Letter from Louisa Martin, (wife of C H Martin, Port Melbourne),  to Frank (son of Leonard Martin Apollo Bay)         Page 1     Page 2

Charles Martin, shot down over France in 1918, Diary entry by brother Ted        Picture of Charles

Letter of Albert Martin in London, to his brother Lenoard in Apollo Bay 1891     Pages 1 and 2      Pages 3 and 4

Charles Martin - An Ideal Teacher - Article 1891         Image             Text, but bad scan at this stage

Len Martin Working Notes    Image

Some of Charles' Shorthand Jottings       Image

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