Gillian Moore's Notes on William's Diary

Gillian's notes           Comment on page numbering

Shorthand Symbols    (jpg)          Possible Meaning of some Symbols    Page 1    Page 2    (jpg)

With the suggested meanings inserted, the first two pages of the diary (pages 28 and 29) and pages 42 to 44 read as follows. Brackets enclose words that are suggestions only and do not actually appear in the text.
Pages 28 and 29:        Pages 42 to 44         Alternative transcription, Pages 42, 43       Last Page

Samuel Taylor Title Page   (jpg)         Samuel Taylor Universal System of Stenography - The Alphabet     (jpg)

Thomas Shelton's System used by Samuel Pepys      (jpg)

Early modern shorthand sample      (R. B. Stout's "A Singular Discovery)      Image   Web Link        

Russell Urine Test Case
      (jpg)            Web Link (When you get there search for "Russell urine")

Warner's Safe Cure  (jpg)        Web Link 


Thanks to Gill Moore for her research that forms this set of pages.

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