William Mitchell Diaries

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From April 1879
        Diary from 18790410 to 18790715 Text Only.pdf
        Diary from 18790410 to 18790715.pdf          
        Poem by William Mitchell 1879, from this diary  18790413.doc
From July 1879
        Diary from 18790716 to 18790925 Text Only.pdf
        Diary from 18790716 to 18790925.pdf
From August 1879
        Diary from 18790926 to 18800122 text only.pdf
        Diary from 18790926 to 18800122.pdf
From April 1882
        Diary from 188204 to 18850111 Text Only.pdf
        Diary from 188204 to 18850111.pdf        
From October 1884
        Diary from 18841022 Text Only.pdf
        Diary from 18841022.pdf
From October 1887
        Last Diary from 18871010 - images and interpreted text side by side.pdf
        Last Diary from 18871010 - this version has more readable images.pdf
        Last Diary from 18871010 text Only.pdf

W Mitchells diary code, note ex Fred.pdf
William's Diaries - Gill Moore's Analysis.pdf

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