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This page contains materialk that is too large to store on the main Mitchell pages, or would clutter the narrative
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Albert Mitchell        Service Record    Service Badge Letters by Leila Mitchell
Bailabbe   (Newspaper clippings of a house in Wodonga that some of the Mitchell family lived in)
Chilcotts and Tintagel
Mitchells In Victoria   (Map, photo of Climsland)
Mitchell People Photos 
William Mitchell's Documents      Diaries, Will and Estate, Letter to Ellen,  Voyage from England on Prince of Wales

Research Notes from the Stoke Climsland Archives

Tregorrick     Map      If you Google Earth "Tregorrick, Cornwall",  Tregorrick Farm is the cluster of buildings north of the road
Venterdon is earlier than Stoke Climsland. (You can still see remains of the Saxon field system).
                           Photo Gallery
Stoke Climsland Map (shows Deans, Venterdon, Kit Hill, Winsor Mine). Stoke Climsland was settled when the Normans built the church (on top of the hill)
                               (Winsor mine directions : at Swingle Tree just past Kelly Brae, down dirt track to engine house)
                          Photo Gallery   (Shows Church, The Old School, and the Post Office)
                          History Article (Post Office, Whiteford)
                          Whiteford and the Home Farm were big deal, The archives had an invitation to be present for a visit of the king in 1936 (image), and I think it was Caroline who mentioned Prince Charles paying a visit by helicopter


    Many thanks to Caroline Vulliamy of the Stoke Climsland Historical Archives for her help when we visited in April 2008

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