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There have been four houses built on tthe Rowley property. They are shown here in order:

This is the first house, built by John Clarkson Rowley, in the early 1880s. The leftmost family group looks like Joe, Avis, Dorothy and June, which would place the photo in the late twenties. That is also consistent with 2nd right being Claude. This house was flooded by the Hume Weir extension in the late fifties.

This is John Clarkson and Sarah Rowley on the front verandah of the second house.  It was a small cottage built on the flats below house three. It was built about the time Joe and Eircell married (1909), and Joe and  Eircell took over the first house       
The second house was located near the stump just right of the middle of the picture. The third house is on the top of the ridge, at the very left of the picture. You can see sheds at the back, and some of the back garden.     
Photo taken 2005

This is the third house, built for Joe and Avis probably in the thirties. When Claude and Elsie married, they went to live in the first house. 
Photo taken 2005
This is the fourth house, built by Claude and Elsie in the mid-50s when the Hume Weir was about to flood their home                                         
Photo taken 1967

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