Samuel Goode and Hannah Nicholson(20%)

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Samuel Goode (m Hannah Nicholson 1765 Curry Rivel Somerset)
    Ambrose Goode (b 1770 St Sepulchres Cambridge)
    Hannah Goode (b 1772 Cambridge)
    Henry Goode (b 1775 St Sepulchres Cambridge)
    Henry Goode (b 1776 St Sepulchres Cambridge)
    Samuel Goode (b 1776 St Sepulchres Cambridge)
    James Goode (b 1780 St Sepulchres Cambridge, m Sarah Peck 1804 Parson's Drove Cambridgeshire)
         Martha Goode (b 1810 Wisbeach St Mary Cambridgeshire, m James Smalley 1830 Newton, d 1881 N Fitzroy Vic) 
               Thomas Henry Smalley (b 1851 At sea SS Constance, m Emily Marshall 1876 West Melb, Vic, d 1839 Ballarat Vic)
                     Herbert Oscar Smalley (b1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzror, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)

This family is in LDS. But it is about 50 miles from Cambridge to Parson's Drove. The Cambridge James would be 24 when he married..
Ancestry has Samuel Goode of  the Parish of St Peters Cambridge marrying Hannah Nicholson on 6 Oct 1765, from a book "Marriages at Curry Rivel".
Which is interesting because Curry Rivel is in Somerset.
In the abscence of further information, it is probably best to call Samuel and Hannah a 20% chance and call a halt


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