WILL of Tristram BOWHAY  1605,    transcribed 2004 Joy Hungerford

In the name of God, Amen: the 20th day of Julie 1605. I Tristram Bowhay of the paryshe of Stockclimsland being of pfecte mynde and memory (God be praised) do make and ordayne this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following. First I commende my Soul to Almighty God and my body to Christian buriall.
Item I give to my wife 20 sheepe or ther abouts which were of my Father's ewe
It 4 pannes which I had of my Father 6 platters, 6 pudingers and sixe sawcers 3  silver spoones, a featherbed {p}[frame all] which is in Whiteford. All these aforesaid I give to my [brother deleted] mother
Item I give to my brother Nicholas £4 [o-iiij li]. 
Item I give to Sampson [Langston] o-iiij li. 
Item I give to my brother's son Nicholas Bowhay o-xls. 
Item I give to Tristram Bowhay a yewe lambe.
Item I give to Sampson Hunt  my Ser vaunt a yewe.
Item I give to my sonne Edward Bowhay one hundred pounds to be paid at 21 years of age.
Item I give to the poor of Stoke o-v s.
All the rest of my goods and chattells whasoevr not given not bequethed moveable and unmoveable I do give and bequeath to Marye my wife Whom I make and appoynte my full and sole executrix
witnesse hereunto Iohn Clarke Iam Bowhay and others.
A true inventorie of all  such goods as Iohn Brent of the pishe of Stokeclimsland in the Countie of Cornwall de used [deduced] indifferentlie valued and praysed by Anthony Coombe [Groube] and Andrew Adams in manner and forme as here after followeth [E]ven  the seventh day of Aprill in the year of the reign of our sovereign lord Charles by the
grace of god of England Scotland [Scotland deleted] France and Ireland King defender of the faith the fourth.

Imprimis his purse girdell and wearing apparell valued          xxx s
Item 2 table bords 2 formes a bincher [bench] valued          xvj s
Item one cubborde valued                                                  xiij s iiij d
Item one feather bed and bouster and a bedstead clothes      xx s
Item three bedstedes                                                            xij s
Item a bar ior [jaw] one spit 2 pot hangings                          viij s
Item a ladder and 3 yards of tymber                                     xij s
Item all other implements of household unvalued                     v s
         Suma totalis 5  li  xvj s  iiij d                           [£5 16 04]

ix Ap: 1629    Ad[ministrat]io et  Comiss[io] Iohanni[s] Brent
                                    filio def[un]cti:
It  4 acars a half of Otes                                                         iiij li
It 2 mares                                                                                v s
It 3 quarters of an acare of barley                                             x s
It 5 keene & one calfe                                                              x li
It vj Oxen                                                                             xiiij li
It 4 Young Cattells                                                      iiij li xiij s iiij d
It 5 pidges                                                                                xl s
It other smale stufe in the howse                                                xx s
          Suma totalis Cij li xj s [£102.11.00]

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