William Tippett and Eliza Julian

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Parents        Colon Tippett and Marina Bath              William Julian and Eliza Renny

William Henry Tippet (b 1843 St Columb Cornwall, m Eliza Julian 1865 Cornwall, d 1927 Brunswick Vic)
Eliza Julian (b 1847 St Columb Major Cornwall, d 1924 Coburg Vic)
    Ernest Tippett (b 1867 Fraddon St Enoder Cornwall, m Catherine Mary Anne (Katie) McColl 1897, d in Australia)
    Ellen Tippett (b 1869 Fraddon, d in Australia)
    Rhoda Tippett (b 1871 Fraddon, d in Australia)
    William Tippett (b 1873 Fraddon, m Beatrice, d 1963 England)
    Frederick Tippett (b 1875 Fraddon, m Eva Robertson 1904, d in Australia)
    Eliza Tippett (b 1877 Fraddon, m James Davey? 1898, d in Australia)
    Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Louisa Tippett (b 1882 Carlton Vic, m David Johnston, d in Australia)
    Thomas Tippett (b 1884 Carlton, d 1884 Carlton)
    Henry Tippett (b 1887 Carlton, d in 1914-18 war)

Sailed from Plymouth 26/1/80 to Hobson's Bay on "Durham"
William Henry was a mason. Shown as a miner on ship's manifest. His DC gives parents as Collin and Marina

The following is from a letter by Bruce Tippett (Bruce is a descendant of Ernest Tippett above)
My great-grandfather, William Tippett, was born about 1844, and lived in the small village of Indian Queens, between St. Austell and Newquay, Cornwall, England. (He may have had a second name, but I do not know it). He was married in 1866 to Eliza Julian, also of Indian Queens? (I have put a query here because somewhere I am sure that I have a record indicating that Eliza Julian came from another place nearby - this curriculum vitae was written by my brother. - B.T.}. He was a stone-mason, and worked for some time in South Africa, although he did not migrate there - his wife and small children staying in England. However, about 1882, when my grandfather was 14 years old, the whole family migrated to Australia and resided here hereafter, except for the second son William, who returned to Cornwall as a young man, married, and lived in St. Austell until his death in 1963 at the age of 90, Most of the above family were long lived, dying about the mid 80's, the last member, Louisa, dying not so many years ago aged 82

The following comments came from Ailsa Hunt, a granddaughter of Ernst Tippett and Catherine McColl
Ernest Tippett died in Australia, and I am pretty sure that Eliza Tippett remained single all her life.   She is buried with her parents in Melb. General Cemetery.

St Columb Research

Peter Martin has supplied the following link.
As yet I have not had a chance to do anything with it

1861 census

Hard to read, but gives "Cotton" 48,  "Marion" 55, Louisa 20 and William 18.
William is an Agricultural Labourer in Trevuzza St Enoder, aged 18

1871 Census

Parish of St Columb Major                                                                                                                               
Road                Name                           Relationship        Condition       Age    Occupation               Where Born
Gos Morr         William JULIAN           Head                     Mar             56       Carpenter                Roche, CON (abt 1815)
 Hamlet             Sophia JULIAN            Wife                     Mar             65                                       St Columb, CON  (abt 1804)
                        William JULIAN             Son                                         19        Carpenter                St Columb, CON  (abt 1838)
( Next door )                                                                                                                                                                             1871
Goss Moor     William TIPPETT        Head                     Mar                 27       Master Mason           St Columb, CON (abt 1843)
 Hamlet            Eliza TIPPETT             Wife                    Mar                 25                                         St Columb, CON  (abt 1845)
                        Ernest TIPPETT          Son                                               4                                         St Enoder, CON  (abt 1867)
                        Ellen TIPPETT             Dau                                              2                                          St Columb, CON  (abt 1869)
                        Rhoda TIPPETT         Dau                                              1 Mon                                   St Columb, CON  (abt 1871)
St Enoder is 5 miles S of St Columb Major, which is 7 miles E of Newquay
Eliza (wife) is William Julian's daughter


1879 Birth Annie Tippett
1880 SS Durham Tippetts
1924 Death Eliza Tippett (Julian)
1927 Death William Tippett

Research Notes

Why does the list at the top show born in Fraddon, and the census show St Columb?
Genes Reunited checked for William and Eliza
LDS nothing
Recontact Bette Joseph
Contact Geoffery Prichett
Ernest Tippetts family, see family 6 on the McColl sheets for more info


Susan Old, the Online Parish Clerk for St Columb Major for her help in Tippetts generally

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