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The following links we have found useful  (no longer active links deleted 2020)

(1) Shipping Indexes
Robyn Lanham
(2)      great  site for understanding villages and street names
(6)   suggested by Jane Poskitt for Cornish data: the OPC site ?
(7)   FreeBMD, which is amazing and much better to search than any of the commercial sites. There is also FreeCEN, for censuses and FreeREG for Parish Records. Some of it is on-line and searchable already, but it's a slow process as it's all being done by a bunch of volunteers across the county and I expect beyond.
All the records are being updated constantly and it's not complete, but very near and getting further along all the time. Records are now appearing into the 1900s that weren't there some months back.
The site addresses are:
Do go and look at the sites, they can all be accessed from one another too.
If you fancy some neck-stiffening work then you could always volunteer. There are some areas that still need people, but it doesn't matter much which you cover, the ones I've been doing are baptisms and once you've written in the area at the top, you don't need to again. You're likely to find it easier than me, with our iMac, if you've got a PC as the software is easily downloadable on the site. There are several ways to access the hand written records, inc microfiche, CD, etc just need to ask the area co-ordinator which is best for you and your area. It's not difficult, but necessary work for us all.
Please note that the whole project is sponsored by Ancestry, Rootsweb and The Bunker (whoever they may be), bless them all.
The records you can buy on these and other commercial site take their data from these transcribers. They will, therefore, not be as up to date as the original sites, as above.
Mrs Jackie Leevers

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Research and Reading Notes

The Long Farewell, by Don Charlesworth
The Convict Ships, by Charles Bateson
The Convict Years, by Margo Weidenhoffer
The Third Fleet
Crimes of the First Fleet, by Copley
Sydney Cove 1788,              "
            1789-90,           "
            1791-92,           "
            1793-95,           "   
The Convicts, 1788-1792        "               
This Peculiar Colony, R Rose (Rigby)