John Martin and Sarah Chadwick

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Parents :    Peter Martin and Bridget Pearson       William Chadwick and Hannah Cory

John Martin (b 1712 Hollowell Northamptonshirem, m Sarah Chadwick 1743 Spratton, m Sarah Clark 1768 Ravensthorpe, d 1794 Spratton)
Sarah Chadwick (b 1710  Spratton Northamptonshire, d 1766 Spratton)
    Sarah Martin (b 1745 Teeton Northamptonshirem, m William Barber 1778 Ravensthorpe Northamptonshire, d 1768)
    John Martin (b 1746, m Mary Butlin 1776 Ravensthorpe, m Mary Wright 1790 Spratton, d 1801 Spratton)
    William Martin (b 1748 Teeton, m Hanna Coalman 1787 Twywell Northamptonshire, d 1803 Islington Middlesex)
          Charles Martin (b 1797 Twywell, m Francis Prickett 1826 Islington, d 1876 Castlemaine Vic)
             Hannah Martin  (b 1829 Islington, m Thomas Farr 1849 Camden Town, London,d 1890 St Kilda)
                  Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                       Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    Peter Martin (b 1749 Teeton, m Mary Hickerson 1788 Ravensthorpe, d 1827 Spratton)
    Mary Martin (b 1750)
    Mary Martin (b 1759, d aft 1790)

John was the eldest of Peter's six children. He also had land at Teeton. The second son, John, was the inheritor of Grandfather Peter's farm when he died in 1772/3..
In 1766, Sarah died, and in 1768 John re-married, this time to a Sarah Clark. Two children were born to them - Robert (October, 1771) Bridget (???).
When John died in 1783/94, his estate was valued at £5000. The majority of this appears to have been left to Peter and Robert, but the others were provided for by various lump sums and annuities. William was to be given a lump sum of £200, plus £20 yearly. If the amount was not paid, he had the right to enter premises and take goods or animals to the same value until the rent was paid.
Len Martin's book
Text of John Martin's Will


Most of the material on the Martins comes from Glenis Crocker, with help from Robyn Lawther and Helen Millward. Glenis's material prepared for the Martin reunion she organised has been quoted directly here. They have traced the family back to the 16th century, by a lot of detective work on old wills.
Also Len Martin produced an excellent  book on Charles Henry Martin, Hannah Martin's brother

Research Notes

LDS  done, nothing found. No OPC for Northants
Genes Reunited checked for John and Sarah
Reff 111 has marriage John and Sarah in Teeton
Glenis' fFTW file has John born at Teeton 1712 not Hollowell. LDS has no help.

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