Stephen and Phillippa Thomas

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Parents   :  Stephen Thomas and Mary Williams (80%)                       Phillippa not known         

Stephen Thomas (b 1730 Sithney Cornwall, m Phillipa 1754 Camborne Cornwall, d 1777 Camborne)
Phillippa (b abt 1733 Camborne)
    Mary Thomas (b 1755 Camborne)     
    Anne Thomas (b 1757 Camborne)     
    Faith Thomas (b 1761 Camborne,  m  Edward Vine 1781 Camborne d 1808 Camborne)     
        Stephen Vine (Snr) (b Camborne 1794, m Catherine Eva 1818 Camborne)        
            Stephen Vine (Jnr) (b Camborne 1827 m Lavinia Ford 1855 Beechworth Vic, d 1894 Williamstown Vic)
                Hannah Vine (b 1866 Spring Creek, m Richard Reid Roach 1890 Flemington Vic, d 1915 Kew Vic)
                    Liela Muriel Roach (b 1893 Rosebery Sydney, m Ernest Harold Mitchell 1914 Kew, d 1972 Wodonga)  
    Rebecca Thomas (b 1765 Camborne)   


The OPC sites for Camborne and  Sithney provided valuable help in the research below

Research Notes

Genes Reunited checked for Stephen
LDS has christenings for the four children - in all cases mother is Phillipe or Phillapa Thomas. Marriage again has the surname Thomas
OPC search has baptisms in Camborne (the likely place) between 1720 and 1735  for
Phillippa Tyack 1725
Phillippa Cornelas 1728
Phillippa Snell 1729
So Phillippa's surname is possibly Thomas, but may not be
FHO search for Stephen (bapt 1720-35, Camborne) ----- distance from Camborne added
1. Parish Ludgvan  25 Jan 1720/21 Father William Thomas Mother - -                                     (10 Miles WSW)
2. Parish Mawgan in Meneage  19 Feb 1723/24 Father George Thomas Mother Florence     (11 Miles SSE) 
3. Parish Sithney 23 Jun 1730 Father Stephen Thomas Mother - -                                             (7 Miles S) 
4. Parish St Ewe 22 Mar 1730/31 Father John Thomas Mother Frances                                   (20 Miles E) 
5. Parish St Ewe 15 Jun 1735 Father John Thomas Mother Frances                                          (20 Miles E) 
6. Parish St Just in Penwith 26 Dec 1720 Father William Thomas Mother Thamosin                (18 Miles WSW) 
7. Parish Veryan 23 Mar 1724/25 Father Stephen Thomas Mother Jennifer                             (16 Miles E)
Sithney is the standout here it is closest and the marriage age is spot on. We can find siblings in the OPC transcriptions
Marriage to  Mary Williams 15 Dec 1716
William 2 Dec 1719
Mary 6 Dec 1720
Mary 13 Feb 1721
Mary 3 Jan 1723
Faith  29 Jun 1726
Anne 24 Mar 1727
(Stephen 23 Jun 1730)
William 30 Jan 1732
This could be the one family, as it is in the time of dual dates?

Research Conclusion

Phillippa's origins are unclear
Betty O'Halloran in Genes Reunited pointed out a marriage of Stephen Thomas in Sithney to Elizabeth Angove on 27 Feb 1759, and suggests this could well be the person who I have marrying Phillipa.
in Camborne
Stephen and Elizabeth have children in Sithney
Stephen 1761
Elizabeth 1762
George 1765
Margaret 1767
William 1770
So who did Stephen of Sithney (b 1730) marry?
Elizabeth - strong point for - Geography, they married in Sithney
Phillipa - strong point for - the names of the three eldest daughters are the same - Mary, Anne and Faith. Note too that Faith used the same three names in her family
             minor point Stephen of Sithney would be 24 marrying Phillipa vs 29 marrying Elizabeth
So Stephen from Sithney marrying Phllipa is a 50% chance?

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