John Clarkson Rowley and Sarah Smart

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Parents  :  John Rowley and Jane Onslow   ,   Joseph Smart and Jane Hawkins

John Clarkson Rowley (b 1847 Liverpool, NSW, m Sarah Jane Smart 1874 Beechworth Vic, d 1928 Bethanga Vic)
    Joseph Smart Rowley (b 1875 Yackandandah Vic, m Eircell Broome 1909 Albury NSW, d 1957 Bethanga)
    Jane Eliza Rowley (b 1877 Bethanga, m Thomas Hugh Maher 1909 Wodonga, d 1916)
    Henrietta Frances (Etty) Rowley (b 1880 Bethanga, m Herbert Elliot Nichols 1903 Bethanga, d 1969)
    Eliza Teresa (Eliie) Rowley (b 1882 Bethanga, m Martin John Maher 1917, d 1968)
    John Thomas Rowley (b 1885 Bethanga, d 1886 Bethanga) 
    John Simon (Sime) Rowley (b 1888 Bethanga, m Jessie Noelle Jones, d 1984)

John Clarkson Rowley
Sarah Smart

    John Clarkson Rowley was born in Liverpool NSW in 1847, the eldest of five children.. The younget Henrietta was born in 1855, and John C's father died eighteen moths later in 1856.At this stage the family was still living at Liverpool. Anecdotally and unsurprisingly the family now had  hard times. What is interesting is that John C was the only member of the family to come to north east Victoria. Eliza and Catherine married Yabsleys, a Sydney family. Mary died young at Holdsworthy, Sydney. and Henrietta married in Grafton, NSW.  Joseph Onslow  may be the person who brought the Rowleys to the north east. Joseph was the youngest, Jane the oldest of the five Onslow children. Joseph became overseer at Gundowring station in 1852 (History of Gundowring School, Geoff Onslow). When Joseph married at Middle Creek, Vic (near Wodonga) in 1855, his address was Gundowring. So John C may well have come up on his uncle's suggestion, and been helped to get a start. When Joseph registered the birth of son Melbourne in 1863, he described himself as Superintender on station, Gundowring, so he would have been able to help. Jane remarried in Bendigo in 1867, but by then John C was 20, and would have been working for some time. Joseph is interesting in that he liked to give his children capital cities in their names (Sydney Gordon, Melbourne Davis, Adelaide Louisa Victoria, Joseph Brisbane and Eva Perth). John C was married in Beechworth in 1874. By then, at age 27 he sounds like a well established member of the local community.  John C shared many of his father in law's interests; he, too, was a Freemason and committeeman of the Racing Club. In 1877 he became a member of the Beechworth Mining Board, elected by the Bethanga miners. At this time he shifted to Bethanga where he had a butchers shop in the Upper Town and selected land towards the Mitta. The property was called Holdsworthy after his grandfathers property in Sydney, and was farmed in turn by his son and grandson over the next hundred years before being sold. The Hume Weir took two bites out of the property when filled in the 1930s and extended in the 1950s.

More detail on the Holdsworthy property

1847 Born Liverpool NSW
1856 John's father dies
1874 Married Sarah Smart Beechworth
1877 Elected Bethanga representative on the Beechworth Mining Board
1879 Butcher in Bethanga, applies for lease on Holdsworthy land
1884 Describes himself as farmer on lease extension application
1887 Holdsworthy property well established (house, kitchen, shed, cowshed, 4 dams, well,  orchard)
1901 Land lease converted to purchase
1928 Died Bethanga

He died at Ebden of a heart attack. He was picking up vegetables to take to the Weir works township to sell, to get some money in his retirement. He grew some to sell too. (CJR)
    Sarah Smart
was brought up by a Catholic family in Beechworth, and John C was a Protestant. The story is that they made a compromise to raise the boys Protestant and the girls Catholic. However When John died when 18 months old Sarah was adamant that children in future would be brought up Catholic, which Simon was. Simon was a tall man and excellent footballer who tried out for Fitzroy in the VFL.

Geoff Onslow reported an intriguing collection of Rowleys on the 1908 Elrctoral Roll:
Springdale: Alice,  Jane,  Joseph,  Sarah,  Bethanga: Edward.
The only known Edward is Thomas I 's son John's son b 1841. This John also had a daughter Jane, but she could also be John Clarkson's daughter. We have no Alice Rowley. Joe and Sarah are probably Joseph Smart Rowley, and Sarah above.

Bethanga School records show Elsie Rowley attended from March 1886 and John Simon from October 1894 (thanks Ron Evans)

On Eliza's birth certificate Sarah's age is given as 28, born Sydney. This would give her a DOB of 1848-9, but in fact she was born 1845

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