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This page departs from the normal layout, and goes back in time down the page. Thanks to Colin Paul for all this info . I have dropped the "about" off dates, because it applies a lot in old data.

Catherine Vivian (b 1692 Camborne Cornwall, m  Henry Eva 1717 Camborne, d 1790 Camborne)
Johnson Vivian (b 1659 Camborne, m  Elizabeth Davy 1685 Camborne, d 1734)     Children
John Vivian (b 1626 Camborne, m  Agnes Bray 1650 Camborne, d 1691)      Children
Roger Vivian (b 1594 Mawgan in Meneage Cornwall, m Elinor Bennett 1623 Camborne, d 1653 Aleppo Syria)
Hanniball Vivian (b 1545 Trelowarren Cornwall, m Phillipa Tremayne, d 1608 St Dunstans, West, Middlesex)
John Vivian (b 1527 Trelowarren, m Anne Mallet 1544 Devonshire, d 1577 Mawgan in Meneage)
John Vivian (b 1500 Trelowarren, m Elizabeth Trethereff 1523 Trelowarren, d 1562)         -> to William the Conqueror
Michael Vivian (b 1471 Trelowarren, m Thomasine Glin 1485 Morvale Cornwall, d 1562)
Richard Vivian (b 1431 Trelowarren, m Florence Arundle 1470 Trerise Cornwall, d 1518)
John Vivian (b 1396 Trelowarren, m Honor Ferrers 1430 Trelowarren)
Ralph Vivian (b 1356 Trevidren Cornwall, m Isabella Anthorne 1395 Trevidren)
Ralph Vivian (b 1319 Trevidren, m Alice Kemyle 1355 Kemyll England)
William Vivian (b 1286 Trevidren, m Clarence le Fort 1318 Pengersick Cornwall, d 1345)
Richard Vivian (b 1260 Trevidren, m Constance Peverell 1285 Park England, d 1331)
Ralph Vivian (b 1230 Trevidren, m Katherin Ferrers 1255 Boswithgreet Cornwall)
Vyell Vivian (b 1202 Trevidren, m Margaret Fitzgerald 1227 Kildare Ireland)
Ralph Vivian (b 1174 Trevidren, m Isabella Brodrigan 1200 Trevidren, d 1216)

Elizabeth Trethereff (b 1501 Trelowarren)

Thomas Trethereff (b 1475 Cornwall, m Maud Trevisa 1501 Trelowarren)
John Trethereff (m Elizabeth Courtenay)

Elizabeth Courtenay

Sir Hugh Courtenay (m Margaret)
Sir Hugh Courtenay (m Matilda)
Edward Courtenay (m Emeline Dawney)
Sir Hugh de Courtenay (b 1303, m Margaret de Bohun 1325 Westminster, d 1377)         -> to William the Conqueror

Margaret de Bohun (d 1394)

Humphry de Bohun (m Elizabeth Plantagenet 1302, d 1322)         -> to William the Conqueror

Elizabeth Plantagenet (b 1282 Rhuddlan Castle, Rhuddlan, Flintshire Wales, d 1313 Quendon, Essex)

Edward Plantagenet ( Edward I) (b 1236 Westminster Middlesex, m Eleanor of Castille 1254 Burgos Spain, d 1307 Burgh on Sands Cumberland)
Henry Plantagenet (Henry III) (b 1207 Winchester Castle, m Eleanor of Provence 1236 Canterbury Cathedral, d 1272 Westminster)
John Plantagenet (b 1166 Beaumont Palace Oxford, m Isabella of Angoulême 1200 Boudeaux, d 1216 Newark)
Henry Plantagenet (Henry II) (b1133 Le Mans, m Eleanor of Aquitane 1182, d 1189 Chateau Chinon)
Empress Matilda (b 1101 probably Winchester, m Geoffrey Count of Anjou "Plantagenet" 1127 Le Mans in Anjou,, d 1167 Rouen)
Henry Beauclerc (Henry I) (b 1068 Selby, Yorkshire, m Matilda (=Edith of Scotland) 1110, d 1125)
William the Conqueror (b 1027 Falaise, Normandy., m Matilda of Flanders 1053 Cathedral of Notre Dame at Eu, Normandy,  d 1087 Convent of St Gervais, near Rouen, France)  

Miscellaneous Sidetracks

Elizabeth Davy (b 1663 Camborne)
       John Vivian (b 1686 Camborne, d 1686)
       Elizabeth Vivian (b 1687 Camborne)
       John Vivian (b 1689 Camborne, d 1690)
       Ann Vivian (b 1690 Cornwall)
       Grace Vivian (b 1690 Cornwall, m Francis Payntor, d 1758)
       Johnson Vivian (b 1691 Cornwall)
       Kesiah Vivian (b 1692 Cornwall)
       Catherine Vivian
       Jane Vivian (b 1695 Cornwall)
       James Vivian (b 1698 Cornwall)
       Isabell Vivian (b 1703 Camborne, m John Bennatts)
       John Vivian (b 1706 Camborne, m Julian Mill, d 1765)
       Martha Vivian (b 1709 Camborne)

Agnes Bray (b 1628 Roskear Cornwall, d 1707 Camborne)
   Father  William Bray (b 1602 Roskear)
    Children  Johnson Vivian
                   John Vivian (b 1651 Cornwall, m Jane Luke 1673, d 1735)
                   Robert Vivian (b 1653 Cornwall, m Elizabeth Mitchell, d 1726)
                   Francis Vivian (b 1657 Cornwall, m Christian Thomas, d 1716)
                   Elizabeth Vivian (b 1662 Cornwall, m Richard Bennett, d 1743)
                   William Vivian (b 1665 Cornwall)
                   Stephen Vivian (b 1668 Cornwall, d 1733)

Elinor Bennett (b 1598, d 1668 Camborne)
    William Bennett (b 1573 Camborne)

Phillipa Tremayne (b Devon 1550, d 1612 Mawgan in Meneage)
    Roger Tremayne (b Devon 1524)

Anne Mallet (b 1529 Devon, d 1592 Mawgan in Meneage)
    Baldwin Mallet (b 1503 Devon)

Eleanor of Castille (1244 Burgos Spain, d 1290 Herdeby Linconshire)
Ferdinand III King of Castille (m Joan, d 1252)

Thomasine Glin (b 1472 Morvale)

Florence Arundle (b 1440 Trerise)
    Richard Arundle (b 1418 Trerise)

Isabella Anthorne (b 1360 Trevidren)

Alice Kemyle (b 1323 Kemyll)
    Peter Kemyle (b 1297 Kemyll, m Felice Arundell)
    Felice Arundell (b 1301 Kemyll)

Clarence le Fort (b 1293 Pengersick, d 1346)
    Henry le Fort (b 1267 Pengersick, m Engrina Godolphin, d 1329)
    Engrina Godolphin (b 1271 Pengersick, d 1357)
          Roger de Pengersick (m Cecily Killigrew)
               W de Pengersick

Constance Peverell (b 1265 Park)

Katherin Ferrers (b 1235 Boswithgreet)
    Reginald Ferrers (b 1209 Boswithgreet)

Margaret Fitzgerald (b 1207 Kildare)
    Christopher Fitzgerald (b 1181 Kildare)

Isabella Brodrigan (b 1178 Trevidren)
    William Brodrigan (b 1152 Trevidren)

Maud Trevisa (b 1479 Cornwall)


The tree back from Catherine has been obtained from Colin Paul's Family History on You would be recommended to view it direct, but you may need to be a subscriber, and is very expensive. Grateful thanks to Colin, who seems to be a real Vivian guru.  Apologies to Colin for any transcription inaccuracies
Jean Bourne's Genes Rulited tree provided the families of (Johnson Vivian and Elizabeth Davy) and (John Vivian and Agnes Bray)

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