William and Jenifer Julian

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                                                                                                                    Mary Dungey's parents possibly Francis Dungey and Elizabeth Roberts (m Mawgan in Pydar 1709)
       William's parents probably Richard and Mary Julian (75%)             
Jenifer's parents possibly John Pearce.and Mary Dungey (m Mawgan in Pydar 1736)  (60%) 
                                                                                                                  See discussion in email 3 below for their family
                                                Percentage confidences are mine (Les Rowley)                            

William Julian (b 1756 Withiel Cornwall, m  Jenifer Pearce 1781 Roche Cornwall, d Tregoss, Roche 1815)
Jenifer Pearce (b 1759 Roche, d Tregoss, Roche 1838 )
     William Julian (b 1782 Roche Cornwall, m  Elizabeth Liddicoat 1804 Roche Cornwall, d Parkwoon Roche 1853)
        William Julian (b 1815 Roche, m Eliza Penny 1842 Liskeard Cornwall, d 1897 St Columb)
            Eliza Julian (b1846 St Columb Cornwall, m William Henry Tippet 1865 Cornwall, d 1924 Coburg Vic)
                Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
      Mary  (b 1783 Roche, m Thomas Cornelius 1811 Roche, d 1864 Church Town, St Mewan)   
      Richard (b 1785 Roche, m Elizabert Stuthridge 1812 St Dennis)
      John  (b 1787 Roche, m Frances Liddicoat 1818
      Jenefer  (b 1789 Roche, d 1856 St Dennis, Roche
      Francis  (b 1792 Roche, m Mary Retallick 1820 Roche, d 1861-1870 New York)    Bapt  Record reads. Frank (sic) Julian, aged 9 weeks. Sojourner from Blisland.
      Catherine  (b 1795 Roche, m Thomas Varcoe 1821 Roche Cornwall, d 1870 St Dennis)
      Elizabeth (Betty) (b 1798 Roche, m William Pearce 1820 Roche, d 1866 Brynn, Roche )

Witheil is 2 or 3 miles N of Roche. Mawgan in Pydar is St Mawgan, about seve mile WNW of Roche

Research Notes

LDS has some credible candidate baptisms for the William Julian marrying in Roche 1781
        20 JUN 1742 Saint Wenn (would be 39 at marriage. St Wenn 3 miles N of Roche)
       12 AUG 1747 Withiel    (probably him marrying in Withiel in 1772)
       19 MAY 1756 Withiel   (would be 25 at marriage. Withiel 3 miles N of Roche)  Parents Richard and Mary Julian
                                  There is a family for Richard and Mary Julian in an Ancestry tree (Julian/Brenton), being born in Withiel  - also in LDS
                                        Elizabeth (b 24 Nov 1755),  William (b 19 May 1756),  Jenepher (b 3 Jan 1758),   Mary  (b 14 Feb 1760)
                                  There is no marriage in the LDS but a possible christenig for the father in Withiel  28 Nov 1727       
LDS has nothing interesting for burials
OPC Burials  nothing for William or Jenifer Julian
Roche Site has William christened  13 Jan 1782, son of William and Jenifer (surname recorded as Jellings)
                         Jenefer Pearce christened  8 Jun 1759,  dau of  John & Mary Pearce.
                         No christening for William b  abt 1755, or burial that fits
Roche site Burial referencing Trerank Common Elizabeth Julian 4 Mar 1855 aged 73 , ie b 1782

Jenny Meadows Emails (Nov 2014)

    A couple of beautifully researched emails arrived from Jenny. Many thanks to Jenny for the work, and for sharing it. Note she points out that some of her links are not proven, but this is pretty normal this far back. Quoting the body of her emails (with editorial interjections in italics):

Email 1

I'm currently researching Richard Julian and wife Mary ? in Withiel and I came across your site while looking for their son William Julian who was bapt in Withiel, Cornwall in 1756.  I notice you have a William Julian born about 1755 who married Jenifer Pearce (born 1756 daughter of John Pearce and Mary ?) in Roche in 1781.  You have 5 children for William and Jenifer but I found a 6th child Richard baptised in Roche on 07 Mar 1785 so looking at all their children's Christian names below, it's possible that your William was the one born in Withiel in 1756 -
William 1782 named after himself
Mary 1783 after maternal and paternal mother
Richard after paternal father
John after maternal father
Jenefer after herself
Francis or Frank after Jenefer's youngest brother
     I tried looking for the children's baptisms in Roche original parish register images on familysearch but I can't find baptisms from 1781 to 1792.  Do you have these?  (No Les Rowley)
     I had a look at some Julian marriages in Roche and it looks William senior was still alive and was a witness at his son William and Elizabeth Liddicoat's marriage in 1804 but William Junior was the witness when his brother John married Frances Liddicoat in 1818 so I had a look for burials between 1804 and 1818 and found William Julian Senior died in Tregoss, Roche in 1815 and was buried on 22 Sep 1815 aged 64.  This gives him a birth year of about 1751 which is 5 years out but it is highly likely that this is the right William.  Jenifer listed as Jane also died in Tregoss and was buried 11 Jul 1838 aged 83.
     I've also had a look for marriages for the other children and found these which might be them -
Mary Julian and Thomas Cornelius 10 Jun 1811 in Roche witnesses William Julian and John Rowe
Richard Julian and Elizabeth Stuthridge 12 Oct 1812 in St. Dennis no witnesses
Francis Julian and Mary Retallick 15 Jan 1820 in Roche witnesses Andrew Pearce and John Rowe
Jenifer / Jane Julian and Isaac Grigg 29 Jul 1827 in Roche witnesses William Julian and George Liddicoat
 Lastly have you looked at the 1816 Will for William Julian, blacksmith in Roche? (No Les Rowley)

Email 2

    Since our last email I've found two more children for William Julian andJenifer Pearce and have listed their 8 children's baptismal dates which I'veconfirmed with the Roche parish registers -
William 13 Jan 1782
Mary 06 Jan 1783
Richard 07 Mar 1785
John 24 Mar 1787
Jenifer 11 May 1789
Francis (Frank) 23 Feb 1792
Catherine  15 Apr 1795
Elizabeth (Betty) 08 Jun 1798
    The parents of Jenifer Pearse may have been John Pearse and Mary Dungey who married in Mawgan in Pydar in 1736.  Mary's parents may have been Francis Dungey and Elizabeth Roberts who married in Mawgan in Pydar in 1709.
    Looking at the naming pattern of William Julian and Jenifer Pearse's children's names, it's possible that Francis or Frank was named after Francis Dungey and Elizabeth or Betty was named after Elizabeth Roberts.  As for Catherine, Jenifer had an older sister Catherine and there were also Catherine's on the Julian side.
I've also confirmed that Jenifer (Jane) Julian did not marry Isaac Grigg. She never married and died a spinster.
    Sometime after the 1841 Census in UK,  Francis, his wife Mary Retallick and their daughters migrated to the USA because they are listed in the 1850 Census in New York.  I have not been able to find a death for Francis but according to the census, he died sometime between 1861 and 1870 and Mary died 02 Feb 1885 in Grenville, Quebec, Canada.
    Catherine b. 1795 married Thomas Varcoe on 10 Nov 1821 in Roche, Cornwall and the witnesses were Francis Julian and John Rowe.
    Elizabeth (Betty) b. 1798 married William Pearse on 22 Jul 1820 in Roche, Cornwall and the witnesses were Andrew Pearse and John Rowe.
The following places of death and burial dates for William and Jenifer's children and their spouses are from the Cornwall OPC database and I still need to confirm them with the parish registers -
William died in Parkwoon, Roche and buried 22 Jun 1853 in Roche.  His wife Elizabeth Liddicoat died in Trerank Common, Roche and buried 04 Mar 1855.
Mary Julian died in Church Town, St. Mewan and buried 09 Jun 1864 in St. Mewan.  Her husband Thomas Cornelius died in Church Town, St. Mewan and buried 18 Oct 1854 in St. Mewan.
Richard Julian died in Bridges, Luxulyan and buried 06 Mar 1866 in Luxulyan. His wife Elizabeth Stuthridge died in Luxulyan and buried 12 Sep 1854 in Lanlivery.
John Julian died in Tregoss, Roche and buried 10 Mar 1864 in Roche.  His wife Frances Liddicoat died in Tregoss, Roche and buried 10 May 1866 in Roche.
Jenifer (Jane) Julian died in St. Dennis and buried 03 Oct 1856 in Roche. May have died in Menna Carn because she was recorded in the 1841 Census living with her brother in law and sister Catherine.Francis (Frank) Julian and wife Mary Retallick as above.
Catherine Julian died in St. Dennis and buried 11 May 1870 in St. Dennis.Her husband Thomas Varcoe died in St. Dennis and buried 26 Jan 1875 in St.Dennis.  Place of death in St. Dennis was not listed in the burial records but as both were living in Menna Carn from 1841 to 1871 they most likely died there too.
Elizabeth (Betty) Julian died in Brynn, Roche and buried 23 Jul 1866 in Roche.  Her husband William Pearse died in Brynn, Roche and buried 29 Jan 1867 in Roche.

.............................................I suspect that William was Richard and Mary Julian's son born in 1756, as yet I have not been able to prove it.

Email 3

I've looked at one of the alternate William's and the one b. 12 Aug 1747 in Withiel married Elizabeth Rickard on 31 Oct 1772 and witnesses were John Julyan and John Sweet.  I'm currently looking at the William born in St. Wenn on 20 Jun 1742 son of George Julian and Mary Grose.  It would be nice to rule him out too leaving William baptised in Withiel in 1756 as our man.
On another note, there is no marriage for Richard Julian and Mary in St. Wenn or Withiel and as Richard was bapt. 1727, he may have married from about 1745 onwards.  It's quite possible that William was born earlier and baptised later in 1756 but in my opinion the likely reason for the age discrepancy was the informant gave an estimate or wrong age at death.
Regarding Jenifer's parents being John Pearse and Mary Dungey, after their marriage, there were no births/baptisms for this couple in Mawgan in Pydar where Mary was born so it looks like they settled in Roche where John was born.  The date of birth for their first child was 8 months after the marriage and children's names fit with naming custom -
Elizabeth 1737 after Mary's mother Elizabeth Roberts
Mary 1739 after John's mother Mary (surname unknown) and Mary herself
John 1741 after John's father and himself
Francis 1745 after Mary's father Francis Dungey
Catherine 1747
Samuel 1750
Elizabeth 1752 (Elizabeth born in 1737 died in 1746)
Jenifer 1756
Not knowing the surname of John's mother Mary makes it hard but the names Catherine, Samuel and Jenifer may have came from her side.


Thanks to Elspeth Julian for her Ancestry tree. Thanks to Jenny Meadows for her emails (above)

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