Ernest Mitchell and Leila Roach

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Parents   :  William Mitchell and  Ellen Adelaide Cubit        Richard Reid Roach and Hannah Vine
Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m Leila Muriel Roach 1914 Kew, d 1960 Wodonga)
Leila Muriel Roach (b 1893 North Sydney, d 1972 Wodonga)
    Elsie Adelaide Mitchell (b 1914 Whiteford, m Claude John Rowley 1939 Albury, d 1999 Wodonga}
    Robert Harold (Bob) Mitchell (b 1916 Whiteford, m Ruby Nichol 1940, d 2013 Tallangatta)
    Albert Ernest Mitchell (b 1918 Whiteford, d 1942 at sea in Videomaru)
    Frederick William Mitchell (b 1928 Whiteford, m Marjorie Pearce 1954 Preston Vic, d 2019 St Helena Melbourne)
    Arthur Leonard Mitchell (b 1931 Tallangatta, m Brenda Mary Ford 1956 Wodonga, d 1991 Forster NSW)

    Albert was  killed during the World War II.
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Note her name is spelt Leila on her birth and marriage certificates and Liela on her headstone.

Notes from Jenny Mitchell

Leila lived at 60 Church St, Hawthorn in 1907 (address from George Bates Postcard). Leila lived in two houses in Denham St, then 87 Barkers Road before her marriage
Leila Roach visited Henry Bates at Geelong (Drumcondra) in 1907, when photo was taken.  In the Bates book p216 it is stated to be of Allinda Bates & George Ford Bates and dated c 1910.
Wedding invitation was issued by Mr & Mrs Roach for their daughters wedding, but reply was to Mrs Roach Barkers Road Kew.
In 1910 Leila Roach visited Frank and Annie Terrill's at Springdale and met Ernie Mitchell. (Tyrrell?)
At one stage Ern and Leila lived in Bethanga just below the school (in the 1920s?). The children went to Springdale when it reopened in 1927, before that they went to Bethanga.
    After buying Len out, Ern let Whiteford for three years and moved to a rented home in Bethanga. (Elsie started school. Then bought a very nice home next to the school. Ern worked driving grocer's cart. When the lease was up at Whiteford, they moved back, selling house in Bethanga. The reason and financial basis of this is not clear, but possibly Leila as an ex city girl unused to farm life, grew restless (lack of social activity). Ern and Len bought the girls out and took over management.. Len and Ern both married, and the house was  divided in two. Then in 1918  Ern bought Len out. (Len went to Climsland)
Ern stayed till about 1930.
          c1914 Whiteford
          c1918 House in Bethanga. Ern worked on Grocer's cart for Harris's store. Delivered Granya, up Mitta valley.
          c1920 Whiteford
c1930 Riverview 4 mile on the Bethanga road side of Tallangatta)
c1933 Deloraine bought on the flat near Tallangatta, and flooded by the Hume weir upgrade in the 50s
c1936 Glencorrie, Huon. Ern bought  Huon, Bob stayed on at Deloraine, renting from the Commission.
c1943 Glendale, at House Creekjust out of Wodonga
c1953 Williams St in Wodonga .
c1956 Havelock St 
Ern and Leila had nine moves. "Never stayed in one place much more than three years".
In May 1972 Leila Roach had a hip operation at St John of God Hospital Ballarat, but died that night of a blood clot, resulting from the operation.

Notes from Bob Mitchell 2001
    Ernest was youngest son and stayed on at Whiteford. At some time after his marriage he rented a house in Bethanga, and share farmed the property Whiteford.  This was not successful, and he returned there until 1931, when he was forced off the land by building of the Hume Weir. He then rented a property Riverview and stayed there about 5 or 6 years. He then moved to Deloraine downstream from Tallangatta on the Mitta Mitta flats in 1936 or 1937.  This was the old Tatonga homestead. Unfortunately this property too was resumed by the Water Commission for flooding by the Hume weir, so he then purchased a property at Huon above the railway station. He lived there during the war years. After the war he sold and moved to a property at House Creek, a few miles south of Wodonga. He lived there until he retired in the 50's, when he moved to Wodonga, initially working in the Wodonga saleyards as a gateman.
    When his father moved to Huon, Bob remained on at Deloraine, just out of Tallangatta, and farmed it. Initially his sister Elsie kept house for him, and then he married Ruby.  He remained there until the water commission decided to flood Tallangatta, moving the town to the new site some miles downstream on the side of the Hume weir.  At that time he bought a property in the Kiewa Valley near Kergunyah, and farmed that until he retired to the Tallanagatta township.  He continued to graze cattle on  Kiewwa river flats until 2001.


Particularly Fred and Bob Mitchell (Ernest and Leila's sons), Jenny (Fred's daughter).

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