William Paull and Mary Paul

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Parents  :     William Paull and Rebecca Barkla         Joseph and Grace Paul 

William Paull (b 1770 St Agnes, Cornwall, m Mary Paul 1795 St Agnes, d 1816 Calstock Cornwall) 
Mary Paul  (b 1777 St Agnes, d 1851 Calstock)
     James Paull (b 1795 St Agnes, m Elanor Nichols 1823 Calstock, d 1850 Calstock)    
     Jenny Paull (b 1797 St Agnes, d after 1861)    
     William Paull (b 1798 St Agnes, d 1851 St Agnes)    
     Mary Ann Paull (b 1800 St Agnes, m Simon Perrey 1823 Calstock)    
     Grace Paull (b 1802 Calstock, m John Broome 1828 Calstock, d 1870 Calstock)    
        William Paull Broome (b abt 1838 Calstock, m Anne Maria Patterson 1877 Albury, d 1909 Talgarno)
            Eircell Paullina Broome (b 1884 Talgarno, m Joseph Smart Rowley 1909 Talgarno, d 1917 Bethanga)
     Joseph Paull (b 1804 Calstock, m Elizabeth Doige 1830)    
     Elizabeth Paull (b 1807 Calstock)    
     John Paull (b 1809 Calstock, m Susannah Merrin)    
     Susannah Paull (b 1811 Calstock, m John Cutts 1835)    
     Ann Paull (b 1813 Calstock, m John Barker)    
     Solomon Paull (b 1816 Calstock)    

1841 Census

Albaston,,Mary Paul,,60,Independent,In county, (ie born abt 1880)
,,William Paul,41,,"Miner, Copper", In county,
,,Soloman Paul,20,,Engineer,In county,
One house between
Albaston,1,John Broom,37,,"Miner, Tin", Not in county,
,,Grace Broom,,37,,In county,
,,John Broom,11,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Broom,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Broom,,2,,In county,

1851 Census

Parish Calstock,  Village Albaston,                                       Where Born
John Barker          Head                42       Carpenter   Devonport devon  (abt 1808)
Ann Barker           Wife                 36                         Calstock Cornwall (abt 1814)
Benjamin Barker    Son                  11       Scholar      Calstock Cornwall (abt 1839)
John Paul               Son                   9      Scholar       Calstock Cornwall (abt 1841
Mary Paull           Mother in law    75       Pauper       St Ann Cornwall (abt 1775)
Could be our Mary, age is about right. The John Broom family is next door

Research Notes

William and Mary's children
This is made tricky by Mary's surname (definitely Paul from the FHO marriage record) - if we see Mary Paul as the mother in a christening record, we are never sure if it is the married or maiden name. And often we just get Mary. There are two William and Mary Paull families having children at the same time. For example there are two Elizabeths in FHO, born to William and Mary Paull. one in St Agnes on  3 May 1807, and one in Calstock on 5 Mar 1807.  William Paul married Mary Tonkin in 1784 in St Agnes. LDS has a record of  William P marrying Mary P in St Agnes in 19 Jan 1796, but I would be inclined to believe FHO's 19 Jan 1795
So we havee the following, in date order
James  St Agnes  (=LDS, married in Calstock 1823)
Jenny  St Agnes  (=LDS)
William St Agnes (=FHO, 1841 Census Calstock)        
Walter   23 Mar 1800 St Agnes (=FHO)       << definite no, on dates
Mary Anne  18 May 1800 Calstock (=FHO)
Grace  Calstock (=FHO)
John      St Agnes  (=FHO)        <<  No, on location    
Joseph    Calstock (=FHO)
Elizabeth  Calstock +  St Agnes (=FHO)   <<  Take Calstock one
John      Calstock (=FHO)
Susannah       Calstock (=FHO)
Ann      Calstock (=FHO)
Solomon     Calstock (=FHO, 1841 Census)
Marion Paull had all this in 1991, exactly right. Census information can further validate this if we find persons who look like the children in Calstock.

Jenny Paull
Marion had a query against Jenny, and extensive searching could not clarify her case. But Jenny is born 18 months after James and 15 months before William, so is probably right. There are three burials in Corwall 1797-1840, but none in Calstock or St Agnes. Nothing in Census records I could find, and no marriage records in FHO 1816-26. Later update. I know wisful thinking is at Family History trap, but it does look as if Jenny went by "Jane" in later life

Mary's Parents

We have two census sightings of Mary in Calstock. in 1841 her year of birth is about 1780.and  in 1841 it is about 1775. The 1851 census return gives her place of birth as St Anne, but I believe that is an error. St Anns Chapel, less than two miles from Calstock, and even closer to Albaston where she was living, and the census taker misheard St Agnes. Her marriage and the births of her early children all point to St Agnes. Most brides seem to marry where they were born in those days. A 1780 birth would have he marrying at 14 on 19 Jan 1795. So we are looking for marriages in the range 1773-77 using her 1851 census age as a rough guide.
We have two choices in the LDS
Mary Paul chr 08 Mar 1775   St AgnesCornwall, parents John Paul and Johanna Bennet (=LDS)
Mary Paul chr 20 Jan 1777   St Agnes  Cornwall, parents Joseph Paul and Grace (=LDS)
My bookie has 1777 at 9 to 1 on: Reasons
(a) Marion Paul said Joseph and Grace, and I have't found her wrong yet.
(b) 1977 is close to the age estimate given in  the  1841 census
(c) She named children both Joseph and Grace
(d) Joseph and Grace had four children William, Mary, Solomon and Ann. All these names appear in Mary's children
Update 13 Apr 07
I had a Genes Reunited contact from Brian Dwyer who has a comprehensive and unconnected tree for the Mary whose parents were John Paul and Johanna Bennet .
So I am now completely confident

Research Notes

Watch the one/two "l" when searching. Records vary, but in the webpage and our database, Grace's family have one "l", William's two, which is pretty consistent with the records
There is another William Paul, chr 1778, also looks to be from a census, who is not ours?.
OPC for Calstock has the later christenings listed, except John. Father (William) is listed as a miner in several
In William Paulls Will 1n 1828 he gives Ann Craddick as his sister, but unable to find anything else. She later marries John Baker


Source for this family is Marion Paul. She supplied this and previous generations. I have only been able to verify some of it, but everything I could check was good. So this looks pretty reliable stuff..
Thanks to Myra Cordrey, OPC for Calstock, whose excellent database helped in checking out a lot of this stuff

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