William Anderson and Jean Youngson

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Parents                    William Anderson and Jean Youngson parents not known
William Anderson (b 1705  Ford Northumberland, m Jean Youngson 1739 Ford)
Jean Youngson
    Mary Anderson (b 1729 Ford, m John Rule 1759 Ford, d 1787 Ford)             
        Robert Rule (b 1773 Ford, m Mary Davy 1799 Wooler, d 1846 Wooler)
            Mary Rule (b 1799 Wooler, m Thomas Waugh Thompson 1825, d 1878)
                John(Snr) Thompson (b 1833 Newcastle-on-Tyne), m Mary Ann Graham 1865  Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1896)   
                     John  Thompson (b 1865 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Mary Louisa Turner 1887 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1893 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
                         Norman Thompson (b 1888 Newcastle-on-Tyne,  m Winifred Emma Farr 1918 Northcote Vic, d 1932 Thornbury Vic)

Wooler is a small town 47 miles NNW from Newcastle on Tyne. Current population is about 2,000.
Glendale is a valley consisting of two sub-districts, Wooler and Ford

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