James Goode and Sarah Peck

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Parents:      Samuel  Goode and Hannah Nicholson(20%)             Sarah Peck's parents not known

James Goode (m Sarah Peck 1804 Parson's Drove Cambridgeshire)
     Charlotte Goode (b 1805 Parsons Drove, d 1833 Tydd St Giles Wisbech)
     Mary Ann Goode (b 1807 Elm Cambridgeshire, d 1869)
     Martha Goode (b 1810 Wisbech St Mary Cambridgeshire, m James Smalley 1830 Newton, d 1881 N Fitzroy Vic) 
           Thomas Henry Smalley (b 1851 At sea SS Constance, m Emily Marshall 1876 West Melb, Vic, d 1839 Ballarat Vic)
                 Herbert Oscar Smalley (b1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzror, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)
     John Goode (b 1812 Wisbech, m Lucy Bute 1831 Tydd St Giles, d 1869 Geelong Vic)
     James Goode (b 1813 Wisbech, m Delilah Scarfe  abt 1834, d 1847 Manitoba Canada)
     Isaac Goode (b 1814 Wisbech, d 1847 Wisbech)
     Susannah Goode (b 1816 Wisbech, d 1871 Cambridgeshire)
     Thomas Goode (b 1818 Wisbech, d 1876 Cambridgeshire)

Goode family background was farming, agricultural labour. John and Lucy arrived in Melbourne 1849
James Junior went to Manitoba Canada (Elaine Proctor is a descendant). Elaine has
    Thomas b 1818, d 1826 Wisbech,
    Isaac b 1814, d 1814 Cold Harbor, Cambridgeshire

We had Martha's parents as James and Martha Goode. This is apparently stated on her death certificate, which I have not seen. But a christening for Martha 8 Oct 1810 at Wisbeach gives Sarah as the mother and ties in pretty conclusively with Martha's 1851 Census return.

Ruth Chancellor supplied the following list of possible children of our James and Sarah):
           Charlotte bap. 1805 christened Parson Drove (parents James Goode and Sarah Peck, who married 1804 Parsons Drove)
           Mary Ann bap 1807 Elm, Cambridgeshire
           Martha bapt 8 Oct 1810 Wisbech St Mary
           John bapt 1812 Wisbech St Mary
           James bapt 1813 Wisbech St Mary
           Isaac bapt 1814 Wisbech St Mary d. 1814 aged 2 mos Cold Harbour.
           Susannah bap 1816 Wisbech St Mary md. Charles MARRIOTT (some info online in Martin Edwards' tree)
           Thomas  born around 1818 d. 1826 aged 8.
            (Our John and a Charlotte, James  and Mary all married in Tydd St Giles
(This far back it is hard to be sure, as there are no census returns to help.)

I had a letter from Betty Trease in 1996 that ties in with the above  picture. She commented that she was not completely sure that John was Martha's brother. As a caution, she points to another Martha Goode baptised 1813 Tydd St Giles Parents William and Jane, who died at eight weeks. A lot of these events don't seem to be in LDS when I look online. Another indication that this is a very lowlying area is that the church at Newton is the church of "Newton in the Isle".

Sarah Goode

I am grateful to researcher's who have suggested two possible marriages for Sarah and James
(1) James Goode and Sarah Peck, 1804 Parsons Drove (Ruth Chancellor).
My choice:  Parsons Drove is very close to Wisbech. John and Martha are part of a plausible set of children. My bookie  has Sarah Peck about 3 to 1 on
(2) James Goode and Sarah Hodges, 2 March 1812 in St. Martin in the Fields Westminster England.  (Colin Moore)
Negatives: marriage is 80 miles away. The marriage is two years after Martha's christening, and at least after John's conception
Going therefor with Sarah Peck, we have the following candidates in LDS
15 OCT 1781 Cottenham, Cambridge, Parents John and Susan Peck. Cottenham is about six miles N of Cambridge
08 MAR 1788 Soham, Cambridge, Parents Jno Peck and Frances Wing. Soham is aboutb ten miles NE of Cambridge
But Ancestry has Sarah Peck marrying Timothy Norman in Cottenham in 1802. And Soham Sarah feels a bit young. So leave her parents an open question

James Goode the son.  b 1813

    James also migrated in search of better prospects. An email from Lloyd Good gives a Canadian Branch to the family
    James Goode .. was employed by the Hudson's Bay Company to come to Canada to work on an experimental Farm in the province of Manitoba. The HBC have a wonderful archive and I was able to find this from them.
     According to these records, HBC’s Governor and Committee sought to establish a farm in the Red River Settlement in order to provide tallow, wool hemp and flax for the English market. In the spring of 1836, a letter was sent to Governor George Simpson, detailing these plans and explaining that a Captain George Marcus Carey had been hired to head the endeavour. He was to be accompanied by “12 to 15 English Farm Servants” as well as the families of these men. On 5 June 1836, Cpt. Carey and 12 labourers (along with their families) began a voyage on the Prince Rupert IV (Captain J.C. Grave). They arrived at York Factory on 2 October.
    The Search File contains a list of the men who were hired to work at the Experimental Farm—James Goode is among those listed.  According to some of the correspondence, James Goode came from the Parish of Tidd, St. Giles, in the Country of Cambridge and Isle of Ely. He signed a five-year contract with the HBC that is dated 22 Feb 1836 and affixed with a cross (in place of a signature).  The records show that he brought along with him his wife Delilah (Dalilah) and their son George.  They also mention that James Goode and his family were among the 7 families who chose to remain at Red River after the Experimental Farm was abandoned in 1841.

In addition, the Search File contains information from the “Register of Baptisms, Red River Settlement, 1820-1841.”  According to the Register, James and Dalilah had at least two more children while at Red River: a daughter, Sarah Ann, and a son, Joseph William. They were both baptised on 28 January 1838.
    It is possible that my James Goode was a sibling to Sarah. the baptismal of 1813 at Wisbech is certainly in the ball park.  The naming conventions follow as well for James and Delilah's children, James, John, Sarah Ann, Mary Ann etc.

In 2012 a query came in from Elaine who is a direct descendant of James Good and Delilah Scarfe

1841 Census

We can find John and family in Tydd St Giles (Fengate), all born in the county
John Goode 30 Farmer, Lucy  30, Thomas 9, Mary 8, James 5, John 4


The town is in the very northeast corner of Cambridgeshire, about ten miles inland from The Wash. There appears to be extensive marshland just to the east. The website proclaims it "Capital of the Fens" and boasts a section on the Port of Wisbech. It  services sizeable ships and has a yacht harbour. This is accessed via the Nene
There is a little cluster of places all within six miles of one another : Wisbech, Leverington, Newton, Tydd St Giles, Elm, Parson Drove


Thanks to Betty Trease for early Goode information. Does anyone know her current address?
Thanks also to Ruth Chancellor and Colin Moore for input to the above
Input from Vial tree on Ancestry

Research Notes

Ancestry has a baptism for James Goode senior that looks faintly possible
Parents Samuel and Hannah Goode, Cambridge, 5 March 1780 (see discussion on their page)

Julie Pickering's tree on Genes Reunited has descendants for John Goode and Lucy Bute

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