James Smalley and Martha Goode

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Parents: William Smalley and Lydia Thurston          James and Sarah Goode

James Smalley (b 1805 Newton, Cambridgeshire, m  Martha Goode 1830 Newton, d 1877 Brunswick, Vic)
Martha Goode (b 1810 Newton, d 1881 N Fitzroy Vic)
       Sarah Anne Smalley (b 1831 Newton?, d 1831)
       Mary Ann Smalley (b 1833 Newton, d c1876 in Aust?)
       Harriet Smalley (b c1839, d 1842 Wisbeach)
       Sarah Smalley (b 1841)
       Harriet Smalley (b 1847 Leverington, Cambridgeshire, m James McCartney1867 Ballarat, Vic, d 1894 Albany WA)
       Elizabeth Smalley (b c1850, d 1851 Cambridgeshire)
       Thomas Henry Smalley (b 1851 At sea SS Constance, m Emily Marshall 1876 West Melb, Vic, d 1839 Ballarat Vic)
             Herbert Oscar Smalley (b1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzror, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)
       Susan Smalley (b 1853, d 1853 Geelong, Vic)
They came to Australia on the Ship Constance, sailing from Plymouth on the 15 July 1851 and arrived Hobson's Bay 27 October 1851.
The shipping list shows:
Smalley, James  Age 46  Farm Labourer  Newton  P. Methodist, could neither read nor write.
Martha (wife)  Age 39   Native place Wisbeach   could read
Harriet        Age 4
Infant born on board  (Thomas Henry)
Listed separately,
Mary Ann Smalley  Age 18   From Newton, P. Methodist, could both read and write.
Of four infants born on board, Thomas Henry was the only one to survive to Australia. The other three all have the mother's surname and Christan name recorded. In Thomas' case, only the mother's surname was given, leading to speculation he might actually have been Mary Ann's child.
SS Constance was the fastest sailing ship on the Australian run till the clipper ships were introduced. On arrival in Australia James Smalley was first employed at Emu Bottom by Geo Evans but moved to Ballarat. He is occasionally listed as a butcher and later a miner. (Roy Smalley)

Roy Smalley states
"James Smalley was born in 1805 and married Martha Goode (born 1812) at Newton-in the Isle, Cambridgeshire on 2 February 1830. The Goode family background was also farming (farmers, farm labourers, agricultural labourers). The witnesses to the marriage were John Goode (brother of Martha) and B. Harben. All parties signed with their mark "X", John Goode (farm labourer), with wife Lucy was also recruited for migration to Australia and arrived in Melbourne on 28 October 1849. Susan Goode ( a daughter was married in Geelong in 1863. It is thought that this earlier migration of his brother-in-law may have influenced James Smalley to take similar action to migrate",

Martha’s brother John and wife Lucy arrived in Melbourne 28 Oct 1849 abord the Tasman

Harriet Smalley is an interesting story who warrants her own page

Elizabeth Smalley (the one year old in the 1851 census) did not come to Australa in July 1851. There is a death registered in Wisbech Apr-Jun 1851 that is probably her. You wonder whether the trip to Australia was planned befor she died

1841 Cenus

Leverington Cambridgeshire, all born in the county                 
James Smalley          30      Farmer  (abt 1810)
Martha Smalley         25                  (abt 1815)          
Mary Smalley              8                  (abt 1832)          
Harriet Smalley            2                   (abt 1838)           
Sarah Smalley              2 mo             (1841)
On the same page (6 houses away)
Jos(?) Smalley            25      Farmer   (abt 1815)
Sarah Smalley            25                     (abt 1815)
Could this Joseph be James brother ?  Wife is wrong?
(Not 100% sure this is the same family)          

1851 Cenus

Leverington Cambridgeshire                                                            Born
James Smalley             Head     M     46       Labourer       Newton, Cambridgeshire (abt 1804)
Martha Smalley           Wife      M     40                            Wisbeach (abt 1810)
Mary Ann Smalley       Dau               18                            Newton, Cambridgeshire (abt 1832)    
Harriet Smalley            Dau                 4                            Leverington   (abt 1846)        
Elizabeth Smalley         Dau                 1                            Leverington   (abt 1850)        

Note on Newton

There are two Newtons in Cambridgeshire. Our Newton has to be the one roughly midway between Peterborough and King's Lynn
There is a little cluster of places all within six miles of one another : Wisbech, Leverington, Newton, Tydd St Giles, Elm

Martha's Mother

We originally had Martha's parents as James and Martha Goode. This is apparently stated on her death certificate, which I have not seen. But a christening in the LDS for Martha 8 Oct 1810 at Wisbeach gives Sarah as the mother and ties in pretty conclusively with Martha's 1851 Census return. . Death certificats are sometimes unreliable, particularly when the other spouse dies first, as is the case here.
Martha's story on her age is unreliable, but 1810 birth is quite likely. She ages 15 years between the 1841 and 1851 census. She becomes a year younger on boarding the ship for Australa
No christening was found for John Goode with either mother

Notes from Claire and Christine's Researches

James Smalley

Died 19/10/1877 in Brunswick Victoria (D/C 1619). Died of old age, aged 71. Thomas Henry was the informer of the death certificate, with his address given as 3 Brunswick Rd, East Brunswick.
Buried in Melbourne General Cemetery. He is buried with his wife Martha and Edith T Smalley (her grand-daughter, daughter of Thomas Emily) and Leslie W. Smalley (great-grandson, son of Arthur). There is no grave, headstone or any sort of indicator of the graveat the site i(December 2013). In the Baptist Section, Compartment B, Grave 254A.
By 1856 James Smalley was a butcher in Main Street, Ballarat (according to trade register) and was on the voter's role.
Further information lists his jobs as a butcher, with a shop on Main Road (1856 Electoral role, eastern Ballarat division). He is also to be a miner.

Martha Goode

Martha died in North Fitzroy in 1881 (D/C 10399), with her address given as Falconer Street, North Fitzroy. Grave, see James above.

Susan Smalley

Deaths in the District of Grant- 1853. 1st of December 1853, Died at Chilwell, Susan Smalley, Infant- Four months
Cause of Death- Exhaustion of want of mothers breast. 1 week Illness. Father listed as James Smalley- Labourer. Mothr listed as Martha Smalley.
Informer was James Smalley. Death Registered 2/12/1853. Geelong


Lots of good information was received from Roy Smalley, Bruce Tippett, Bette Joseph, Barbara Owens and M Smalley
Thanks to Claire and Christine for their painstaking work reflected above

Research Notes

1841 Census smalley james
1842 Harriett Smalley Death
1851 Census smalley james
1851 Census Joseph Smalley
1851 SS Constance, SMALLEY Arrival
1853 Death Susan Smalley
1877 Death James Smalley 1

Genes Reunited checked for James and Martha
Could not find anything for that Joseph Smalley in the 1841 Census
There is a good candidate for Mary Ann's death - Mary Ann Williams died in South Melbourne in 1881 - Registration number 2067

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