James  and Jane Penny

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Parents              Edward Penny and Jane Stephens         Jane/Jenny Godfrey's parents not known

James Penny (b 1787 St Cleer, m Jane/Jenny Godfrey 1812 Liskeard, d 1870 Liskeard Cornwall)   
Jane/Jenny Godfrey (b 1790  Liskeard)     
    Eliza Penny (b 1818 Liskeard, m William Julian 1842 Liskeard, d 1851 St Columb)
        Eliza Julian (b1846 St Columb, m William Henry Tippet 1865 Cornwall, d 1924 Coburg Vic)
            Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Mary Penny (b 1826 Liskeard)
    Maria Penny (b 1831 Liskeard)
    William Penny (b 1833 Liskeard)
The census records give us the Penny family. None of the children appear to be in the LDS, which in a sense tallies with the fact that we cannot find Eliza either. The marriage is not there either, but there is a birth for James in St Cleer in St Cleer 1787, parents Edward and Jane Penny

Ancestry has a Tree for this family ("Trevena Family Tree"), with some additions and differences to the census family, though they are obviously the same family. Differences in red

James Penny (b 1787 St Cleer, m Jenny Godfrey 28 Apr 1812 St Cleer, 1870 Liskeard Cornwall)   
Jenny Godfrey (b  Liskeard)     
    John Penny (b 1813 Liskeard)
    Jane Penny (b 1826 Liskeard)
    Elizabeth Penny (b 1818 Liskeard)
    Ann Penny (b 1821 Liskeard)
    James Penny (b 1824 Liskeard)
    Mary Penny (b 1826 Liskeard, m James Blight 1851 Liskeard)
    missing is Maria Penny (b 1831 Liskeard)
    William Penny (b 1833 Liskeard)

Jenny/Jane have to be the same person. LDS does not help

1841 Census

Barn St, Liskeard, all born in the county
James PENNY  50 Ag Lab
Jane PENNY 56
Mary PENNY 14
Maria PENNY 10
William PENNY 8

Susan Old supplied Eliza Penny's 1841 census entry, She was working as a servant of Elizabeth Glencross in Dean St, Liskeard, aged 20

1851 Census

In Barn St, Liskeard
James PENNY  63,  b Liskeard, Ag Lab
Jane PENNY 62,  b Liskeard,
Mary PENNY 24,  b Liskeard, Dressmaker
William PENNY 18,  b Liskeard, Grocers apprentice

1861 Census

In Barn St, Liskeard
James PENNY  73,  b St Cleer, Labourer
Jane PENNY 71,  b Liskeard,
St Cleer is a smaller town a couple of miles north of Liskeard

1871 Census

Could not find James or Jane Penny

Research Notes

  LDS, OPC DB, Ancestry, no joy on Jane/Jenny Godfrey
1841 Census James Penny
1841 Census Elizabeth Penny
1851 Census James Penny
1861 Census James Penny



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