John and Mary Thompson

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Parents    Thomas and Mary Thompson.      John (Snr)'s wife Mary A's parents not known

John  Thompson (b 1833 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Mary A 1865  Newcastle-on-Tyne, d after 1890)   
Mary A (b abt 1843 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d after 1890)   
    John  Thompson (b 1865 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Mary Louisa Turner 1887 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1893 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
        Norman Thompson (b 1888 Newcastle-on-Tyne,  m Winifred Emma Farr 1918 Northcote Vic, d 1932 Thornbury Vic)
   Mary  Thompson (b abt 1867 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
   Annie  Thompson (b abt 1868 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
   Isabella  Thompson (b abt 1871 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
   Elizabeth  Thompson (b abt 1879 Newcastle-on-Tyne)

John Thompson Senior's story

John was born 2nd Dec 1833, recorded as being in Newcastle on Tyne, and christened at Gateshead Durham on the 29th Dec. He is living with his widowed mother (Mary) in 1851 in Newcastle on Tyne. John was working as an Apprentice Cabinet Maker at age 16. Based on the age of the youngest child and the 1841 census, John's father probably died between 1839 and 1840.. In 1851 John's mother is widowed, and she  and two elder sisters are working as Washerwomen and John is an apprentice Cabinet Maker. In 1861 his two older sisters have left home. John at age 26 is now Cabinet Maker and widower, so he has presumably left home and returned when his wife died. John's mother is a Laundress, James is now a Clerk Hat Merchant, and Isabella is a Servant. In 1865 John married Mary A at Newcastle on Tyne. (The A is probably Ann since her granddaughter was Mary Ann in the 1871 Census, but no other evidence). In 1871 the family are living in Westgate, Newcastle on Tyne, and have three young children. John  is described as a Temperance Missionary and Mary A as a  Local Preacher Methodist  In 1881 and 1891 John's occupation is Cabinet Maker and Mary's is blank The family is still living in Newcastle on Tyne

1841 Census.

The family below is in the 1841 Census, though John is missing (he is in Wooler). . See Thomas

1851 Census

Middle St, Jesmond, St Andrews Newcastle on Tyne                                                  Born
Mary Thompson          Head   W     51     Washerwoman          Northumberland Wooler (abt 1799)
Mary Thompson          Dau     U      20     Washerwoman           Northumberland Wooler  (abt 1830)
CatherineThompson     Dau     U      18     Washerwoman           Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1832)
John Thompson           Son      U      16     App Cabinet Maker   Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1834)
JamesThompson          Son      U      13     Errand boy                 Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1837)
IsabellaThompson        Dau     U      11     Scholar                       Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1839)
Wooler is about 27 miles WNW of Newcastle on Tyne
Jesmond is an inner suburb of  Newcastle on Tyne

1861 Census

29 North St, Jesmond,  Newcastle on Tyne                                                                Born
Mary Thompson      Head      Widow       62    Laundress           Northumberland Wooler (abt 1799)
JohnThompson      Son        Widower     26   Cabinet Maker    Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1834)
JamesThompson      Son         U               23   Clerk Hat merchant     Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1837)
Isabella Thompson   Dau        U                22   Servant                Newcastle on Tyne  (abt 1838)
This does  look  like  John (snr)   Age  +  Cabinet Maker  +  Isabella repitition, see 1881

1871 Census

 90-92  Stanhope St,, Westgate, Parish of St Phillips, Newcastle                            Born
John Thompson      Head       M        36   Temperance Missionary         Newcastle (abt 1834)
Mary A Thompson  Wife       M        27    Local Preacher Methodist      Newcastle (abt 1843)
John Thompson      son                        6                                                  Newcastle (abt 1864)
Mary A Thompson    Dau                      4                                                  Newcastle (abt 1866)
Ann  H Thompson     Dau                      2                                                  Newcastle (abt 1868)
Westgate  is an inner suburb of  Newcastle on Tyne, about one and a half miles from the centre of the city

1881 Census

20 Moor St,, Westgate, parish of St Phillips, Newcastle                            Born
John Thompson       Head        M        46   Cabinet Maker         Newcastle (abt 1834)
Mary A Thompson  Wife         M        37                                   Newcastle (abt 1843)
John Thompson       son                       15  Draughtsman             Newcastle (abt 1865)
Mary A Thompson     Dau                    13  Scholar                     Newcastle (abt 1867)
Annie H? Thompson  Dau                     12  Scholar                     Newcastle (abt 1868)
Isabella J? Thompson Dau                      9  Scholar                      Newcastle (abt 1871)
Elizabeth Thompson    Dau                     1                                    Newcastle (abt 1879)
See discussion John Junior. This is the census record that connects the two John Thompson  families.

1891 Census

13 Langley St,, Westgate, Arthurs Hill, parish of St Phillips, Newcastle        Born
John Thompson      Head        M        55   Cabinet Maker         Newcastle (abt 1835)
Mary A Thompson  Wife        M        46                                   Newcastle (abt 1844)
Annie H Thompson    Dau                    21  Scholar                      Newcastle (abt 1868)
Isabella J? Thompson Dau                    19  Scholar                      Newcastle (abt 1871)
ElizabethThompson    Dau                    11                                    Newcastle (abt 1879)

1901 Census

Unable to find a family unit. A couple of people who could have been John Senior or Mary A are there as inmate or pauper in institutions

Research Notes

Genes Reunited checked for John
LDS    John and Mary A 's  marriage is there, but no date and no maiden nane for Mary.
Google no joy
The pieces above mesh together well, though you have to be careful when dealing with very common names such as John, Mary and Thompson.
Vivienne Pearce has another John Thompson, also born Newcastle-on-Tyne 1833, parents William and Isabella, but he died in NZ

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