William Tippett and Ann (Nancy) Bettinson

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Parents      Walter Tippett and Ann Sweet        Colan Bettison and  Margaret Harris

William  Tippett (b 1786 St Columb Major Cornwall, m Ann (Nancy) Bettinson 1810 St Columb Major, d 1860 St Columb Major)
Ann (Nancy) Bettinson (b 1788 St Columb Major, d aft 1840 bef 1851 census)
    Colon Tippett (b 1810 St Columb Major(Colen), m Marina Bath 1836 Madron Cornwall, d 1888)     
          William Henry Tippet (b 1843 St Columb, m Eliza Julian 1865 Cornwall, d 1927 Brunswick Vic)
                Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Ann Tippett (b 1812 St Columb Major, d aft 1840)
    William Tippett  (b 1814 St Columb Major(Gluvian), m Mary Ann Curtis 1842 St Columb Major, d bet 1840 - 1902)
                                                             (Descendants in Susan Old File)
    Mary Tippett (b 1816 St Columb Major(Gluvian))
    Peggy Tippett (b 1819 St Columb Major(Gluvian), m  Philip Harris 1844 St Columb Major, d aft 1840)
    Betty (Betsey) Tippett (b 1821 St Columb Major, d aft 1850)   (Descendants in Susan Old File)
    Richard Bettison Tippett (b 1823 St Columb Major, d bef 1825)  
    Richard Tippett (b 1824 St Columb Major, d aft 1850)  
    Jane Tippett (b 1828 St Columb Major(Tresaddern Gate))  
    Maria Tippett  (b abt 1827 Cornwall, d aft 1840)     <<<<< Not in Susan Old's file
    Sarah Tippett  (b 1833 St Columb Major, d aft 1850)   (Descendants in Susan Old File)

The census records are all on Colon and Marina's page

Richard was  a bit of a  black sheep. In the 1851 census, he is in Bath Gaol.
Susan Old has him being senteced again, to ten years transportation, at aged 27 (later in 1851?).She supplied the record of his Trial - below.  Not sure whether he was sent to Australia, as transpoutation to Oz was winding down at this stage.

Richard Tippet trial

    Richard Tippet, 27, was indicted for breaking an entering the house of Henry HOLE, and stealing therefrom apples, flour, bacon, and other articles.  Mr. SHILSON, for the prosecution, called Henry Hole who stated that he was a farmer in the parish of Advent.  On Saturday night, the 21st of September, before going to bed, he carried a pan of milk to the dairy, and then saw that all was right.  On coming down next morning, prosecutor's jacket, which had been left hanging before the kitchen fire, had been taken away, flour and bread had been stolen from the room adjoining the dairy, and a pair of shoes were also missed.  Prisoner had worked for prosecutor nine days during the harvest, and had left the Thursday night preceding the Saturday night on which the robbery was committed: prisoner used to take his meat in the kitchen when working for prosecutor.  Having suspicion of him, prosecutor gave information to constable Fitzgerald, who apprehended the prisoner on the same Sunday that the robbery was  discovered.  Prisoner had a bundle on his back, and in it were several of the articles that had been stolen. Prisoner told the constable that no more had been taken than was found in the bundle.  Prosecutor's jacket was placed elsewhere; but the linking of it was found around the flour in the bundle.  Prisoner now told the jury that he had the contents of the bundle from a man who he overtook between Camelford and Stratton. Prosecutor's wife also gave evidence in the case. The Chairman in summing up, said there was no evidence of the breaking and entering, but it was open to the jury to consider the evidence of stealing. The jury immediately returned a verdict of Guilty.  A former conviction was proved against the prisoner, who at the Assizes in July 1849, was found Guilty and sentenced to one year's imprisonment, for breaking, entering, and stealing from the house of William OLVER, of St. Columb  Major.  There was now another indictment against the prisoner for breaking and entering the house of William Tippet at St. Columb Major, on the 5th of September last, and stealing a coat, waistcoat, and other articles.  On the indictment no evidence was offered.  TEN YEARS TRANSPORTATION.


Christina Renyolds Tree on Genes Reunited gives parents and Grandparents for William
Susan Old, the Online Parish Clerk for St Columb Major supplied a wonderful response to a query on Colen's baptism. She mapped out  three generations back, for someone who had been a very murky figure to us.

Research Notes

Revisit Ann ( Nancy) Bettinson
There is a five year old William in the 1941 census. Whose child is he William and Ann, or Colin and Marina ?
-------------------- below this line is Pre Susan Old, review----------------
Genes Reunited checked for William
LDS no joy looking for Nancy, Colon,  Ann, Peggy, Richard, Maria, Sarah or William

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