John Cubit and Mary Chilcott

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Parents  :  James and Elizabeth Cubit       Charles Chilcott and Mary Strout  

John Cubit (b 1811 Aghalee IRL, m Mary Chilcott 1845 Longford Tas, d 1874 Deloraine Tas)
Mary Chilcott (b 1827 Tintagel, also m William English McLure 1881 Launceston, d 1889 Deloraine Tas)
       James Cubit (b 1846 Longford, m Ann Bryan 1870 Deloraine)
       Elizabeth Cubit (b 1847 Annanvale Tas, m James Hore 1866, d 1921 Somerset Wynyard Tasmania)
       Arthur Cubit (b 1850 Westbury Tas, m Elizabeth Cameron Hume 1878 Chiltern)
       Charles Henry Cubit (b 1851 Westbury, m Emma Grig 1878 Westbury.d 1914 Santa Clara California)
       Isabella Ann Cubit (b 1853, m Richard Corneilius Peters 1886 Deloraine, d 1824 Cheltenham Vic)
       John Cubit (b 1854 Westbury, d 1908 Goulburn NSW)
       Ellen Adelaide Cubit (1856 Westbury, m William Mitchell 1880 Sandridge, Melb, d 1937 Wodonga, Vic)
              Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m 1914 Liela Muriel Roach, d 1960 Wodonga)
       Albert Nathaniel Cubit (b 1857 Deloraine, m Louisa Sarah Pridgeon 1888, d 1942 Cheltenham)
       Samuel Frederick Cubit (abt 1859 Deloraine, m Alma Ellen Carter 1887, d 1936 Abbotsford Vic)
                                                                             m Lily Hart Grace Parker 1907 
       Lavinia Mary Cubit (b 1861 Deloraine, m Charles Holly 1885 Melbourne, d 1945 Brunswick}
       Nathaniel Dickey Cubit (b 1862 Deloraine, m Mary Grace Bligh 1885, d 1915 Launceston)
                                                                         m  Esther Britton 1908 East Meander Tas)
       Archibald Edwin Charles Cubit (b 1864 Deloraine, m Caroline Elizabeth Carr 1886 Deloraine, d 1896 Deloraine)
       Ellis Silvina Cubit (b 1866 Deloraine, d 1926 Sydney)  
           This is the birth registration                   she married John Thompson in sydney 1892 as Alice Selina Cubbitt

Val Trickett supplied a writeup of James and John, an extract of which follows
    John & Mary's two eldest children were born at Charles's property "Annandale" Perth, then the family moved to Deloraine, and 12 more children were born there. John died au "Dungall" (gored by a bull, it is believed) in 1874 at the age of 61. Mary died at "Dungall" in 1889, aged 62 years, The Cubit family has many decendents in the Deloraine district, mostly descended through James. 
Full Text of Val's Article

Census 1848 John Cubit 
A small household of 6 souls, owned by his father. They had only been married three years.
James, Mary, the two children, Male domestic servant 21-45 years, and female 7-13 years.

Note from Fred Mitchell:

Passengers to Hobart Ports lists Lady of the Lake as coming from London, via Swan Reach to Hobart, arriving Nov 1829, leaving on 19 Dec 1829. According to Perth Dead Persons Society index it went back to Fremantle on 28 Jan 1830.  There were no Chilcotts on board on its return.
On 7 August 1836 Bolina from London under command of Captain Ewing arrived in Launceston with passengers including Mrs Cubit and John Cubit.  The arrival was reported in the Cornwall Chronicle Vol 2 Sat Aug 13 1836 #33.  This is summarised in Unassisted Immigrants and Coastal passengers Launceston Tasmania 1829 - 1865.

Tasmanian Electoral Roll for Assembly Deloraine 1856 lists
Cubitt James    Brookhill        Freehold    Landowner          Cubitt John    Dungall        Freehold    Landowner


Researchers on the Cubits and Chilcotts have shared their work generously, and I have not been good at noting sources. However, much is owed to Val Trickett, Sue Royce, Jenny Mitchell and Fred Mitchell. Also Beris Wilkinson.. Also thanks to Peter Cubit for his help on early Cubits. Also for his good stuff in the Convicts and Clerics family tree

Research Notes

Thre are two candidates for the death of Elizabeth Hoare
    17 june 1917 Weat Street Devonport Tasmania at thev residence of her daughter Mrs Callender
    Unfotunately the death notice says īn her 60th year" So go with
    4 June 1921 Somerset Wynyard Burnie age 76 years - that age is pretty right
The death of Charles Henrt Cubit is an interesting question
    From rate books we can definitely place him in South Melbourne as a carrier in 1896
    From the Convicys and Clerics family tree we have a death in Santa Clara California in 1914.
    While it is a jump from South Melbourne and we only have Charles H Cubit in the entry, the age is exactly right so go with it
    Cannot find any relevant shipping entries to the USA but that is not unusual
What about the son registered without a name in 1854?
    Peter Cubit in Convicts and Clerics has a very good try
    John, because otherwise the fathers name is missing from a set of 13 children, Mary got a gurnsey.
    For details refe to Peter's tree
Convicys and Clerics
Kellie Wyatt has that child born in 1854 as John
IGI records data has been supplied about Ellen Adelaide Cubitt by Anthony Peter Gibbons, 6 Sanderson Place, Burnie, Tasmania 7320
    The following notes were typed on a page ( I believe provided by Beris Wilkinson) about John Cubitt and Mary Chilcott, after notes about James Cubit:
His son, John b. 1814, in Ireland, obviously followed his father out, and in 1854, at the age of 31, he married at the Wesleyan Chapel Longford, Mary Chilcott, the eldest daughter of Charles and Mary Chilcott, who had come out as settlers in 1830.  Mary was 18 at the time.

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