Mountford Clarkson and Ann Wadham

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Parents  :  Mountford and Anne Clerkson              Joseph and Anne Waddhams (50%)

Mountford Clarkson (b 1726 
St Matthews Walsall, m Ann Wadham 1749 Rushall)
Ann Wadham (b 26 Jul 1730 Shenstone
    Mary Clarkson (b 1750 Aldridge Staffordshire)

    Ann  (b dec 1752 Aldridge (LDS))
    Joseph Clarkson (b 1754 Aldridge)
    John Clarkson (b 1757 Aldridge)
    Mountford Clarkson (b 1764 Akdridge)
    Thomas Clarkson (b 1766 Aldridge, m Catherine Rayson 1794 Kingsbury, d 1824 Hunter St Sydney).

        Catherine Clarkson (b 1798 Kingsbury, m Thomas Rowley II 1818 Christ Church, Castlereagh, d 1858 Minto NSW).
            John Rowley (b 1822 Minto NSW, m Mary Jane (Jane) Onslow 1846 Liverpool, d 1856 Liverpool NSW)
                   John Clarkson Rowley (b 1847 Liverpool, m Sarah Jane Smart 1874 Beechworth Vic, 1928 Bethanga Vic)
                         Joseph Smart Rowley (b 1875 Yackandandah Vic, m Eircell Broome 1909 Albury NSW, m Avis Sirl 1922 Albury, d 1957 Bethanga)
    James Clarkson (b 1769 Kingsbury)
    Charles Clarkson (b 1776
Kingsbury, d 11 Dec 1778 (LDS)))   

Mountford Clarkson and Ann Wadham;s family look a good fit to be our Thomas' family
(1) They move to Kingsbury between 1766 and 1769
(2) Thomas Clarkson and Catherine Rayson named their children
    Catherine(P,R), John(C,R), Mountford(C), Hannah, Sarah(R), Thomas(P,R), Ann, Mary(C), Martha 
    (P=parent, C=Clarkson. R=Rayson)
    ie they like family names. Mountford is particularly significant in that it is unusual, and continues down the family

Kingsbury and Mountford look good to me, make this family 60%

There is a possible death for Mountford (b 1726) with a 24 July 1788 burial in Walsall

There is a christening for Ann Waddhams 16 july 1730 in Shenstone (3 miles NE of Aldridge. Rushall where Ann married is one mile from Aldridge)
There is an Ann Wadhams buried in Shenstone, father Joseph, which is a bit of a tie in as our Ann called her first son Joseph and her father was Joseph
Put Joseph and Ann at 50% and call a halt?

Update October 2017

    An email in from T.R.M.B. has some interesting comments
I've done abit of research and viewed research done by others and it seems regardless of whether Thomas's parents are G&S or M&A, Thomas's Grt Grandfather is Mountford Clarkson 1672 Walsall, Staff - 1747 Walsall, Staff. He is the son of George Clarkson and Susannah Mountford of the Gentry Mountford family of Warwickshire which makes Thomas Clarkson's 17th grt grandfather King Edward I of England aswell as other links into Royalty and Nobility.

Update January 2020

    An email in from Tina refers to James
Did you know there was a 3rd Clarkson caught "coining" in London. James, I think he is our Thomas' youngest brother, was tried at Middlesex assizes & sentenced to transportation 14yrs. He arrived in Sydney on the Admiral Gambier 20 Dec 1808. Although married he lived with Ann Eaton & had 4 children

Places in relation to Kingsbury

    Aldridge                10 Miles WNW
    Bedworth              12 Miles SE
    Curdwowth            3 Miles SW
    Minworth             =Curdworth
    Rushall                  10 miles W
    Solihull                 15 miles SSW (larger town)
    Sutton Coldfield     6 mises W (larger town)
    Walsall                 12 miles W (larger town)

A Loose End - Richard Clarkson

    Firstly refer to the discussion in "If Only"  The authors speculate that Thomas and Richard may have been cousins. Richard arrived on the Alexander with Thomas.
    However the article in the Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia (Vol 15) refers to the Clarkson brothers, though it appears to be narrative in the article, not quoting text

    A possible family for Richard is George and Susannah Clarkson      


     Thanks to John Perry for this family

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