Thomas Whitford and Mary Scott

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Parents :      Samuel and Mary Whitford (50%)        Mary Scott's parents not known

Thomas Whitford (b 1710 London, m Mary Scott 1736, d 1792)
 Mary Scott (b 1707)
    Ann Whitford (b 1737, d 1741)
    William Whitford (b 1739, d 1741)
    Samuel Whitford (b 1740, d 1778)
    ThomasWhitford (b 1742, m Elizabeth Head 1769 St Margarets Westminster, d 1823)
    Mary Whitford (b 1743, m Charles Wall 1742 Parish Church of St Anne & St Agnes, d 1794)
    William Whitford (b 1745 London, m Martha Manning 1771) 
        Mary Ann Whitford (b 1779 Westminster, m Joseph Farr 1806 St George Hanover Square London, d 1859 Southgate Middlesex)

            Thomas Farr (1824 Southgate, m Hannah Martin 1849 Camden Town, London, d 1901 St Kilda Vic)
                 Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                       Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918, d 1994 Preston) 
    John Whitford (b 1747, d 1747)
    James Whitford (b 1748, d 1752)

An email from Judy Holmes gave us this family

The entry in the family bible reads as follows:-
Thomas Whitford Born 22nd August 1710
Married 14th June 1736 to MaryScott, Born 26th July 1707
The following children by her
Daughter Ann Born 4 Dec 1737. Died 23rd Nov 1741 aged 3yr 11mth 20day
Son William Born 13th Oct 1739. Died 2nd Sept 1741 aged 1yr 10mth 19day
Son Samuel Born 1st Dec 1740
Son Thomas Born 2nd Jun 1742. Died 28th June 1823 aged 81yrs
Daughter Mary Born 16th Nov 1743
2nd Son William Born 3 Dec 1745
Son John Born 23rd July 1747 and Died 16 days old
          Son James Born 16th Dec 1748. Died 9th March 1752

William Whitford's children as taken by TW
William, Son of William Born 25th Oct 1771
Martha Daughter Born 22nd Dec 1772
Thomas Son Born 23rd April 1776
Marian Daughter Born 16th Sept 1779
Registered at St Margarettte Westminster

`    Now there are 2 possibilites whether TW was Mary Ann's grandfather Thomas Whitford b1710, or her uncle Thomas Whitford b 1742.
Thomas Whitford (sen) didn't die until 20 Feb 1792 and he was in London, but I don't know how old Mary Ann and her siblings were when they were 'taken in' and TW(sen) would have been in his 70s.
    On the other hand Thomas Whitford(jun) b 1742 married Elizabeth Head on 11 Apr 1769 (at St Margarets Westminster) but after the birth of his 1st daughter Martha in Oct 1770 took his family to Haverfordwest, Wales. to further his career as a watchmaker, and was still in that town in 1780 when his 8th child Samuel was born.
However, in July 1781 the family had returned to London in time for the birth of another son George and remained in London at No 2 Smithfield bars. So maybe the reason for the family's return was to look after Williams's children.

    Up until now I had always assumed that it was Thomas(sen) that had taken William's children, and that they were somehow the children of his brother. But looking at it now and comparing the dates, it seems to make a lot more sense that it was Thomas(jun) who opted to look after his brother's children.

    There is one IGI record of Martha Whitford b 22Dec 1772, Christened 03Jan 1772 (I think they must mean 1773) Parents William Whitford and Martha. But although the birth date matches for his first daughter I don't know how relevant this record is as the IGI have another record of a Mary Whitford born of the same parents being christened on 08 Mar 1778. Now I suppose that could have been a daughter that died and then the couple went on to to have Mary Ann in Sept the following year. Either way that is the only clue as to the identity of Mary Ann's mother.

Thomas Whitford's Will

Again, thanks to Judy Holmes

    I Thomas Whitford of the parish of Saint Anne and Agnes in the liberty of Saint Martins le Grand in the City and liberties of Westminster and county of Middlesex, Spectacle maker, do make this my last Will and Testament after all my debts and Funerial charges are paid.
    Imprimis. I give my son Thomas Whitford of Smithfield Bars - One hundred and fifty pounds what he may owe me on account being part thereof Also I give the lease of the house he inhabits that I hold of the Drapers Company he paying them twenty pounds per annum and other things according the conditions of the lease

    Item. I give Dorothea Whitford, daughter of my Son Samuel deceased ten pounds, also I appoint any Sum not exceeding five pounds to be laid out in finding his son Samuel [clositeis] during his apprenticeship with his present Master
    Item. I give Martha Whitford, daughter of my son William Whitford deceased five pounds, I appoint any Sum not exceeding six pounds be laid out on his son William apprentice to Mr Smit, cutler, during his apprenticeship. Also I order the Sum of twenty pounds be paid to my son Thomas Whitford in order to defray the expanse of keeping my grandson Thomas Whitford apprentice to Mr [Gannon] Citizen and Goldsmith in Cloaths. also I order any Sum not exceeding ten pounds be laid out on my Granddaughter Marian Whitford to put her out either as an Apprentice or to Service.
    Then I give my Sister Mary [Beige] ten pounds to be paid in one month after my demise, if she be dead I give that sum to her daughter Marian Stalker or her sons
    Item. I give my brother [Daniel] deceased his daughter Sibella ten pounds   
    Item. I give my cousin Sarah Tanner a ring of Guinea value in memory of my Esteem for her. I give Mr Peter Dolland my worthy friend, a ring.
    I give to my Daughter Mary Wall, widow the leases of my four houses in Kings Head Court, St Martins le Grand which I hold on the executors of David Humphrey deceased. I also give her all my Household Goods. My book, that is my Reading books and my Cloaths to be disposed of between my son Thomas and my daughter Mary Wall.

Another update from Judy Holmes

Her marriage to Charles Wall - Batchelor of St Leonards Foster Lane is recorded in the Parish Church of St Anne & St Agnes December 1742, by Licence. In the presence of Thos Whitford and Saml Whitford. On 28 September 1765.
IGI have a record of a Charles Walls, born to Charles Walls and Elizabeth, on 26 Dec 1742 and Christened at St Verdast Foster Lane and St Michael Le Querne, London on 30 Dec 1742.
So I am assumimg that is the same one as the age is about right - Mary having been born just a year later in Nov 1743.
I think they had two sons. Mary mentions a son Charles in her Will and a Mathew Wall paid the rates on the property in King's Head Court, that she had been living at, in 1794. That is just two years after her father had left her 4 properties in King's heard Court in his will in 1792, in which he describes her as a widow.
So-----Pre 1792 Death of Charles Wall
        1792 Death of Thomas Whitford

        1794 Death of Mary Wall nee Whitford
Surviving Son? Matthew Wall

        Charles Wall jn ?


Judy Holmes Family tree has Samuel and Mary as Thomas'parents - see LDS - and provided a few more details


A parent search in the IGI on Thomas and Mary Whitford gave no joy.
There is a christening for Thomas Whitford 10 OCT 1712   Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England, which could be our Thomas. Parents Samuel and Mary. Put 50% on it, but stop here till we get stronger evidence
There is a possible Christenings for Mary Scott. 05 NOV 1708 St Andrew Holborn, London, Parents John and Sarah
Nothing here to hang your hat on


Thanks to Judy Holmes for this page

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