Richard Farr and Sarah Farbin

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Parents            Richard Farr's parents not known              Isaac Fabin

Richard Farr (m Sarah Farbin 1713 Cheshunt Hertford)          
Sarah Farbin (b 1693 Cheshunt Hertford)          
    Richard Farr (b 1719 Hertingfordbury Hertfordshire, m Mary)    
        Joseph Farr (b 1752 Hertingfordbury, m Ann Carter 1779 Bayford Herts, d 1831 England)
            Joseph Farr (b 1782 Middlesex, m Mary Ann Whitford 1806 St George Hanover Square London, d 1850 Bourne, Edmonton, Middlesex)    
                Thomas Farr (1824 Southgate Middlesex, m Hannah Martin 1849 Camden Town, London, d 1901, St Kilda Vic)
                      Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                           Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston) 
    Sarah Farr (b 1721 Hertingfordbury)    
    Mary Farr (b 1724 Hertingfordbury)    
    Jane Farr (b 1729 Hertingfordbury)    
    Rachell Farr (b 1731 Hertingfordbury)    
    John Farr (b 1734 Hertingfordbury)    

Hertingfordbury is about  3 miles N of Bayford, which is about 15 miles due north of London.
Ruth Shuker in an email pointed out Sarah's christening in 1693 with the surname Fabin. Cheshunt is a much larger town about seven miles south of  Hertingfordbury

Research Notes

There are various possible christenings for Richard
 (1) 16 Apr 1699   Stevenage, Hertford, parents John and Hellen - Stevenage is a large town 10 miles NNW of Hertingfordbury
 (2) Richardus Farr Christening: 28 Jan 1671 Stevenage, Hertford, parents Johannis and Hannah
 (3)  Richard Farre 13 Sep 1668   Ashwell, Hertford, parents Richard and Anne  Ashwell is about 20 miles N of  Hertingfordbury
LDS has nothing for Sarah Farbin other than her marriage

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