Thomas Trethewey and Wilmot Hicks

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Parents    Thomas Trethewey and Elizabeth Jolly                  Richard Hicks and Florence Yelland

Thomas Trethewey (b 1735 St Dennis Cornwall, m Wilmot Hicks 1761 St Columb, d 1814 St Dennis)
Wilmot Hicks b 1732 St Columb, d 1814 St Dennis)
    Florence Trethewey (b 1762 Cornwall, m William Liddicoat 1782  Roche, d 1846 Belowda Roche?)
        Elizabeth Liddicoat (b 1784 Roche, m  William Julian 1804 Rochel, d Roche 1855)
            William Julian (b 1815 Roche, m Eliza Penny 1842 Liskeard Cornwall, d 1897 St Columb)
                Eliza Julian (b1846 St Columb Cornwall, m William Henry Tippet 1865 Cornwall, d 1924 Coburg Vic)
                    Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Thomas Trethewey (b 1762 St Dennis, m Margarey Penfound 1792 Poundstock Cornwall)
    Elizabeth Trethewey (b 1765 St Dennis, m Robert Varcoe 1796 St Dennis, d St Dennis)
    Mary Trethewey (b 1769 St Dennis, m Martin Strongman)
    William Trethewey (b 1771 St Dennis, m Katherine Kellow 1803 St Columb Major, d 1827)
    Mary Trethewey (b 1774 St Dennis)
    John Trethewey (b 1780 St Dennis, m Mary Snell1803 St Stephens d 1827)

Those two Mary's are obviously dodgy
Taking our bearings from St Columb (Major)
St Dennis,  St Stephen and Fraddon are about a mile apart, four miles south
St Stephen is six miles to the south
Roche is about six miles ESE, Belowda is a mile from Roche towards St Columb
Fraddon is about 20 miles east

Research Notes

Roche site:
no baptism for Thomas Trethewey or Wilmot Hicks
This Family obtained from trees on Ancestry.  The Warren Family Tree, My Cornish Family and Beyond and  Talling Family Tree


Arthur Wilkins excellent databases on the Roche OPC site underpin all of this

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