William Liddicoat and Mary Treweeke  

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Parents   Possibly John and Joan Liddicoat (75%)        Mary Treweeke - no sources have any parents

Liddicoat (b 1727 Roche, m  Mary Treweeke 1755 Roche, d 1760 Belowda Roche) 
John (b 1756 Roche, d St Wenn 1826)        Surname recorded as: Liddicote.
     William Liddicoat (b 1758 Roche Cornwall, m Florence Trethewey 1782  Roche, d 1840 Belowda Roche) 
         Elizabeth Liddicoat (b 1784 Roche, m  William Julian 1804 Rochel, d Roche 1855)
            William Julian (b 1815 Roche, m Eliza Penny 1842 Liskeard Cornwall, d 1897 St Columb)
                Eliza Julian (b1846 St Columb Cornwall, m William Henry Tippet 1865 Cornwall, d 1924 Coburg Vic)
                    Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Elizabeth (b 5 Jan 1760)      
Surname recorded as: Liddicote.

The Roche OPC burial entry for John has the note
    Probably related to Mary Liddicoat, of Belowda, who was buried in St. Wenn on 11 Oct 1824.
The Mary is an infant, but the tie to Belowda is there again
Note Belowda  is very small - about 20 houses/farmsheds on Google Earth, making it very unlikely these links are coincidence

Taking our bearings from St Columb (Major)
Roche is about six miles ESE, Belowda is a mile from Roche towards St Columb.  St Wenn is two miles N of Belowda
Fraddon is about 20 miles east

Research Notes

Roche OPC site:  has excellent searchable databases
For the William b 1729-30, there are two possible baptisms
(A) Parents Charles Liddicoat and Margaret Edwards - 6 Dec 1731 (Married 14 Jul 1730  Surname recorded as Lytticot.)
(B) Parents John and Joan Liddicoat - 10 Jun 1729   Surname recorded as: Lyddicot
(What is the case for each of these
(A)  (1) Cited in about ten trees in Ancestry, but probably because it is the only one in LDS.  One LDS record combines this baptim with the marriage to Mary Treweeke, but my understanding is that the records would not show that and it is only a data entry person being "helpful".
       (2) Match on the date of birth based on the burial age (1729-30) is only fair
       (3) Grandparent to children name match score = 0/3
(B)  (1) Match on the date of birth based on the burial age (1729-30) is good
       (2) Grandparent to children name match score = 1/3

Rate the probabilities  :   A - 25%    B- 75%   But call a halt as it is all a bit vague


Arthur Wilkins excellent databases on the Roche OPC site underpin all of this. Thanks to Tony Liddicoat for pointing out Parents Phillip and Elizabeth Liddicoat were in the wrong century

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