William Martin and Hannah Coalman

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Parents :     John Martin and Sarah Chadwick        John and Elizabeth Coleman

William Martin (b 1748 Teeton Northamptonshire, m Hanna Coalman 1787 Twywell Northamptonshire, d 1826 Catworth)
Hanna Coalman (b 1760 Northamptonshire, d 1844 Catworth, Hunts.)
    William Martin (b 1788 Twywell, m Susannah Cheshire 1817 Islington, m Susanna Cheshire, d 1871)
    Susannah Martin (b 1790 Twywell, d 1790 Twywell)
    James Martin (b 1791 Twywell, m Ann Wright 1811 Islington, m Sophia Thompson, d 1874)
    John Martin (b 1793 Twywell, m Sarah Elderkin, d 1857)
    Susannah Martin (b 1795 Twywell, d 1841)
    Charles Martin (b 1797 Twywell, m Francis Prickett 1826 Islington, d 1876 Castlemaine Vic)
         Hannah Martin  (b 1829 Islington, m Thomas Farr 1849 Camden Town, London, d 1890 St Kilda)
              Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                   Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    Michael Martin (b 1799 Twywell, d 1851)
    Mary Martin (b 1809, Catworth)

Photo of Martin's Yard, Twywell

Len Martin's Book

William was the third child of John and was born on 29th October, 1848. In 1777 he appears on the militia lists (with his brother Peter) as a junior farmer at Teeton. In 1780 he, along with Peter and two others, was leasing a big estate at Spratton, but in 1872 he left the partnership. However, he rented land at nearby Twywell, and apparently farmed this land through most of the 1880's and 1890s.  He married Hannah Coalman at Twywell on 30th May, 1787. William gave up his farm at Twywell, possibly because he was in poor health, and the family left Twywell in 1800.

Notes From Glenis Crocker

In 1777 William and his brother Peter are listed as junior farmers in the militia lists for Teeton.
In 1778 the estate of the late Frank Beynon Esq was valued for land tax at 31/2/9
In 1779 this estate has passed to Andrew Hacket Esq
In 1780 this estate has been leased to Henry Bray, John Wright, Peter Martin and William Martin
In 1781 this estate is still leased by these partners.
In 1782 William Martin has within drawn from the partnership, leaving three partners who find J Mallard to replace William by 1783 William Martin appears to be leasing land at Twywell, from Thomas Mulso, worth 5/12/1
In 1788 the value of this land is 5/15/6 - part of general tax reassessment
In 1793 William has increased his landholding to a value of 6/2/9/ .This continues through 1800
In 1801 William Martin has left Twywell. His land appears to have been taken up by B & Wm Leete and added to their other farm.
I suspect William would have liked to return to the Spratton area, but knew by 1801 that brothers John, Peter and Robert had arranged the land among themselves, and although John had died his estate had gone to Peter.
But, if the William Martin whose death has been found in Islington in 1803, is ours, he died at a similar age to his brother John. Another possiblity is that the family went to live at Newington. This parish record has yet to be checked.
William reappears in the Parish Record of Gt Catworth, Huntingdon. William and Hannah have two children christened there, Michael aged 10 and Mary.

Did William take up a small farm to run poultry on which later became thelife style of the third son John?

Martin's Yard Twywell


Most of the material on the Martins comes from Glenis Crocker, with help from Robyn Lawther and Helen Millward. Glenis's material prepared for the Martin reunion she organised has been quoted directly here. They have traced the family back to the 16th century, by a lot of detective work on old wills.
Also Len Martin produced an excellent  book on Charles Henry Martin, Hannah Martin's brother
Aditional information added from Margaret Gomersall's tree on genes Reunited
Thanks also to Bob Martin's Ancestry tree for additions to this page

Research Notes

Margaret Gomersall supplied

William (snr) dying Catworth Huntingdonshire 7 Aug 1826
Hanna Coalman  dying Catworth Huntingdonshire 31 Dec 1844
The two children Michael and Mary
Also the additional spouses m Susanna Cheshire, Sophia Thompson and  Sarah Elderkin

LDS  has no  christening for Hannah. There are Colemans being christened in Rushtonn 1772-90 (about 8 miles WNW of Twywell). LDS also does not have William and Hanna's children or their marriage.

File imported from Glenis states that she is living with her son John at Catworth in the 1841 Census, but I can't find them in Ancestry.com

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