Thomas Paul and Sarah Richards (40%)

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Thomas Paul (m Sarah Richards 1745 St Agnes Cornwall)
    Ann Paull (b 1746 St Agnes)   
    William Paull (b 1747 St Agnes, m Rebecca Barkla 1770 St Agnes)   
        William Paull (b 1770 St Agnes, m Mary Paul 1795 St Agnes, d 1816 Calstock Cornwall) 
             Grace Paull (b 1802 Calstock, m John Broome 1828 Calstock)    
                William Paull Broome (b abt 1838 Calstock, m Anne Maria Patterson 1877 Albury, d 1909 Talgarno)
                    Eircell Paullina Broome (b 1884 Talgarno Vic, m Joseph Smart Rowley 1909 Talgarno, d 1917 Bethanga)
    James Paull (b 1751 St Agnes)   
    Elizabeth Paull (b 1754 St Agnes)   
    James Paull (b 1756 St Agnes)   


Source for this family is Marion Paul (Anyone know her current address?). She supplied previous generations.

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