Edward Stephenson and Hannah Pitt

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Parents      Edward Stephenson and Dorothy Marshall      Hannah's parents not known

Edward (b 1806 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Hannah Pitt, d 1865 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
Hannah Pitt (b abt 1806 Ipswick Suffolk, d 1869 Durhan, Tyne and Wear)
    Edward (b 1829 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d aft 1860)
    Thomas (b 1831 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d aft 1860)
    John (b 1833 Newcastle-on-Tyne,m Elizabeth, d 1897 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
    Elizabeth Stephenson  (b  1838, m Joshua Turner 1862 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1899 Melbourne)
          Mary Louisa Turner (b abt 1868 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m John  Thompson 1887 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1901 N Fitzroy Vic)
               Norman Thompson (b 1888 Newcastle-on-Tyne,  m Winifred Emma Farr 1918 Northcote Vic, d 1932 Thornbury Vic)
    William (b 1842 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Mary Ann Brownlee, d 1916 Newcastle-on-Tyne)
    Robert (b 1847 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Mary,  d 1904 Newcastle-on-Tyne)

Edward and Hannah's story

They appear to have lived in  Newcastle on Tyne all their lives. We know Edward's parent's names, but that is all. On one census only, Hannah says she came from Ipswick (probably Ipswich Suffolk). Possibly her family came from there, but she spent most or all of her early  years in Newcastle on Tyne. They probably married  around 1828. Edward(just call me Ed?) was a Hairdresser in 1841, then a Furniture Broker, and two of  their sons were Cabinet Makers. One son also was a hairdresser. They had six children, five of whom were still living at home in 1861.

1841 Census

6 Dog Bank,  Parish of All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne, NML   all born in county            
Edward STEPHENSON     35      Hairdresser                    (abt 1805)
Hannah STEPHENSON     35                                            (abt 1805)
Edward STEPHENSON       11                                            (abt 1829)
Thomas STEPHENSON         9                                            (abt 1831)
John STEPHENSON              7                                            (abt 1833)
Elizabeth STEPHENSON     5                                            (abt 1835) 

1851 Census

6 Dog Bank,  Parish of All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland        Where Born                                                                                                        
Ed STEPHENSON           Head    Mar     43       Furniture Broker    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1807)
Hannah STEPHENSON   Wife     Mar     43                                    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1807)
Edward STEPHENSON     Son                 21      Cabinet Maker        Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1829)
Thomas STEPHENSON     Son                 19      Grocer                    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1831)
John STEPHENSON          Son                 17      Cabinet  Maker       Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1833)
Elizabeth STEPHENSON  Dau                14      Scholar                    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1836)
William STEPHENSON     Son                    8     Scholar                    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1842)
Robert STEPHENSON      Son                    3     Scholar                    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1847)

1861 Census

6 Dog Bank,  Parish of All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne, NML                     Where Born :                                                                                                                              
Edward STEPHENSON   Head  Mar  54      Furniture Broker    Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1806)
Hannah STEPHENSON  Wife   Mar   54                                    Ipswick (abt 1806)
Edward STEPHENSON    Son              31      Hair Dresser           Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1829)
Thomas STEPHENSON    Son              29      Furniture Broker     Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1831)
Elizabeth STEPHENSON  Dau           23                                     Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1837)
William STEPHENSON    Son              18       Hair Dresser            Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1842)
Robert STEPHENSON     Son              13                                      Newcastle on Tyne (abt 1847)


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