Joshua Turner and Elizabeth Stephenson

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Parents      Joshua Turner and Mary Inman            Edward  Stephenson and Hannah Pitt

  Joshua Turner (b Huddersfield, Yorkshire 1839, m Elizabeth Stephenson 1862 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1921 Melbourne) 
                                                                            m Jane Batty (nee Brackson) 1903 St Kilda)
  Elizabeth Stephenson  (b Newcastle-on-Tyne 1838, d 1899  Melbourne)
    Hannah Elizabeth Turner (b 1864, m Miller, d 1931 Redcliff St Mary Bristol)
    Mary Louisa Turner (b abt 1868 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m John Thompson 1887 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1901 N Fitzroy Vic)
          Norman Thompson (b 1888 Newcastle-on-Tyne,  m Winifred Emma Farr 1918 Northcote Vic, d 1932 Thornbury Vic)
    Joshua Turner (b abt 1868, d 1871 South Sheilds)
    Edward Turner (b 1873, m Hannah Ann McBride 1905 Melbourne, d 1961 Melbourne)
    John Willie Turner (b 1875, m Grace Mabel Meldrum 1905 Fitzroy Melbourne, d 1964 Regent Melbourne)

Three chldren came to Australia (except Joshua who died as a child, and Hannah)
    1890 Joshua (father) and son Edward arrived on the Port Caroline (what an adventure for the 16 year old Edward)
              Elizabeth (mother) was still in England in the 1891 Census (April), but her death certificate suggests she came to Oz in 1892
    1893 Mary arrives on the Australasian after being widowed in the same year, accompanied by her two son and  J W Turner
                    This J W Turner gives his age as 22, wheras he is only 18. An alternative with exactly the right age is
    1901 John Turner who arrived in Sydney on the Runig
    Hannah seems to be generating a cable to England in her father's probate document (1921)
Joshua Turner's application for Probate in 1921 by Edward Stephenson Turner lists
        Surviving Children   : Edward Stephenson Turner, John Willie Turner and Hannah Elizabeth Miller
        His grandchildren, being the children of his daughter Polly Thompson,   Fred Thompson and Norman Thompson
who are his only surviving next of kin

An 1860 Edition of "The law for Wills and Executors" has passed down in the family. Photos : Cover    Title    Preface  

Joshua and Elizabeth's Story

    Joshua was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire in 1839. Huddersfield is a long way from Newcastle-on-Tyne, but the Turner family moved between 1851 and 1861 to Elswick, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
    Elizabeth was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1838. Elizabeth's family were long time Newcastle-on-Tyne residents. Her parents were born there in 1807.
    Joshua and Elizabeth were married in 1862. and had five children. Joshua followed his father's profession of Whitesmith*. In 1881 Elizabeth was an Upholstress and eldest daughter Hannah was a dressmaker. Joshua came to Melbourne with son Edward on the Port Caroline in 1890. I cannot find a convincing record for Elizabeth arriving in Australia., but she was still in Newcastle on Tyne in the 1891 Censuc
     Joshua and Elizabeth  were joined  in 1893 by children Mary and John. Mary  came with John and her two young children after her husband died. We have no idea why at age 52 Joshua and Elizabeth left children and grandchildren and migrated to Australia. Ann was living at home as a dressmakeri 1881. Ann and Edward were still alive in 1899. Joshua and Elizabeth lived in the same suburb (North Fitzroy) as daughter Mary. Joshua made much of the iron lace found on houses and verandahs in Fitzroy and Northcote (suburbs of Melbourne) (Gwen Smalley).
    Joshua  remarried in 1903 to a widow Jane Batty. When she married, Jane had 8 children, 5 still living  They took over the care of Mary's children Norman and Frederick after their mother died. Joshua died in 1924.
*A whitesmith is a person who works with white or light-colored metal (such as tin) and does finish work, such as filing and/or polishing, on iron to remove black oxides. Whitesmith can also refer to the person who polishes or finishes the metal rather than forging it. - Wikipedia

Joshua Turner and second wife Jane

Starting Information

Death Elizabeth Turner, 15 apr 1899, N Fitzroy Vic, aged 61 years, Asthma, in Vic 7 years,
Married aged 24 to Joshua Turner, Children: Anne Elizabeth 37,  Mary Louisa 34, Joshua (dec), Edward 26, John Willie 24
Father Edward Stephenson, furniture maker, mother Anna
Death Mary Louisa Thompson 5 Oct 1901, N Fitzroy Vic, of Phthisis exhaustion
Father Joshua Turner blacksmith, Mother Elizabeth Stephenson, born near Newcastle on Tyne, 7 years in Vic
Married Newcastle on Tyne, at age 22 to John Thompson, children Norman,  Frederick
Marriage  Joshua Turner 22 July 1903 St Kilda, age 64,  of Huddersfield, Yorkshire and Jane Bathy
Joshua: Blacksmith, Riley St Fitzroy , Parents Joshua Turner and Mary Inman (Joshua 3 living 2 dead children)
Death Joshua Turner
23 Jun 1921 Melbourne, aged 84 , blacksmith, of senility
Father Joshua Turner, mother unknown, Born Huddersfield, Lived 29 years in Vic,
Married Newcastle on Tyne aged 21 years, to Elizabeth Stephenson, Children: Joshua (dec),  Hannah 57, Louisa (dec), Edward 49, John William 46

1841 Census

Dock St, Huddersfield            All born Same County
Joshua TURNER             35         Whitesmith       (b 1805)
Mary TURNER               30                                 (b 1810)
Joseph TURNER              8                                  (b 1832)
Louisa TURNER               6                                  (b 1834)
Frances TURNER  (F)      4                                  (b 1836)
Joshua TURNER            2                                  (b 1838)
Alfred TURNER                 3 months                     (b 1841)

For Elizabeth Stephenson, see her parent's page.

1851 Census

132 Zetland St, Huddersfield                                                                      Born
Joshua TURNER            Head      M      45         Whitesmith       Huddersfield (b abt 1805)
Mary TURNER              Wife       M      42                                 Alverthorpe, YKS (b abt 1808)
Joe William TURNER                   U       18                                 Huddersfield (b 1832)
Louisa(spelt Louezer!) TURNER   U       16                                Huddersfield  (b 1834)
Joshua TURNER                        U       12                                 Huddersfield (b 1838)
Alfred TURNER                            U       10                                 Huddersfield (b 1840)
Luke TURNER                              U        8                                  Huddersfield (b 1842)
Henry TURNER                            U         1                                 Huddersfield (b 1849)
Joseph FELIX                                         39        Equ??????        France
Jeniver(?) FELIX                                     30                                 France
Missing, present 1841  Frances TURNER  (F)                              Huddersfield
Alverthorpe, appears to be a suburb of Wakefield, about twelve miles E of  Huddersfield

1861 Census

11 Myrtle Terr, Elswick, Newcastle on Tyne, Westgate                      Born
Mary TURNER         Head   Mar    52                                      YKS (b 1808)
Joshua TURNER    Son                22      Whitesmith                Huddersfield, YKS (b 1838)
Luke TURNER         Son                17      Whitesmith                 Huddersfield, YKS (b 1843)
Henry TURNER        Son                  4      Tailer                         Huddersfield, YKS (b 1856)
William H TURNER  Son                  8 mon                                Huddersfield, YKS (b 1860)
Note Mary is not described as Widow, and her husband is back in the 71 census.
Yes Henry does seem to be described as "Tailer" in the census

1871 Census

Could not find Joshua(Jnr) and Elizabeth

1881 Census

82 Blenheim St, Westgate, Newcastle, Parish of St John                Born
Joshua Turner    Head    M    42     Whitesmith        Huddersfield, Yorkshire (abt 1838)
Elizabeth Turner Wife     M    42     Upholsteress        Newcastle (abt 1838)
Hannah E Turner   Dau      U   18       Dressmaker         Newcastle (abt 1862)
Mary L Turner      Dau      U    15                                 Newcastle (abt 1865)
Edward S Turner  Son       U     8                                 Newcastle (abt 1872)
John W Turner      Son      U      5                                 Newcastle (abt 1875)

1891 Census

Westgate Rd, Newcastle on Tyne
Elizabeth Turner      53   Head                                 Newcastle, Northumberland
John W Turner         15    Son  Solicitors Clerk           Jarrow, Durham, England
Margaret Scott Elizabeth Little Boarders, Domestic Servants


Thanks to Glenis Crocker for all the stuff in her research notes and the photos of Joshua's book. Thanks to Gwenda Booth for her information on John Willie Turner and the Turners generally

Research Notes

Melb directories. Did parents and daughter live together?
Shipping records: get fiche 511 p11 and 525 p1, Still to find Elizabeth. NSW?
Interestingly Batty is a name that crops up in the Baptism and marriage records  in Huddersfield, Jane came from Laycock, about twenty miles N of Huddersfield. Batty was her married name though she was born Brackson - but LDS and Ancestry both seem to be almost completely Brackson free zones/

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