Colon Tippett and Marina Bath

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Parents      William Tippett and Ann (Nancy) Bettinson               James Bath and Honour Greet

Colon Tippett (b 1810 St Columb Major(Colen) Cornwall, m Marina Bath 1836 Madron Cornwall, d 1888 St Columb)     
Marina Bath (b 1804 Mylor Cornwall, d 1887St Col;umb)
    Louisa Tippet (b 1838 St Columb, d bef 1840)
    Louisa Tippet (b 1840 St Columb, m Thomas Bullock 1863 St Enoder. d 1874  St Columb Major)
    Joseph Tippet (b abt 1842 St Columb, d June 1851 St Columb)    with his grandfather in 1851 census
    William Henry Tippet (b 1843  St Columb Major, m Eliza Julian 1865 Cornwall, d 1927 Brunswick Vic)
        Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)

This couple's names have had various spellings  eg Colan Colen Mariana Marinea Tippitt Teppit.
Mylor is about 4 miles N of Falmouth and about 20 miles SSE of St Columb
Madron is twenty miles to the west, nearly to Lands End

    We were quite perplexed by the unusual name Colon. It turns out Colon's maternal grandfather is Colan Bettison. His grandfather is Colan Bettison and his grandfather is Colan Bettenson (b 1637)
This early Colan was living in St Columb Minor, about two miles from the Colan parish church.  One of his sons (Francis) was baptised in the Colan church. We visited Colan in 2008. there is no village - just the church and a large farmhouse complex. The church was renovated in the 1890s. It is a charming church. It and the grounds obviously well cared for. Google it.


1804 Marina born in Mylor, about 4 miles N of Falmouth and about 20 miles SSE of St Columb
1810 Colon born in St Columb
1833 Record of discharge of Colon Tippett, apprentice woolstapler from Bodmin Goal
1836 Colon and Marina marry in Madron, about
twenty miles to the west, nearly to Lands End
1841 Colon and Marina are living in a household of 13 run by Colon's parents. Colon is a woolcomber. They have with them 10 month old daughter Louisa
1843 son William Henry Tippet born St Columb
1851 Colon, Marina, children Louisa and William Henry are living in the village of Talskiddy,. Colon is still a woolcomber

    Talskiddy is a small rural village about two miles north of St Columb Major in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It prospered in the 19th century as a centre of the wool-combing industry.
Colon, Marina and Louisa are living in St Enoder. Colon is an agricultural labourer. St Enoder is about 5 miles south of St Columb
1871 Colon and Marina are living in St Columb

1878 Colon recorded as a Railway Pumper working for Great Western in the St Denis Division
1881 Colon and Marina are living in Trevarron Village (Trevarran? - a hamlet north of Indian Queens) Colon is a railway labourer. Marina born Flushing
1882 Colon recorded as a Railway Pumper working for Great Western in the Newton Abbot Division
1887 Marina dies
1888 Colon dies St Columb

More detail including Census data is to be found in Supporting Data


Susan Old, the Online Parish Clerk for St Columb Major supplied a wonderful response to a query on Colen's baptism. She added three generations back, for someone who had been a very murky figure to us.

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