William Tippett and Ann (Nancy) Bettinson

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Parents      Walter Tippett and Ann Sweet        Colan Bettison and  Margaret Harris

William  Tippett (b 1786 St Columb Major Cornwall, m Ann (Nancy) Bettinson 1810 St Columb Major, d 1860 St Columb Major)
Ann (Nancy) Bettinson (b 1788 St Columb Major, d 1844 St Columb)
    Colon Tippett (b 1810 St Columb Major(Colen), m Marina Bath 1836 Madron Cornwall, d 1888 St Columb)     
          William Henry Tippet (b 1843 St Columb, m Eliza Julian 1865 Cornwall, d 1927 Brunswick Vic)
                Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Ann Tippett (b 1812 St Columb Major, d aft 1840)
    William Tippett  (b 1814 St Columb Major(Gluvian), m Mary Ann Curtis 1842 St Columb Major, d 1888 Cornwall)
    Mary Tippett (b 1816 St Columb Major(Gluvian), d in St Columb that is possibly her)
    Peggy Tippett (b 1819 St Columb Major(Gluvian), m  Philip Harris 1844 St Columb Major, d 1844 St Columb)
    Betty (Betsey) Tippett (b 1821 St Columb Major, d aft 1870) 
    Richard Bettison Tippett (b 1823 St Columb Major, d 1823 St Columb)  
    Richard Tippett (b 1824 St Columb Major, m Mary Jordan 1856 Toodyay d 1905 WA)  
    Jane Tippett (b 1828 St Columb Major(Tresaddern Gate))  
    Sarah Tippett  (b 1833 St Columb Major, d aft 1850)

The Family Story

Cornwall was going through a bad patch in the 19th century. Mines were in steady decline. The industrialisation of England did not reach as far as Cornwall. They only got the railway in 1856.
St Columb is inland so even fishing and smuggling are out. No local mines either? It is interesting to note that around the same time the Farr daughters were able to get domestic service jobs in rich peoples houses. in the east.
So the Tippetts would have had a tough time, all summed up by Willian dying as a pauper in 1860

William (1786-1860) and Nancy (1788-1844)
It looks as is the family was poor and life was a struggle, They lived Theit lives in St Columb.
In July 1810 William and Nancy marry and Colon was born in December of the same year
In 1840 they are living in one dwelling in Green Lane St Columb with six children, plus Colon and Marina and their two children
William is an agricultural labourer
Nancy dies in 1844 as did Peggy her daughter two months after her marriage

William dies in 1860 (buried as pauper)
Colon (1810-1888) and Marina (1804-1887)

A bit of a chase in Ancestry records. This couple's names have had various spellings  eg Colan Colen Mariana Marinea Tippitt Teppit.
It looka as if Colon is named after his maternal grandfather Colan Bettison
1804 Marina born in Mylor, about 4 miles N of Falmouth and about 20 miles SSE of St Columb
1810 Colon born in St Columb
1833 Record of discharge of Colon Tippett, apprentice woolstapler from Bodmin Goal
1836 Colon and Marina marry in Madron, about twenty miles to the west, nearly to Lands End
1841 Colon and Marina are living in a household of 13 run by Colon's parents. Colon is a woolcomber. They have with them 10 month old daughter Louisa
1843 son William Henry Tippet born St Columb
1851 Colon, Marina, children Louisa and William Henry are living in the village of Talskiddy,. Colon is still a woolcomber

    Talskiddy is a small rural village about two miles north of St Columb Major in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It prospered in the 19th century as a centre of the wool-combing industry.
Colon, Marina and Louisa are living in St Enoder. Colon is an agricultural labourer. St Enoder is about 5 miles south of St Columb
1871 Colon and Marina are living in St Columb

1878 Colon recorded as a Railway Pumper working for Great Western in the St Denis Division
1881 Colon and Marina are living in Trevarron Village (Trevarran? - a hamlet north of Indian Queens) Colon is a railway labourer. Marina born Flushing
1882 Colon recorded as a Railway Pumper working for Great Western in the Newton Abbot Division
1887 Marina dies and
Colon dies the next year in St Columb 
Ann (1812-1857)

1840 Anne Tippett (single) and two children discharged from Bodmin Goal (no specific date) - could be our Ann, but probably not
          Anne is wrong, and not consistent with the baptim and 1841 census
1840 Ann baptises a daughter Ann in St Columb (31 May) - no husband given
In 1841 Ann is home with her parents. The one year old Anney must be her daughter
In 1851 Granddaughter Ann is lining with Colon and Marina but not daughter Ann
There are two deaths in St Columb in the LDS. 1857 (Ann) and 1878 (Annie) . The first looks more like her.
William (1814-1888)
In 1861 William and Mary Ann are living in St Columb with their eight children. Brother Cotton and family are two houses away
In 1881 William (agricultural labourer) and wife Mary Ann are living in St Columb with unmarried son Arthur (tin miner) and two year old grandson
William died 1888
Mary (1816-)
Does not appear in any family census but her baptism is definite in the OPC database. She was 24 by the first census so had left home?
1871 Probable sighting of Mary in the census as an unmarried mother with a twelve year old daughter
        Only the two of them. Mary is a charwoman and her age fits 1816 birth
Peggy (1810-1844)
In 1841 she is living at home with her parents. She marries Phillip Harris on 15 Sep 1844 and dies on 9 Nov 1844
Her daughter Mary was baptised 14 Nov 1844
Betsey (1821-)
1851 Betsey unmarried is living with father William
Ththere are three grandchildren Ann (10) Joseph (8) and Mary (10 months)
Joseph and Mary are registered as Betsey's children. Ann is Ann's child (above)
There is a birth Joseph Letcher Tippett registered in 1842 no father specified. Named after his father?
1871 Betsy unmarried charwoman living with daughter Mary(18) (household of two)
In 1891 she is still in St Columb, head of the household, with another lady, and still Charwoman
Betsey dies in 1898
Richard Bettinson Tippett (1823-1823)
Only lived for six months
Richard (1824-1905)

In 1841 Richard is an agricultural labourer, living with his arents
In July1849 he is convicted of breaking and entering and sentenced to one year jail

On 27 Sep 1850 Richard
was indicted for breaking an entering the house of Henry Hole, and stealing therefrom apples, flour, bacon, and other articles.
There was another indictment against the prisoner for breaking and entering the house of William Tippet at St. Columb Major, on the 5th of September last, and stealing a coat, waistcoat, and other articles. 
On the indictment no evidence was offered.  Ten Years Transportation
1853 Richard transported to Western Australia. Transportation finally ceased in 1864
1856 Richard permission to marry and marries Mary Jordan in Toodyay (85k NE of Perth)
Their first child only lived one day but the other three survived
        They had eight grandchildren in Toodyay
1905 Richard dies in WA
Jane (1828-)
She is at home, unmarried and a dressmaker in the 1851 Census. She is clearly labelled as a daughter.
But there is nothing in the 1841 census when she would have been 12 or 13
Nothing else in any way conclusive
Is Jane really Maria, playing funny buggers in the 1851 census?  It makes sense.
Maria (1828-)
She is at home in the 1841 census but not 1851
In 1855 she marries Joseph Tippett in St Columb
In 1861 There is a Maria at exactly the right age, born St Columb in Padstow as Joseph Tippetts wife
         Joseph is a bootmaker
They are still in Padstow in 1891
Maria dies in 1896 in St Columb
Sarah (1833-)
Sarah is living at home with the family in 1841 and 1851.
She is a witness at Maria's wedding in 1855, which is a nice tie in.
After that, no information

1841 census

St Columb Major, Green Lane, all born in county, all in the one dwelling (age, occupation)
William Tippett      55,,Ag Lab
Nancy Tippett       50
Colon Tippett        30,,Woolcomber
Ann Tippett           25
Peggy Tippett        20
Richard Tippett     15,,Ag Lab
Maria Tippett        13
Sarah Tippett          8
William Tippett        5
Anney Tippett,        1
Marinea Tippett     30
Lewisa Tippett           10m
Comment: The 10 month old is Louisa! It is reasonable to assume we have Colon's parents here. Also to assume Anney is Marina's child, given the presence on an earlier Ann.
Where are Ann's two children?

1851 Census.

Parish of St Columb Major      Talskiddy Village                                                                                                                       
William Tippett      Head Widower, 65,,???? Labourer, b St Columb
Betty Tippett    , Daughter, 28 , b St Columb
JaneTippett    , Daughter, 21, Dressmaker , b St Columb
Sarah Tippett, Daughter, 17, b St Columb
Ann Tippett, Grandaughter,  10, Scholar, b St Columb
Joseph Tippett, Grandson, 8,  b St Columb
Mary Tippett, Grandaughter,  10 months, b St Columb
In another Household, Little ???? Trevornack, at the house of John (farmer of 100 acres, employing three labourers) and Catherine Hicks
Mary Ann Tippett 25, House Servant, b St Columb
William Tippett 15, Farm Labourert, b St Columb
Sarah seems to tie these two censuses together

Richard was  a bit of a  black sheep. In the 1851 census, he is in Bath Gaol.
Susan Old has him being senteced again, to ten years transportation, at aged 27 (later in 1851?).She supplied the record of his Trial - below.  Not sure whether he was sent to Australia, as transpoutation to Oz was winding down at this stage.

Richard Tippet trial

    Richard Tippet, 27, was indicted for breaking an entering the house of Henry HOLE, and stealing therefrom apples, flour, bacon, and other articles.  Mr. SHILSON, for the prosecution, called Henry Hole who stated that he was a farmer in the parish of Advent.  On Saturday night, the 21st of September, before going to bed, he carried a pan of milk to the dairy, and then saw that all was right.  On coming down next morning, prosecutor's jacket, which had been left hanging before the kitchen fire, had been taken away, flour and bread had been stolen from the room adjoining the dairy, and a pair of shoes were also missed.  Prisoner had worked for prosecutor nine days during the harvest, and had left the Thursday night preceding the Saturday night on which the robbery was committed: prisoner used to take his meat in the kitchen when working for prosecutor.  Having suspicion of him, prosecutor gave information to constable Fitzgerald, who apprehended the prisoner on the same Sunday that the robbery was  discovered.  Prisoner had a bundle on his back, and in it were several of the articles that had been stolen. Prisoner told the constable that no more had been taken than was found in the bundle.  Prosecutor's jacket was placed elsewhere; but the linking of it was found around the flour in the bundle.  Prisoner now told the jury that he had the contents of the bundle from a man who he overtook between Camelford and Stratton. Prosecutor's wife also gave evidence in the case. The Chairman in summing up, said there was no evidence of the breaking and entering, but it was open to the jury to consider the evidence of stealing. The jury immediately returned a verdict of Guilty.  A former conviction was proved against the prisoner, who at the Assizes in July 1849, was found Guilty and sentenced to one year's imprisonment, for breaking, entering, and stealing from the house of William OLVER, of St. Columb  Major.  There was now another indictment against the prisoner for breaking and entering the house of William Tippet at St. Columb Major, on the 5th of September last, and stealing a coat, waistcoat, and other articles.  On the indictment no evidence was offered.  TEN YEARS TRANSPORTATION.


Christina Renyolds Tree on Genes Reunited gives parents and Grandparents for William
Susan Old, the Online Parish Clerk for St Columb Major supplied a wonderful response to a query on Colen's baptism. She mapped out  three generations back, for someone who had been a very murky figure to us.
A lot of terriffic stuff came from the Bastin_2011-10-0r Tree on Ancestry. Particularly Richard Tippett

St Columb Research

Peter Martin has supplied the following link.
This leads to a PDF (The registers of the Parish of St Columb Major 1539-1780), intriguingly sourced from a copy in the University of California Library
Our copy filed under Tippett

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