Anthony Rowley and Mary Dennis

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Parents    : Anthony's parents not known            Henry Hanford and Margaret Hodsen (80%)

Anthony Rowley (b abt 1684, m Mary Dennis 1706 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey)
Mary Dennis (b Mary Hanford 1675 Richmond Surrey)
      Elizabeth Rowley (b 1707  Kingston Upon Thames)
      Anthony Rowley (b 1709  Kingston Upon Thames)
      Hanford Rowley (b 1711  Kingston Upon Thames, m Anne)
      Sarah Rowley (b 1714  Kingston Upon Thames)
      George Rowley (b 1717  Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, m Elizabeth Friend 1739 Godalming, Surrey)
           Thomas Rowley (b 1747 Kingston Upon Thames, children by  Elizabeth Selwyn, d 1806 Kingston House, Newtown NSW).
                Thomas Rowley II (b 1794 Sydney NSW, m Catherine Clarkson 1818 Christ Church, Castlereagh, d 1858 Minto).
                    John Rowley (b 1822 Minto NSW, m Mary Jane (Jane) Onslow 1846 Liverpool, d 1909 Pertersham)
                        John Clarkson Rowley (b 1847 Liverpool, NSW, m Sarah Jane Smart 1874 Beechworth Vic, d 1928 Bethanga)
                           Joseph Smart Rowley (b 1875 Yackandandah Vic, m Eircell Broome 1909 Albury NSW, d 1957 Bethanga)

Bob Venn's Chronology

Early Mar 07,  I received a letter from Bob Venn. He followed the same trail to Anthony, then supplied the following chronology (slightly modified). Early parts of the chronology came to Bob from Janice Pond

1664           Henry Hanford married Margaret Hodsden 26 Apr 1664 Mitcham Surrey  (=LDS)
1671           Henry Hanford bapt 12 Feb 1671 Mitcham, father Henry Hanford  (=LDS)
1675           Mary Hanford bapt 17 Oct 1675 Mitcham, father Henry Hanford  (=LDS)
1684 (abt)   Anthony Rowley bapt (=LDS)
1696           Mary Hanford and George Dennis marry, St George Southwark
1697           Ann Dennis chr  21 Mar 1697   Kingston Upon Thames, father George Dennis (=LDS)
1701           Hannah Dennis chr 15 Oct 1701  Independent, Kingston Upon Thames, father George Dennis  (=LDS)
1703           Elizabeth Dennis chr 14 Apr 1703   Independent, Kingston Upon Thames, parents George and Mary Dennis (=LDS)
1704           Hanford Dennis chr 04 Oct 1704   Kingston Upon Thames, parents George and Mary Dennis (=LDS) - Hanford died 1705 (=LDS)
1706           George Dennis buried 7 Feb 1706 Kingston (=Family History Online)
1706           Anthony Rowley (of Kingston Upon Thames) marries Mary Dennis 22 Dec 1706   (=LDS)
1707           Elizabeth Rowley chr 29 Oct 1707 Kingston Upon Thames, parents  Anthony and Mary Rowley (=LDS)
1709           Anthony Rowley chr 23 Nov 1709 Kingston Upon Thames, parents  Anthony and Mary Rowley (=LDS)
1711           Hanford Rowley chr 29 Aug 1711 Kingston Upon Thames, parents  Anthony and Mary Rowley (=LDS)   (Bob had Malden SRY)
1714           Sarah Rowley chr 10 Feb 1714 Kingston Upon Thames, parents  Anthony and Mary Rowley (=LDS)
1717           George Rowley chr 24 Jul 1717 Kingston Upon Thames, parents  Anthony and Mary Rowley (=LDS)

Comments Les Rowley

(1) Mitcham is 6 miles east of Kingston on Thames
(3) Richmond is about 3 miles N of  Kingston on Thames
(3) Southwark is a long way from Kingston - it is almost to Greenwich
(4) What is the source of the 1696 marriage?
(5) My bookie is giving 4 to 1 on that Mary Hanford (born 1675) is the person who married Anthony Rowley

Research Notes

I have been in contact with Geoffrey Rowley, who is a descendant of Hanford Rowley, above

Some other stuff I found (Les Rowley)
1630           Henry Hanford chr: 03 Oct 1630 Wigmore, Hereford (=LDS)
1632           Margaret Hodsdon chr 06 Jun 1632 St Marys, Watford, Hertford (=LDS)
1688           Mary Dennis chr 07 Jan 1688 Richmond, , father Charles Dennis (=LDS)
1692           Ann Dennis chr  28 Aug 1692 Richmond, father George Dennis (=LDS)
1697           George Dennis chr 14 Nov 1697  Richmond, father George Dennis (=LDS)
1706           George Dennes married Frances 1706 Kingston Upon Thames (=LDS)
1707           Mary Dennis chr  03 Feb 1707 Kingston Upon Thames, parents George and Frances Dennis (=LDS)

Comments Les Rowley
(1) The christening for Mary Dennis looks a good try for our Mary on geography, and age (18) at marriage . The trouble is that son called Hanford born in 1711
(2) The Henry and Margaret christenings are geographically remote from each other and Kingston on Thames, but are possibles
(3) The Richmond Dennises seem to be clearly a separate family

Some Rowley Wills

Glenis Crocker supplied some wills that might relate to the above family
Thomas Rowley late of the city of Bath, writtem 1768, died 1775)
Dr Peter Le Fevre, a Historian who is writing a book on the Admirals Rowley emailed correcting my misreading of the will and supplied a lot more information :
    Thomas Rowley of Bath was actually the brother  of Admiral Sir William Rowley (1690-1768) and the uncle of Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley (1734-1790). The persons mentioned in his will are Clotworthy Rowley, Colonel Rowley and William Rowley.
     Their father was Admiral Sir William Rowley 1690-1768 and he had 4 sons
        Thomas Rowley (1728- after 1771), never married
        CLOTWORTHY Rowley (1731-1805), He was a barrister, an MP in the Iris Parlaiment and died in Dublin.His children were William. Josias, Samuel Campbell and Joshua.
             William and Josias never married; Samuel Campbell married twice, but no issue from either marriage. Joshua had no issue
        Colonel William Rowley (1732-1807)  never married
        Sir Joshua Rowley (1734-1790). He had 10 children 6 sons and 4 daughters (William was the eldest; Bartholomew Samuel was the second son (dsp 1817);
                Charles was the 4th son) 
     The William mentioned is Willliam Rowley 2nd Bart Tendring Hall (1761-1832) Sir Joshua Rowley's eldest son 
    There are various branches of the Rowley family in Shrewsbury, Northampton, London, Warwickshire and Ireland so your Anthony Rowley might be descended from one of these branches
Sir Joshua Rowley of Stoke Suffolk (written 1786, proved 1790)
Mentions wife Dame Sarah Rowley, Sir William Rowley,  late father Sir William Rowley, eldest son William Rowley, son Bartholomew Samuel Rowley, son Charles Rowley
Comment Les Rowley
The Thomas will is interesting. As he left all his money to nephews, we infer he had no living descendants. The Anthony mentioned  is almost certainly not our Anthony from the dates. But he could be related somehow, as there are the two family christian names occuring
Sir Joshua's will seems to dispell the persistent suggestion that there was a close connection between the great Sir Joshua and our Thomas.


Thanks to Bob Venn, Janice Pond. and Glenis Crocker, Dr Peter Le Fevre
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