Joshua Davis and Pamela Bowles

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Parents      Benjamin Davis and Ann Yates         John Bowles and Mary Snow

Joshua Davis (b 1801 Salsbury Wiltshire, m Pamela Bowles 1823 St Edmunds Salisbury Wiltshire, d 1888 Braidwood NSW)
Pamela Bowles (b 1805 Salisbury Wiltshire, d 1871 Braidwood NSW)
     Thirza Davis (b 1824 Winterbourne Dauntsey Wiltshire, m John Josiah Marshall  1845 Winterbourne Dauntsey Wiltshire, d 1890)
        Emily Christina Virginia Marshall (b 1858 Winterbourne Dauntsey, m  Thomas Henry Smalley 1876 West Melb Vic, d 1923 Preston Vic)
             Herbert Oscar Smalley (b1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzror, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)
    Pamela Davis  (b 1827 Winterbourne Dauntsey, d 1831 Winterbourne Dauntsey)
    Ellen Davis  (b 1829 Winterbourne Dauntsey, d 1829 Winterbourne Dauntsey)
    Jesse Davis  (b 1830 Winterbourne Dauntsey, d 1838 Winterbourne Dauntsey)
    Asher Davis  (b 1832 Winterbourne Earls, d 1866 Ryde NSW)
    Pamela Davis  (b 1834 Winterbourne Earls, m William Henry Sumner 1860 Braidwood, d 1915 Braidwood)
    Seth Davis  (b 1836 Winterbourne Earls, m Sarah Ebsworth 1869 St Andrews Braidwood, d 1904 Braidwood)
    Noah Davis  (b 1839 Winterbourne Earls, m Charlotte Smith, d 1884)
    Ellen Davis  (b 1842 Winterbourne Earls, m George Brooks 1861 Braidwood, d 1928 Australia)
    Harvey(Henry?)  John Davis  (b 1845 Winterbourne Earls, m Harriett Elizabeth Powell, d 1876 Mongarlowe Braidwood)
    Jesse Davis  (b 1848 Winterbourne Earls, d 1931 Moruya NSW)    <death from Ancestry trees

I have Geo and Alex Davis as children on one family tree, but very sus. I am not sure of the source.

Arrival in Australia

The family (except  Thysra) arrived as assisted immigrants to Moreton Bay on the ship "Irene" arriving 11 February 1858
Coral Calloway
Joshua Davis was a native of Wiltshire, England and arrived in Australia on the ship 'Irene' on 11 February 1858 at Moreton Bay. He was 56, Church of England, was a labourer and could read and write. With him on the ship were his wife, Pamela age 51, Children :
Asher Davis 25 labourer From Wiltshire Cof E could read and write
Seth Davis  20  labourer from Wiltshire C of E    "         "       "     "
Noah Davis 17     "            "       "              "          "      " "     "
Pamela Davis 23 House servant from Wiltshire C of E could read and write
Ellen Davis 15        "           "          "        "                "  "       "     "        "
Harvey Davis 12 labourer from Wiltshire C of E could read.
Jesse Davis 9    From Wiltshire C of E  could read.
Also on the ship was George Brooks who married Ellen Davis 6 April 1861 at Little Bombay near Braidwood.   
FTM notes,  source unknown

1841 Census

Parish of  Winterbourne Earls,all born in the county except Mary Bowles
Joshua DAVIS        40        Ag Lab                (abt 1800)
Pamela  DAVIS      35                                      (abt 1805)
Thirza  DAVIS          15                                     (abt 1835)
Asher  DAVIS             9                                     (abt 1841)
Pamela  DAVIS         7                                     (abt 1843)
Seth  DAVIS                5                                     (abt 1845)
Noah  DAVIS              2                                     (abt 1848)
John Bowles              65                                   (abt 1775)
Mary Bowles              55                                   (abt 1785)
Note there are three davis families in the three neighbouring houses, probably not surprising considering the long line of Davises in the village

1851 Census

Parish of  Winterbourne Earls, Wiltshire                                             Where Born
Joshua DAVIS      Head        Mar       50        Farm labourer       Winterbourne Earls (abt 1800)
Pamela  DAVIS    Wife         Mar        45                                    Salsbury, WIL (abt 1805)
Asher  DAVIS       Son                        19        Farm labourer      Winterbourne Earls (abt 1846)
Seth  DAVIS          Son                       14        Farm labourer      Winterbourne Earls (abt 1846)
Noah  DAVIS        Son                       12        Farm labourer       Winterbourne Earls (abt 1846)
Ellen  DAVIS          Dau                        9                                     Winterbourne Earls (abt 1846)
Harvey  DAVIS       Son                        6                                     Winterbourne Earls (abt 1846)
Jesse  DAVIS          Son                        3                                     Winterbourne Earls (abt 1846)
Mary Bowler           Lodger  Widow     67       Pauper                   Boarcaught, Worcestershire (abt 1784)
Winterbourne Earls is 2 miles NE of Salisbury,


Bryan Davis visied the property, talked to the current owners and has pictures of the property as it is now. Extracts from his email follow:
    In my younger years I can recall my mother taking me grandmother, Eva Voss (nee Smalley) to Brookvale to visit relatives. Also I recall stories of Arthur Smalley hiking from Yass to Brookvale near Braidwood, a trek that took him through bush that is now Canberra, His story of this was told in the Canberra Times some 58 years after the event when he re visited his son Roy in Canberra.
Many others have given me snibbets of information on Brookvale but nothing that I regarded as supportable. Brookvale according to the new owner was a 5000 acre property in those days. It is possible Brookvale remained in the family up till the 1960's when it was sold for Pine Plantations.
    My research suggested the homestead was demolished by the Pine Growers and all the remained was a ruin. However the Pine Plantation group that sold the concept of investing in Pine Plantations at that time, and I believe they has some 50,000 acres thoughout the country, went bankrupt and overnight the contractor's walked of Brookvale leaving piles of harvested pine sitting on the ground where it remains today.
    The new owners bought 350 acres of the Brookvale property last year and found they had the valley where the homestead was and still is. They are very interested in the history and have in their Sydney home some photos taken circa 1900 which they are hopeful I might be able to help in identifying the individuals.
    George Brooks and Ellen Davis married and had thirteen children and were the owners of Brookvale. The Brooks descendants are everywhere in Braidwood with many by that name in the Braidwood Cemetery. There appears no record of Joshua and Pamela Davis actually living at Brookvale nor have I found a record of them living elsewhere. That remains a mystery.
    There is also an old homestead that is said to have belonged to Jesse Davis. I have an old photo of Jesse which has been in the family from Melbourne for many years.
    I would appreciate and information, or photos, of activities and the history of Brookvale to pass on to the new owners and for inclusion in the family history which I have been working on for the past nine years.

An email from Robyn Lanham adds to the above picture. :
    The first land George Brooks bought, in 1863, was a 40 acre portion approximately 14 miles north of Braidwood off the road to Nowra (Nerriga Road) - lot 5 Parish of Marlowe, County of St Vincent, map courtesy of the NSW Dept Crown Lands, 1931. It cost him 40 and was a Conditional Purchase mortgaged to the Bank of NSW. A search of Land Title records shows that over the years he gradually increased his holding. In 1884, in answer to a question in Parliament,   a document was prepared listing landholders and their holdings. Amongst the landowners in Police District of Braidwood we can find George Brooks of 'Brookvale', Marlowe who owned 112 acres, 6 horses, 52 cattle and 5 pigs. The property stayed in the family until it was sold in 1946. At that time it was 2,500 acres in size and was primarily a sheep cattle property. George also leased land for example in the Braidwood Dispatch, September 11 1889, under the heading of Annual Leases, it states George Brooks acquired 2 lots of 410 acres and 540 acres for 4. 12s. 6d. annual rent respectively. Again in the Braidwood Dispatch under the Braidwood Land Board listings of 19Dec 1900. George Brooks was granted an Annual Lease of 250 acres at 2d. per acre and on 18May1901 a Lease of 6400 acres at 1d. an acre rent was approved.
    I have Joshua Davis living at Charley's Forest near Braidwood from 1863 to 1881 (electoral rolls).
You can see maps of the Braidwood area by going to   Brookvale was in the Marlowe Parish.
Robyn is happy to be contacted by email at <>

Email from Kathy Smalley
I can now confirm that it was "our" Elias on the St Hilda as he was sponsored by Joshua Davis (his grandfather). Obtained this from TROVE, Empire Newspaper Wed 1 feb 1865 p.6.
Also Asher Davis died 1866 at Ryde, NSW. There was an asylum at Ryde and he may have died there. Ref NSW Death Reg No 6505.
Also from TROVE obtained this report:
Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850-1875), Monday 27 August 1866, page 2
Disturbing Case.-Asher Davis aged between thirty-four and thirty-five, son of Mr. Joshua Davis of Burrinnia, under Budawang, was on Wednesday last held to sureties for a month at the instance of his father by Messrs. and Orridge the said Asher Davis being of unsound mind. In contradiction to the vast majority of these cases as occurring in the colony it was deposed that the unfortunate maniac was exceedingly temperate, but during the intervals of aberration which had prevailed for the past seven weeks he had been exceedingly violent, indeed, be had bruised his brother very much, particularly on the Tuesday. The peculiar mania under which he laboured was a singular one. For several weeks he had taken the opportunity of denuding himself of his ordinary apparel and wandering about in that state in the bush.


We used data from  Robyn Lanham and another web site. Some details have been added from Yvonne Jackson's tree in Genes Reunited. Emails above from Kathy Smalley and Bryan Davis

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