James Hawton and Mary Parsons

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Parents   :      John Hawton and Judith Stephens          John Parsons and Mary Grills

James Hawton (b 1766 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, m Mary Parsons 1791 Stoke Climsland, d 1853 Stoke Climsland)          
Mary Parsons (b 1769 Stoke Climsland, d 1843)        
    James Hawton  (b 1791 Stoke Climsland, m Mary Anne, d 1874 Stoke Climsland)   
    John Hawton  (b 1793, m Rebecca Weeks 1824, d 1849)
    Mary Parsons Hawton  (b 1795 Stoke Climsland)   
    William Hambly Hawton  (b 1797 Stoke Climsland, m Elizabeth Johns 1820 Stoke Climsland)   
    Francis (Frank) Hawton  (b 1799 Stoke Climsland, m Jane Dingle 1820 Stoke Climsland)
        Margaret Hawton (b 1828 Stoke Climsland, m William Burton Mitchell 1846 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, d 1922 Essendon Vic)
            William Mitchell  (b 1850 Tregorick Cornwall, m Ellen Adelaide Cubit 1880 Sandridge Melb, d 1889 Bethanga, Vic )
                   Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m  Liela Muriel Roach 1914 Kew, d 1960 Wodonga)
      Robert Hawton  (b 1801 Stoke Climsland)   
      Dionysia Hawton  (b 1802 Stoke Climsland, m Robert Serpell 1827)
      Samuel Hawton  (b 1804 Stoke Climsland, d 1831)   
      Mary Hawton  (b 1807 Stoke Climsland, d 1808)   
      Isaac Hawton  (b 1809 Stoke Climsland, m Elizabeth Pellow 1834 Stoke Climsland, d 1882 Stoke Climsland)   
      Elizabeth Hawton  (b 1811 Stoke Climsland, d 1811)   

1841 Census

Venterdon, all born in the county
James Hawton       75        Carpenter
Mary Hawton        70
Robert Serpell        40        Miner (Copper)
Dyonisia Serpell      35
Samuel Serpell        14        App. To Shoemaker
Elizabeth Serpell        8

Son Isaac Hawton (carpenter) are living a few doors away (see 1851 census below)

1851 Census

Venterdon, in adjoining houses, we find
Samuel H Serpell     Head     M     23     Shoe Maker         Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Emily W Serpell       Wife      M     27                                 Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Mary Ann Serpell     Dau                 1                                  Stoke Climsland Cornwall
James Hawton       Granpa    W     85     Carpenter Pauper  Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Isaac Hawton            Head    M     41 Carpenter With 2 App    Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Elizabeth Hawton      Wife      M     43                                       Devonport Devon
Thora Hawton           Dau       S     16 Scholar                           Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Mahala Hawton         Dau              14 Scholar                           Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Isaac Hawton             Son              10 Scholar                          Stoke Climsland Cornwall
William M Hawton     Son                 8 Scholar                          Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Edwin Hawton           Son                 5 Scholar                          Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Elizabeth M Hawton   Dau                 1                                      Stoke Climsland Cornwall
John Ryall                  Servnt     S     20 Carpenter Apprentice    Stoke Climsland Cornwall
Joseph Phelp              Servnt     S     20 Carpenter Apprentice    Stoke Climsland Cornwall

It looks as if James is living with grandchildren, with his son Isaac next door.
The apprentices are also described as servants, so I suspect Isaac got his pound of flesh
Census from Google

Doug Nichols has provided thie following beautiful photo of James and Mary's gravestone.   Image
The inscription reads
Sacred to the memory  of Mary, wife of James Hawton of Venterdon in this parish who died May 26 1843, aged 74 years
Also the above named  James Hawton for 50  yrs Parish Clerk of this Parish who died Oct 2nd 1853 aged 86 years
His upright and humbel demeanour caused him unoversal respect[


Jenny Mitchell obtained a lot of Hawton material in England.  There are links from Margaret Hawtons page
Material also came from Tony Reese.

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