Thomas Palmer and Sarah Harding

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Parents             not known       

Thomas Palmer (m Sarah Harding 1710 Great Wishford, Wiltshire)
    Mary Pamer (b 1711 South Newton Wiltshire, m  Thomas Downton 1732 South Newton)
         John Downton (b 1741 South Newton, m Catherine Stride 1773 South Newton, d 1775 South Newton)
              Elizabeth Downton (b 1774 South Newton, m John Dredge 1798 South Newton )
                   Harriett Dredge (b 1799 South Newton, m Michael Marshall 1817 South Newton)
                        John Josiah Marshall (b 1820 South Newton, m Thirza Davis 1845 Winterbourne Dauntsey Wiltshire, d 1868 Wilton Wiltshire)
                            Emily Christina Virginia Marshall (b 1858 Wilton, m  Thomas Henry Smalley 1876 West Melb Vic, d 1923 Preston Vic)
                                 Herbert Oscar Smalley (b 1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzroy, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)
    Jane Pamer (b 1718 South Newton)
    John Pamer (b 1721 South Newton)

Great Wishford is less than a mile from  South Newton

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