George Marshall and Rebecca Harris

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Parents      George Marshall  and Susannah Joles     Thomas Harris and Sarah Davis

George Marshall (b 1771 Wilton By Salisbury Wiltshire, m Rebecca Harris 1791Winterbourne Earls Wiltshire)) 
Rebecca Harris (b 1773 Winterbourne Earls) 
    George Marshall (b 1792 Winterbourne Gunner)
    John Marshall (b 1793 Winterbourne Gunner)
    Michael Marshall (b 1795 Winterbourne Gunner, m Harriett Dredge 1817 South Newton)
        John Josiah Marshall (b 1820 South Newton, m Thirza Davis 1845 Winterbourne Dauntsey Wiltshire, d 1868 Wilton Wiltshire)
            Emily Christina Virginia Marshall (b 1858 Wilton Wiltshire, m  Thomas Henry Smalley 1876 West Melb Vic, d 1923 Preston Vic)
                 Herbert Oscar Smalley (b 1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzroy, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)
    William Marshall (b 1797 Winterbourne Gunner)
    Sarah Susana  Marshall (b 1798 Winterbourne Gunner)
    Sophia Marshall (b 1802 Winterbourne Gunner)
    Josiah Marshall (b 1804 Winterbourne Gunner)
    Mary Ann Marshall (b 1807 Winterbourne Earls)
    Elizabeth Marshall (b 1809 Winterbourne Earls)

1841 Census

Winterbourne Earls
Michael  MARSHALL    45 Shirtmaker(?)
Harriet  MARSHALL    40
John MARSHALL    20
Charles MARSHALL    6
Solomon MARSHALL    3
Thomas HARRIS 3
Agnes HARRIS 1
On One side
Michael  MARSHAL 37 Shirtmaker(?)
Jane  MARSHAL 40
And on the other
George  MARSHAL 70
Annemarie?  MARSHAL 15

Research Notes

Michael Marshall
Two christening entries in LDS
(1) abt 1792 South Newton - no parents
(2) 15 Feb 1795 Winterbourne Gunner, parents George and Rebecca
    - agrees accurately with his census entry, and his next door neighbour, so this is it
Winterbourne Gunner is six miles east of South Newton
Originally I had  Michael Marshall as a son of George Marshall and Rebecca Folland. However Lynne Brereton in May 2007  pointed out "... several siblings with parents George and Rebecca Marshall, covering a period between 1792 and 1809 in Winterbourne Gunner, Wilts. However, the last child would make Rebecca around 54 at its birth. So I back-tracked and found a marriage for George Marshall to Rebecca Harris in Winterbourne Earls in 1791"
She is obviously right. George fits nicely with Michael's next door neighbour in the 1841 census.
George Marshall
LDS has two tries for George's christeming which fit nicely with the 1841 census
(a) Wilton 1771, parents George and Susannah -  (six miles from Winterbourne)
(c) Berwick Saint James 1771, parents William and Jane) (nine miles from Winterbourne).
When we look at casse (a), their other children were christened in Winterbourne, and they were married in Winterbourne. Christenings give Susan and Susannah. Case (a) is it

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