Thomas and Margery Downton

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Thomas Downton (m Elner1697 South Newton Wiltshire)
                                 Elner (d 1698 South Newton)
    Elner Downton (b 1697 South Newton)
Thomas Downton (m Margery  abt 1699, d 1754 South Newton)
    Elner Downton (b 1699 South Newton)
    John Downton (b 1701 South Newton)
    Ann Downton (b 1705 South Newton)
    Rachells Downton (b 1708 South Newton)
    Thomas Downton (b 1711 South Newton, m Mary Palmer 1732 South Newton, d 1775 South Newton)
        John Downton (b 1741 South Newton, m Catherine Stride 1773 South Newton, d 1775 South Newton)
            Elizabeth Downton (b 1774 South Newton, m John Dredge 1798 South Newton )
                Harriett Dredge (b 1799 South Newton, m Michael Marshall 1817 South Newton)
                    John Josiah Marshall (b 1820 South Newton, m Thirza Davis 1845 Winterbourne Dauntsey Wiltshire, d 1868 Wilton Wiltshire)
                        Emily Christina Virginia Marshall (b 1858 Wilton, m  Thomas Henry Smalley 1876 West Melb Vic, d 1923 Preston Vic)
                             Herbert Oscar Smalley (b 1878 Brunswick, Vic, m Annie Tippett 1908 North Fitzroy, Vic, d  1960  Preston Vic)

Margery was Thomas' second wife. He married Elner in 1697 (no maiden name in LDS), and they also had a girl Elner, who presumably died before 1700. That's all there is in the LDS for the first marriage.
An interesting question is whether the Thomas who married Eleanor at Ford in 1682 could be related. Ford  is about 25 miles N of South Newton, but the bondholder comes from Salisbury, only about four miles east of South Newton.
Winterbourne Stoke is about five miles North of South Newton. These baptisms below do not look directly relevant?

Research Notes

 LDS and FHO do not have the marriage to Margery. So we have no maiden name for Margery either. Cannot find a baptism for Thomas, though there is a marriage of  Thomas Downton to  Alc Fox in Woodford 1636. Woodford is two miles from South Newton, so they are likely grandparents
If you Google "Thomas Downton" + Woodford + Wiltshire you find  a Thomas Downton who is allegedly HRH Charles's 21-Great Grandfather, Lady Diana's 22-Great Grandfather, PM Churchill's 20-Great Grandfather.. Yet to prove our relationship

Family History Online had
A marriage bond (Sarum Marriage Licence Bonds)
Administration WIL Source MLB Date 3 Oct 1682 Groom Thomas DOWNTON aged 30 occupation husb residing at Ford, WIL status notes Bride Elleonar MERCHANT aged residing at Ford, WIL status notes Bondsmen LAWRENCE John,innholder,Salisbury,Wilts – to be married at
Two Baptisms
On 3 Sep 1670 (born – – –) Thomas DOUNTON s of John (occupation ) and Joane living at was baptised at Winterbourne Stoke, WIL Notes
On 15 May 1722 (born – – –) Thomas DOWNTON s of Richard (occupation ) and living at was baptised at Winterbourne Stoke, WIL Notes
A death
Name Elner DOWNTON Date 23 Aug 1698 Aged Place South Newton Description St Andrew Denomination Anglican County code WIL


The extensive Marshall genealogy  back to the sixteenth century has been obtained from  FamilySearch, the Latter Day Saints site and .

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