Isaac Prout and Elizabeth Ennor

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Parents       Abraham and Mary Prout          James and Ann Ennor

Isaac Prout (b 1745 St Agnes, m Elizabeth Ennor 1768 St Agnes, d 1827 St Agnes)
Elizabeth Ennor (b 1748 St Agnes, d 1827 St Agnes)
    Bathsheba Prout (b 1769 St Agnes,
m Thomas Mitchell 1797 St Agnes, d 1858 Goonbell, St. Agnes)
        Thomas Mitchell (b 1799 St Agnes, m  Margaret (Peggy) Burton 1823 St Austell, d aft 1860)
              William Burton Mitchell (b 1825 Tregorrick St Austell Cornwall, m Margaret Hawton 1846 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, d 1913 Ascot Vale, Vic)
                   William Mitchell  (b 1850 Stoke Climsland, m Ellen Adelaide Cubit 1880 Sandridge Melb, d 1889 Bethanga, Vic )
                          Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m  Liela Muriel Roach 1914 Kew, d 1960 Wodonga)
    Abraham Prout (b 1771 St Agnes, m Christian James 1803 St Agnes, d 1820 St Agnes)
    Ann Ennor Prout (b 1773 St Agnes, d 1800, m Peter Mitchell 1792 St Agnes)
    Isaac Prout (b 1775 St Agnes, d 1827 St Agnes)
    Jacob Prout (b 1777 St Agnes)


Judith Jensen-Morris led us here. More detail has come from "Alan White's family Tree" and "Prout Family Tree"  on Ancestry

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