George Hounslow and Rachel Price

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Parents   Probably  Edward Onslow and Elizabeth Phenn       Rachel Price's not known

George Hounslow (b 1777 Barrow Shropshire,, m Rachel Price 1794 Claines Worchester, d 1855 Worchester)  
    George Onslow (b 1796 Worchester, m Eliza Davis 1826 St Phillips Sydney, d 1844 Liverpool NSW)
        Mary Jane (Jane) Onslow (b 1829 Liverpool, NSW, m John Rowley 1846 St Lukes, Liverpool , d 1909 Yule St, Pertersham)
             John Clarkson Rowley (n 1847 Liverpool, m Sarah Jane Smart 1874 Beechworth Vic, d 1928 Bethanga)
                  Joseph Smart Rowley (b 1875 Yackandandah Vic, m Eircell Broome 1909 Albury NSW, m Avis Sirl 1922 Albury, d 1957 Bethanga)                                                                                           
    Emanuel Hounslow (b 1804 Kenilworth, Warwick)
    Jane Hounslow (b 1803 Kenilworth, Warwick)
    James Hounslow (b 1806 All Saints Worchester)
    Henry Hounslow (b 1811 All Saints Worchester)

1841 Census

Sim St, St Thomas,  Birmingham
George Onslow aged 64 not born in the county, Comb Maker (b abt 1777)
George was living on his own

1851 Census

Worcester St Nicholas
George Hounslow, lodger, 80, Comb Manufacturer, b all Saints Worchestershire (b abt 1770)


There is a fair amount of material on the connection  between George junior and senior on George junior's page. Jude Warner and Annette Beresford  have done the hard yards to map out this family, and I appreciate their help very much. Jude's latest notes are below, and need to be read as a follow on from George Junior'd page. It was Jude Warner who pointed out that once we accept George (b 1777), then LDS comes into play again and we can follow the line back to William

Research Notes

Jude Warner (Genes Reunited)  23 Nov 2006

LDS - IGI parent  search: (British Isles) : Father: George Hounslow, Mother: Rachel
1. JANE HOUNSLOW - Female Christening: 28 JUN 1803 Kenilworth, Warwick, England
2. EMANUEL HOUNSLOW -  Male Christening: 12 AUG 1804 Kenilworth, Warwick, England
3. JAS. (i.e. James) HOWNSLOW - Male Christening: 13 APR 1806 All Saints, Worcester, Worcester, England
4. HENRY HOUNSLOW - Male Christening: 01 SEP 1811 All Saints, Worcester, Worcester, England

    It is worth noting that Kenilworth is where Matthew Eaton claims to have been born about 1810, though from 1806-1811 the evidence suggests that George & Rachel were in Worcester. Also at that period Kenilworth’s only major industry was…..comb manufacture! This suggests to me that the comb makers in the family may have been factory hands rather than manufacturers. Do you have any reliable info on this aspect?
    While Emanuel is shown as a Police Sergeant on the 1841 (Jun 1841?) his subsequent marriage lines to Sarah Colley say Police Constable. Shropshire Quarter Sessions have three records relating to Emanuel all dated 1841 and referring to Police Officer, Police Sergeant and Police Superintendent, respectively for the same period.
    The three ‘Hounslow’ siblings are as slippery to find later on as Emanuel but do a search for James Onslow on the 1841c and there is: James Onslow, age 40 living in (Stourbridge? St) Kidderminster, born in county and though so faint as to be almost unreadable, with the eyes of faith it looks like he is a Comb Maker! He is living with Elizabeth Onslow and Samuel Tyler.
    The only question that still springs to mind is how come George Onslow/Hounslow & Rachel have four children in the IGI sharing the same ‘wrong’ surname over a period of 8 years in two different towns, while George the Transportee has the correct spelling? Surely someone somewhere would have noticed this at the time?
    Hounslow is a name that is rare but mostly found in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. As a misspelling of Onslow one would expect it to be fairly common in Shropshire, Worcestershire etc but it is in fact almost unknown here. This suggests that Hounslow is a name in its own right and rarely confused with Onslow even by the near illiterate clerks of the time.
    Still I’m pretty well convinced now that we do in fact all share the common progenitor George Onslow (1777) that George Jnr, Emanuel, Jane, James & Henry are siblings and that Matthew Eaton Onslow was in fact Emanuel.
    Just as a matter of interest regarding George Hounslow, 1851c, living in the Family Almshouse, Worcester, age 80. An IGI search for George Hounslow b.c.1770 brings up George Hounslow christened 7th Oct 1770 Stratton Audley, Oxford: father – John Hounslow, mother- Elizabeth. This would indeed make him age 80-81 in 1851c, whereas George Onslow should have been 74!
    Do you think that George Onslow Snr could be the same one as christened in Barrow, Apr 27th 1777; father Edward Onslow, mother Elizabeth?

Another Note from Jude (27 Dec 2006)

    I note you have Anne <Unknown> as George's (b.1698 Barrow) wife. I believe her to be Ann HILL and the marriage to have taken place 22nd Dec 1722 at Ludlow (IGI). The first child, John was born 1723 Barrow as shown in your descent.  .....
    Going back to George Snr (b.1777) There is also evidence to suggest that he remarried soon after Rachel died, there is a marriage between a George Onslow and Harriet WATKINS 6th May 1833 at Claines. Harriet & George had three children whose names are reminiscent of Emanuel's wife and deceased children and who also all appear to have died infants. Harriet died in 1843 but I cannot find her or any of the children on the 1841c and George Snr, as you know, is alone in Sun St, B'ham. The 1841c does not indicate married status or family relationships so we cannot be certain what George's status is. Certainly by the 1851c he is a widower.
    Who is the George Onslow who married Anne Bateman 26th Aug 1816, though? Could this be George Jnr? There is a child Emma christened 5th Oct 1817, All Saints, Worcester who could be theirs.
    Still so many questions with tantalising and unproveable answers... what fun!

Comment Les Rowley
    That 1851 census:
    Only the age is wrong. All Saints ties in with birth of later children, but not earlier?
    If George was not literate (numerate?) or not mentally 100% (he was 80), he could easily give a wrong age?
    but it is probably the same guy as the 1841 census
Geography seems to favour George from Barrow (Shropshire)
Barrow is 30 miles NNW of Worchester City
Keniworth  is 40 miles ESE of Barrow, and  30 Miles ENE of Worchester
Oxford is 55 miles SE of  Worchester, and about the same distance from Kenilworth
Claines is on the N edge of Worchester City
I agree with Jude : George Onslow b 1777 Barrow is probably our ancestor:
    (1) Slightly favoured by Geography
    (2) Combmaker, date of birth in the 1841 Census
    (3) 1851 Census gives children's birthplace not his. but is probably him?
    (4) It only requires one name change Onslow - Hounslow. The Oxford birth requires him to change Hounslow - Onslow - Hounslow

Kenilworth : Found on the web
   (1)  See John H Drew's "Kenilworth - An Historical Miscellany", chapter 10 for information on the town's early comb-making trade
          the link gives information on the book
   (2) 1851 Census - John Noble(43) and Joseph Pace(49) Comb Manufacturers  employing 21 Men 2 Women & 1 Boy Kenilworth War
   (3)  A google search result
        St Nicholas’ Church, Kenilworth in Warwickshire, on. 14 August 1808, the parish register ... already acquired the skilled trade of ‘comb cutter,’ .            
           The Royal Marines on Franklin's last expedition              the link gives no more info without money
 (4)Drew, J.H. 1965. "The Horn Comb industry of Kenilworth", _Transactionsand proceedings of the Brimingham Archaeological Society_ 82, 21-7.

LDS There is a Mrs Rachael Price b 1772 Worchester. No joy, as by implication, that is her married name. Otherwise nothing

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