Edward Onslow and Elizabeth Phenn

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Parents   William, Ruth, and Elizabeth's not known     Ann Hills parents were Edward Hill and Marie or Mary Farmer

William Onslow (m Ruth)
    Thomas Onslow (b 1687  Astley Abbots Shropshire)
    Elizabeth Onslow (b 1689  Astley Abbots)
    Ruth Onslow (b 1694 Barrow)
    George Onslow (b 1698 Barrow, m Anne Hill 1722 Ludlow)
    Anne Hill (b 1701 Tenbury Shropshire)
        John Onslow (b 1723 Barrow)
        RuthOnslow (b 1734 Barrow)
        George Onslow (b 1737 Barrow)
        Edward Onslow (b 1740 Barrow, m Elizabeth Phenn 1774  Much Wenlock, Shropshire)       << 80% probability
            George Hounslow (b 1777 Barrow, m Rachel Price 1794 Claines Worchester, d 1855 Worchester)  
                George Onslow (b 1796 Worchester, m Eliza Davis 1826 St Phillips Sydney, d 1844 Liverpool NSW)
                    Mary Jane (Jane) Onslow (b 1829 Liverpool, NSW, m John Rowley 1846 St Lukes, Liverpool , d 1909 Yule St, Pertersham)
                         John Clarkson Rowley (n 1847 Liverpool, m Sarah Jane Smart 1874 Beechworth Vic, d 1928 Bethanga)
                              Joseph Smart Rowley (b 1875 Yackandandah Vic, m Eircell Broome 1909 Albury NSW, m Avis Sirl 1922 Albury, d 1957 Bethanga)        


Barrow is 30 miles NNW of Worchester City 
Much Wenlock is two W from Barrow
Astley Abbots is 3 miles SE from Barrow
Ludlow is 20 miles SW of Barrow

Research Notes

The above family sequence looks pretty right. It all depends on the George b in Barrow in 1777 being the right one.
The evidence is not conclusive, but my Genealogical bookmaker is giving 4 to 1 on.
Minor detail : there is another Edward christened in Shawbury, 15 miles NW of Barrow, but the Barrow one looks right

Elizabeth Phenn

Several possible Elizabeths in the IGI  via LDS
Elizabeth FEN 1744  -  Shifnall,  Shropshire  6 mile NE of  Barrow (parents John and Sarah)
Elizabeth FEN 1745  -  Sherrif Hales,  Shropshire  8 mile NW of  Barrow (but thru Telford) (parents Richard and Elizabeth)
Elizabeth FENN 1747  -  Highley,  Shropshire  11 mile SW of  Barrow (parents Ed and Anne)
Elizabeth FENN 1751  -  Shifnall,  Shropshire  6 mile NE of  Barrow (parents Jno and Elizabeth)
Elizabeth FENN 1753  -  Rushbury,  Shropshire  11 mile SW of  Barrow (parents John and Ann)
Elizabeth FENN 1758  -  Shifnall,  Shropshire  6 mile NE of  Barrow (parents Thos and Dorothy)
If you had to bet, the 1751 Elizabeth would have married at age 23, and Shifnal is closest to Barrow
On the other hand Jude Warner sees it differently: Quoting:
Personally my money is on Elizabeth Phenn christened 24th August 1735 in Much Wenlock, where Edward Onslow married Elizabeth Phenn in 1774. This would have made her 39 years old, which late marriage could explain why they only appear to have had one child, George, in 1777. The spelling of the baptismal surname also matches that in the marriage record.
Of course Elizabeth Phenn could have been a widow at age 39 so Phenn may not have been her maiden name....aaaaah!


Lots of excellent stuff was received from Geoff Onslow and others in the early 90s.. Jude Warner and Annette Beresford have added much in 2006.

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