Samuel Pateman and Mary Ann Travis

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Parents        Joseph Pateman and Sarah Lumb                  David Travis and Ann Mead

Samuel Pateman (b 1770 Litlington Cambridgeshire, m Mary Ann Travis 1789 Steeple Morden Cambridgeshire, d Steeple Morden 1830)
                                                                                                  m Susanna (Ann) Pearce
Mary Ann Travis  (b 1767 Steeple Morden, d 1826 Steeple Morden)
    Ann Pateman (b 1790 Steeple Morden, d 1872 Steeple Morden)
    James Pateman (b 1791 Steeple Morden, m Ann (Nancy) Betts 1812 Steeple Morden, d 1857 Steeple Morden)
    William Pateman (b 1793 Steeple Morden, m Sarah Theobalds 1824 Guilden Morden)
    Samuel Pateman (b 1796 Steeple Morden, m Mary Harradine 1817 Steeple Morden)
    Jesse Pateman (b 1798)
    Joseph Pateman (b 1800 Steeple Morden, m Sarah Evans 1822 Steeple Morden, d 1883 Steeple Morden)
                                              m  Sarah Hitch  1867)
    John Pateman (b 1802, m Sarah Evans Steeple Morden)
    David Pateman (b 1804 Guilden Morden, m Mary Moule 1828 Arrington Cambridgeshire, d 1910 Ballarat Vic)
        Emma Pateman (b1827 Arrington, m  George Briant 1851 Ashwell, d 1910 Ballarat)
              Louisa Jane Briant (b 1861 Ballarat, m Edwin Farr 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1945 Northcote)
                    Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    Sarah Pateman (b 1806 Steeple Morden, m William Warboys 1826 Guilden Morden)
    Mary Pateman (b 1808 Steeple Morden, m Edward Jarman 1883 Steeple Morden) 
    Kitty Pateman (b 1810 Steeple Morden)

Steeple Morden is about 15 miles SW of Cambridge. Arrington is about 6 miles closer to Cambridge. Arrington is about 5 miles from Ashwell)

Jesse has two entries in LDS - both for a baptism 5 Aug 1798 in Steeple Morden, father Samuel Pateman - one his mother is Elizabeth, in the other it is Mary Ann (in the Pedigree resource file, submitted by Alan Hepburn)

William ans Sarah are in Basingborne in the 1841 census with their children


The extensime Pateman genealogy here  comes from my family (Merrill and Glenis), Jeffrey Orford-Perkins, and the Latter Day Saints site FamilySearch.
Checked against, and data added from June Hayhurst's tree on Genes ReUnited
Mel Jackson supplied parents for Mary Ann Travis.

Notes Extracted from Database, unfortunately I am no longer sure of the source

Samuel Pateman (b 1770)

Copy of his will;  Probate Ely Arch proved this day.
This is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Pateman of Steeple Morden in the County of Cambridge Yeoman I give and devise All my copyhold messuage barn cornhouse yard garden and orchard
in my own occupation situate at Steeple Morden aforesaid late the Estate of John Strickland unto my beloved Wife Susan Pateman for and during the term of her natural life if she shall so long continue my Widow and from and after her decease or second marriage which first happens the said premises are to be subject to the power of Sale hereinafter contained Also I give and  devise all and every my Freehold messuages lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever situate at Steeple Morden aforesaid or elsewhere unto and to the use of my Executors hereinafter named their heirs and assigns for ever Upon trust that they or the Survivor of them or the heirs of the Survivor shall sell and dispose of the same either altogether or in Lots and either by Public Auction or Private Contract for the best price in money that can be obtained for the same Also I authorize and fully Empower my Executors hereinafter named or the survivor of them or  the heirs of the Survivor absolutely to bargain sell and dispose of all and every my Copyhold messuages lands tenements hereditaments and premises whatsoever in Steeple Morden aforesaid or in any adjoining or contiguous parish or elsewhere unto any person or persons whomsoever for the most money and best price or prices that can or may be reasonably obtained for the same Subject nevertheless to the Life Estate of my said Wife in the aforesaid Copyhold Estate at Steeple Morden aforesaid hereinbefore devised to her And I direct that such Sale or Sales shall take place as to the Estate devised to my said Wife as soon as conveniently may be after her decease or second  Marriage which first happens and as to all the residue of my said Copyhold hereditaments and also as to the freehold hereditaments as soon as conveniently may be after my decease And I do hereby declare and direct that the receipts of my said Executors or of the Survivor of them or of the heirs of such Survivor shall be good and effectual discharges to the purchaser or purchasers of all or any part of the said freehold and copyhold Estate and premises herein before directed to be sold for his or their purchase Monies and that such purchaser of purchasers shall not be obliged to see to the application of the purchase Monies or be in any manner answerable for the loss misapplication or nonapplication thereof or any part thereof Also I direct my said Executors out of the Monies which shall arise from the Sale of the said freehold and copyhold hereditaments to pay off and discharge in the first place the Mortgage on the copyhold Estate hereinbefore devised to my said wife as aforesaid to the intent that she may enjoy the same until her decease or second marriage which first happens freed and discharged from the said Mortgage and after  payment of the said Mortgage to pay the Expences of my said Wifes admission to the same premises so devised to her together with all my Debts Funeral and Testamentary Expences And as to all the rest residue and remainder of the Money to be received for such purchases I give and bequeath the sum of Five pounds a piece to each of my said two Sons James and David and I give and bequeath the residue of the said Monies unto and among all my Children living at my decease in equal shares including my Sons James and David it being my intention that the said James Pateman and David Pateman shall have Five pounds each more than my other Children Also I give and bequeath the use and enjoyment of all my household goods cattle growing Crops and all other my personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever unto my said Wife for and if she so long continue my widow or second marriage which first happens during the term of her natural life  ^ and from and after her decease ^  I  give and bequeath all the same last mentioned premises unto and to be equally divided between all my children who shall be living at my decease share and share alike And I appoint my said Wife Susan Pateman and my said Son James Pateman Executors of this my Will and I do hereby revoke all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament In  witness whereof I the said Samuel Pateman the Testator have to this my last will and Testament contained in two sheets of Paper set my hand and seal that is to say to the first sheet set my hand and to this  second and last Sheet my hand and seal this nineteenth day of December - in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and Twenty seven. //.
  The Mark and seal X of the the above named
               Samuel Pateman

Signed Sealed published and declared [by] the said Samuel Pateman the Testator as and for his last Will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our Names as Witnesses……………………………………
The interlineations of the words of she so long continue my widow and the words or second marriage which first happens   being first made in the second Sheet and the words "or the survivor of them or the heirs of the Survivor being also first interlined in the first  Sheet.
J: C: Wedd Royston          Jas G Hiem- 2 -
Fr: S: Nash Clerks to Mess Nash Wedd        Solrs Royston Herts

The 5th day of March 1831
Proved on the Oath of Susan Pateman  (Power being reserved for James Pateman the Executor within named) the Executrix within named She verifying that the Goods and  Chattels Rights & Credits which were late of the deceased do not amount to the Sum of Fifty Pounds
In due form of Law  Before me
Edwd Henshaw Surrogate

(Copy given to Fr Anthony Pateman, Dec 2004)

William Pateman

1707-546 Guilden Morden Cambridgeshire
813 3b Guilden Morden
Guilden Morden 63/9/p6
William 45, Hannah 45, Elizabeth 10, Susan 8, Kitty 5, Maria 2,

Samuel Pateman (b 1796)

1708-323 Samuel Pateman 55 Ag Lab
Mary 66
Jesse 26 Shoemaker
David 19 Ag Lab
Elisa 15 Straw Plaiter
Edmund Grandson 5
All from Guilden Morden, GS from Litlington
63/13 Page 11 Litlington Cambridgeshire, Husband not listed on census
RG9/814 131-3 Litlington Cambridgeshire
Mary Pateman abt 1792  Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire, England Wife  Litlington  Cambridgeshire  
Samuel Pateman abt 1796  Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire, England Head  Litlington  Cambridgeshire
RG10/1362 48-15 Litlington Cambridgeshire
Mary Pateman abt 1793  Genlton Mosh, Cambridgeshire, England Wife  Litlington  Cambridgeshire  
Samuel Pateman abt 1796  Steph Morden, Cambridgeshire, England Head  Litlington  Cambridgeshire

Joseph Pateman (b 1800)

1707-596a, Odsey Road, Steeple Morden
813-26b, 20 Church Street, Steeple Morden
Joseph Pateman HW 61 Gardener
David Pateman son 20
Caroline dau 17
Ann Wilmott niece 18
HO107-63,22 Page 4, Odsey Way south from the Cross, Steeple Morden
Joseph Pateman 73  Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire, England Head  Steeple Morden  Cambridgeshire  
Sarah Pateman 64  Whaddon, Cambridgeshire, England Wife  Steeple Morden  Cambridgeshire 

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