David Pateman and Mary Moule

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Parents        Samuel Pateman and Mary Ann Travis                  Richard Moule and Ann Jacklin

David Pateman (b 1804 Guilden Morden, m Mary Moule 1828 Arrington Cambridgeshire, d 1886 Arrington)
Mary Moule (b 1806 Arrington, d 1883 Arrington)
    Emma Pateman (b 1827 Arrington, m  George Briant 1851 Ashwell, d 1910 Ballarat)
          Louisa Jane Briant (b 1861 Ballarat, m Edwin Farr 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1945 Northcote)
                Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    David Pateman (b 1830 Arrington, m Ann Ellis 1850 Ashwell, d 1854 Ballarat)
    Jane Pateman (b 1832 Arrington, d Arrington 1844)
    James Pateman (b 1835 Arrington, d 1859 Arrington)
    Jesse Pateman (b 1837 Arrington, d 1847 Arrington)
    Abraham Pateman (b 1840, d 1858 Arrington, in a horse fall)
    Mary Ann Pateman (b 1845 Arrington, m Arthur Thomas Charter 1869 Caxton, d 1909 Bourn Cambridgeshire)

Arrington is about 5 miles from Ashwell

1841 Census

Arrington, all born in the county                                                      
David PATEMAN       35        Carpenter     (abt 1805)
Mary PATEMAN         30    (abt 1810)
Emma PATEMAN      11    (abt 1829)
David PATEMAN       10    (abt 1830)
Jane PATEMAN           8    (abt 1832)
James PATEMAN       6    (abt 1834)
Jesse PATEMAN      4    (abt 1836)
Abraham PATEMAN   1    (abt 1839)

There is a Jane Pateman buried in Arrington 16 Dec 1844 that is probably her

1851 Census

The family has scattered
(a) In Arrington still                                                  
David PATEMAN       46        Carpenter     Morden (abt 1804)
Mary PATEMAN        45   Arrington (abt 1805)
James PATEMAN      16 Arrington  (abt 1834)
Abram PATEMAN     11    (abt 1839)
Mary Ann PATEMAN    6   Arrington (abt 1845)
(b) In High St Ashwell
Emma is working as a house servant to Abraham Hail (54) farmer of  200 acres and employer of 9 labourers, and his wife Jane(aged 73)
(c) David junior.
David Pateman 20 son in law Farm labourer, b Arrington
Anna Pateman 17 Straw Plaiter b Ashwell
George Pateman 1 month
Indexed under Waterman but Pateman in the text
Thanks to Lynn Davies who found this
In the melbourne generat cemetery the following headstone inscription looks like her
In loving memory of Joseph PATEMAN who died 19 Dec 1917 age 85 yrs
 also his wife Ann who died 7 Jan 1892 age 58 yrs
 also their son Robert who died 28 Jul 1898, age 28 yrs.

1861 Census

Parish of Arrington, CAM     Road :    North Head                                                         
David PATEMAN     Head  Mar  55   Carpenter  Steeple Mordenl, CAM, (abt 1805)
Mary PATEMAN      Wife   Mar  53                    Arrington (abt 1807)
Mary PATEMAN      Dau            16                     Arrington (abt 1845)

1871 Census

Parish of Arrington,                                                      
David PATEMAN                   Head           Mar                66        Carpenter                   Steeple Mordenl,
Mary PATEMAN                    Wife            Mar                54                                          Arrington

1881 Census

Parish of Arrington, Old North Road                                                         
 David PATEMAN    Head   Mar   76    Carpenter  Morden CAM, (abt 1805)
 Mary PATEMAN     Wife    Mar   74                     Arrington (abt 1807)
This seems to be the same house as 1851, as they are still next to the Mill House


The extensime Pateman genealogy here comes from my family (Merrill and Glenis) and Jeffrey Orford-Perkins

Research Notes

Useful link - the Cambridgeshire Family History Society  http://www.cfhs.org.uk/
Ann Ellis remarried to Joseph Pateman in Australia in 1865 (Gwen Smalley's book)

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