Thomas Picking and Sarah Goldsmith

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Parents                         Jonathan and Hannah Picking                       Possibly Thomas Goldsmith and Sarah Gilbert (50%)

Thomas Picking (ch 1755 Ashwell Hertfordshire, m Elizabeth Goodchild 1777, m Sarah Goldsmith 1798 Clothall, Hertford, d 1830)
                                               Elizabeth Goodchild (b 1755 Ashwell, d 1793)
Sarah Goldsmith (chr 1784 Baldock, d 1811)          <-- See Research Notes
    Joseph Picking (b 1800)
    Isaac Picking (ch 1802)
    Rebecca Picking  (ch 1802)
    Phyllis Picking (b 1805, m  James (Jnr) Briant 1823 Ashwell,  d aft 1870 Tewin Hertfordshire).
        George Briant (b1824 Ashwell, m Emma Pateman 1851 Ashwell, d 1900 Ballarat)
             Louisa Jane Briant (b 1861 Ballarat, m Edwin Farr 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1945 Northcote)
                 Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)

1841 Census

Pickings in three neighbouring families
Isaac Picking (Phyllis's brother) and family (8);

Thomas (b 1783 - Thomas and Elizabeth Goodchild's son) Maria and Family (5); Thomas (b 1803) and Ann and family (4)
 Also another family of Briants two doors away William 32 blacksmith, Jane 38, George 13, James 12, Alfred 9, William 4 , Fred 1


Thanks to Tony Colls  for Phyllis's siblings, parents and grandparents.
Brigett  Munday's tree on Genes Reunited supplied dated for Jonathan, Hannah and Elizabeth. She is descended from Elizabeth Goodchild, and has more information on that line

Research Notes

LDS has. Phillis christened in 1816, but the 1841 Census suggests she was born about 1805, and has Isaac born about 1802)
Sarah's birth and parents are speculative. It is from a christening in the LDS. If born in Jan 1784, she would have been fourteen and a half when she married, but she could have been born earlier.Sara does appear to have batch christened three of her children, and did not christen Phillis till she was ten. The Baldock marriage doen't fit the late christening theory as it is in 1783 (Thomas Goldsmith and Sarah Gilbert). The tempting fact in her favour is that Baldock is a larger town 4 km from Ashwell. . Also she has the mother's christian name. She married at Clothall, a smaller town one and a half mies out of Baldock. Put her parents at a 50% chance.
There is anothe possible set of  parents (Thomas Goldsmith and Mary Cooper) at Codicote in  1773 (ten miles south of Baldock) 
When you do an LDS search, Christenings,  Sarah Goldsmith, 1750-1790,  Hertford, you only get two hits, both Thomas and Sarah Goldsmith, Baldock, one in 1752, one in 1784
Email from Brenda Walker on file with Thomas Goldsmith and Sarah Gilbert information

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