James Briant and Phillis Picking

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Parents :  Paul Briant and Mary Bailey             Thomas Picking  and Sarah Goldsmith

James Briant (b 1799 Ashwell, m Phillis Picking 1823 Ashwell Hertfordshire, d 1869 Royston )
Phillis Picking (b 1805 Ashwell, d 1888 Tewin Hertfordshire).
    George Briant (b1824 Ashwell, m Emma Pateman 1851 Ashwell, d 1900 Ballarat)
         Louisa Jane Briant (b 1861 Ballarat, m Edwin Farr 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1945 Northcote)
             Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
     Sarah Briant (b 1826 Ashwell, m John Elisha Rule 1845 Ashwell, d after 1851)
     Unnames Infant Briant (b 1828 Ashwell, d 1828 Ashwell)
     Isaac Briant (b 1831 Ashwell, m Elizabeth Moore, d after 1870)
     Joseph Briant (b 1832 Ashwell, d After 1850)
     Phyllis Briant (b 1835 Ashwell)
     Ann Briant (b 1836 Ashwell, m Samuel Peacock 1861 Ashwell, d 1889 Huntingdon District)
     Isabella Briant (b 1838 Ashwell, m Timothy Ingrey 1858 Ashwell, d 1878 Biggleswade)
     Charles Briant (b 1842 Ashwell, m Ellen Lines 1862 Radwell Herts)
     Eliza Briant (b 1844 Ashwell, m William Sale Covington 1866 Royston District)
     Esther Briant (b 1848 Ashwell, m Walter Lee 1865 Ashwell)

James signed at the wedding, and Phillis made a mark. Witnessed by Isaac and Rebecca Picking, Thanks to Tony Colls  for Thomas, Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca.
Tony has Phyllis spelt Phillis. Also, while born in 1802, she was not baptised till 1816.
Tewin where  James died is 15 miles south of Ashwell
There is a nurse Sarah Rule (widow) in the 1861 Census but she is 5 years too old?
Isaac Briant seems to be a brewer/publican in Trumpington about 10 miles NE of Ashwell
The deaths Index has a James Briant of roughly the right age dying in Royston, a larger town about 10 miles east of Ashwell down the A505, probably him
In 1851 Joseph Briant is a millers apprentice in Steeple Morden, a mile or two north of Ashwell

Of interest is an article by Avril Emery - Drug Abuse in Rural Cambridgeshire

1841 Census (as Briants)

High St Ashwell, all born in the county
*James Briant         Head   M    40       (abt 1800)   
*Phillis Briant          Wife     M    35       (abt 1805)     
George Briant      16     (abt 1824)     
Sarah Briant      15   (abt 1825)     
Isaac Briant       10   (abt 1830)     
Joseph Briant       9   (abt 1832)     
Phillis Briant         6     (abt 1835)       
Isabella Briant      3    (abt 1838)  
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The rellies are lined up in High St; on another page 17 Pickings in three neighbouring families
Isaac (Phyllis's brother) and family (8); Thomas (b 1783 - Thomas Picking and Elizabeth Goodchild's son) Maria and Family (5); Thomas Picking (b 1803) and Ann and family (4)
Also another family of Briants two doors away
William Briant (James' brother) 32  blacksmith, Jane 38, George 13, James 12, Alfred 9, William 4 , Fred 1

1851 Cenus

High St Ashwell Hertsfordshire
James Briant      Head  M   50    Maltmaker                   Ashwell (abt 1800)   
Phillis Briant       Wife   M   46                                       Ashwell (abt 1804)     
George Briant     Son    U   25    Carpenter/journeyman  Ashwell (abt 1825)     
Phillis Briant        Dau    U   17    Straw Plaiter                Ashwell (abt 1833)       
Isabella Briant     Dau    U   12    Straw Plaiter                Ashwell (abt 1838)       
Charles Briant     Son    U     9    Scholar                        Ashwell (abt 1841)     
Eliza Briant          Dau    U    7     Scholar                       Ashwell (abt 1843)    
Ester Briant         Dau    U     3                                       Ashwell (abt 1847)      

1861 Census

High St Ashwell Hertsfordshire
James Briant         Head     M    60    Grocer                Ashwell (abt 1800)   
Phillis Briant         Wife       M    55                               Ashwell (abt 1805)     
Charles Briant       Son        U    22    Miller                  Ashwell (abt 1838)     
Eliza Briant            Dau       U    17    Straw Plaiter        Ashwell (abt 1843)    
Ester Briant           Dau        U    13    Straw Plaiter       Ashwell (abt 1847)  
Sarah Rule      Gr Dau         U    15    Straw Plaiter       Ashwell  (abt 1845)    
Fredk Carter    Visitor         U     21    Plaster                               ?
Sam Tyrrel       Boarder      M    30    Maltmaker          Giham
Day Brinday     Boarder      M    40    Engine Driver      Galston

Also in High St
William BRIANT    Head   Mar  52    Blacksmith          Ashwell  (abt 1808)
Frederick BRIANT  Son            20     Blacksmith         Ashwell  (abt 1840)
Mary GANET                            48     Housekeeper     Ashwell
William BRIANT looks like Paul and Mary's son

And two houses away
Thos Picking   Head  Mar     58   Carpenter employing 4 men      Ashwell
Ann  Picking    Wife   Mar     60                                                  Ashwell
Herbert Picking  Grandson     58        Ashwell
Thos PICKING (b abt 1802) and our Phillis PICKING (b 1802) could possibly be related. Both born in Ashwell.

1871 Census

Parish of Ashwell High St  
Walter LEE         Head          Mar           25    Tailor       Morden, CAM (abt 1845)
Esther LEE          Wife           Mar           24                    Ashwell  (abt 1846)
Elizabeth P LEE   Dau            Unmar         5    Scholar     Ashwell (abt 1865)
Violetta  Lee        Dau            Unmar         1                    Ashwell  (abt 1870) 
Phillis BRIANT    Mo in Law                   61   Annuitant   Ashwell (HRT abt 1809)
We had Walter Lee marrying Ester Briant. This confirms that and gives their family
Morden has to be either Guilden or Steeple Morden, both a couple of miles from Ashwell

1881 Census

Still in High St          
Walter LEE        Head      Mar     35    Vet Surgeon               Ashwell (abt 1845)
Esther LEE         Wife       Mar     32    Dressmaker                Ashwell (abt 1848)
Elizabeth P LEE  Dau       Unmar  15     assist(?) Dressmaker  Ashwell (abt 1865)
Violetta  Lee       Dau       Unmar  11     Scholar                      Ashwel (abt 1869) 
Maud  Lee          Dau       Unmar    7                                      Ashwell (abt 1873) 
Phillis BRIANT   Mo in Law         77    Formerly Shopkeeper Ashwell (abt 1803)

Very amused by Walter Lee's change of occupation from 1871 to 1881

Notes ex Valerie Toon

In 1881 Annie Peacock nee Bryant lived with Samuel her husband who was a Master Coach Smith & Spring Maker in New Town Huntingdon Annie d aged 52 Dec Qtr 1889 Huntingdon District
In 1881 Charles Bryant now spelt Briant w as a Corn Miller living at the Post Office Tewin Herts with his family
Walter Lee died 31/12/1891 Three Counties Asylum Arlesley Beds


Thanks to Gwen and Harry Smalley, Glenis Crocker, Kel Ellis, Elinor Moore, Valerie Woodgate and Patricia Hone for their contributions to this part of our tree
Also the Davies Williams Family Tree on Ancestry

Research Notes

Ashwell is in Royston district

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