Richard Reed and Mary Bolitho

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Parents   : Richard Reed and Mary Gundry(80%)        Simon Bolitho and Prudence Richards

Richard Reed  (b 1785 Wendron Cornwall, m Mary Bolitho 1813 Wendron)
Mary Bolitho (b 1793 Wendron)
    Richard Reed (b 1813 Wendron, m Mary Roberts 1834 Wendron, d 1884 Wendron)            
    James Reed (b 1815 Wendron, m Harriet Hill, d 1875 Tywardreath, Cornwall)            
    Mary Reed (b 1816 Wendron, m Robert Roach, d aft 1890)            
         Richard Reid Roach (b 1855 Towednack, m  Hannah Vine 1890 Flemington Vic, d 1934 Cheltenham Vic)
            Liela Muriel Roach (b 1893 Rosebery Sydney, m Ernest Harold Mitchell 1914 Kew, d 1972 Wodonga)
    Elizabeth Reed (b 1818 Wendron, m John Perry 1845 Wendron, d 1911 Helston Cornwall)    
    Prudence Reed (b 1821 Wendron, m Thomas Richards in  Constantine, d 1867 Wendron)
    William  Reed (b 1823 Wendron, m Eliza Perry, d 1905 Carnkie Wendron Cornwall)
    Caroline Reed (b 1826 Wendron, m Joseph Oppy 1852 Stithians Cornwall, d 1906 Cornwall)
    Joseph Reed (b 1829 Wendron, m Anna Bolitho 1855 Wendron, d 1910 Wendron)                          <<< But see notes below
    John  Reed (b 1832 Wendron, m Ann Arter, d 1903 Philadelphia)                     <<< See notes below
    Jane  Reed (b 1835 Wendron, m John Jenkin, d 1929)

Robert Roach was a stonemason according to his son Richard's death certificate. The two census records below have his father in law also a stonemason, tending to confirm the connection

1841 Census

Nancrossa, Wendron, all born in the county
Richard Reed (50) Stonemason  (b abt 1790)
Mary  Reed (48)  (b abt 1792)
William  Reed (15)      (b abt 1825)
Prudence  Reed (20) Dressmaker    (b abt 1820)
Caroline Reed (14)    (b abt 1826)
Joseph Reed (12)    (b abt 1828)
John  Reed (9)    (b abt 1831)
Jane  Reed (5)     (b abt 1835)

Bognia ?, Wendron
Mary Reed aged  25 born in the county
seems to be a lodger or housekeeper with the Grundy family

1851 Census

Rame Rd Wendron, all born in Wendron
Richard Reed (62) Stonemason   (b abt 1788)
Mary  Reed (58)   (b abt 1792)
John  Reed (19)      (b abt 1831)   Stonemason
James Pascoe (26) Lodger, Stonemason
Elizabeth Ann Reed (11) Visitor

Parish of Wendron, ecclesiastical district Carnmenellis??, Road Porkellis                                                                                                             
Richard Reid          Head     38         Carpenter                Wendron, Cornwall (abt 1812)
Mary Reid             Wife       39(?)                                    Wendron, Cornwall (abt 1811)
Mary Reid             Dau        14         Mothers assistant     Wendron, Cornwall (abt 1836)
Richard H Reid      Son          7         Scholar                    Wendron, Cornwall (abt 1843)
John W Reid          Son          4                                        Wendron, Cornwall (abt 1846)

Extra details from "REEDS of Stithians and Wendron" by Edward Martin (NB there is lots more - children etc)

 Richard Reed.1 Miner 1816; stonecutter 1816, 1823, 1826; stonecutter of Retanna in Wendron 1829; stonecutter of Rame in Wendron 1832; miner of ?Bustrip [?Butteriss in Wendron] 1835;stonecutter of Ra[me] 1839. Stone mason of Rame, aged 62, 1851. Farmer of Garlidna in Wendron2

1. Richard Reed Wheelwright of Porkellis 1836, 1847; miner of Porkellis 1839; carpenter of Porkellis 1843; carpenter of Porkellis, aged 38, 1851.
Elizabeth, . Married John Perry, farmer of Rame in Wendron.
Prudence, bap. 3 Sep. 1821 at Wendron. Married Thomas Richards of Sevorgan in Constantine.
William Reed, bap. 4 Dec. 1823 at Wendron. Stone mason of Carnkye in Wendron, aged 27, 1851. Died at Carnkie, Wendron. Married Eliza, daughter of John Perry, farmer of Buttriss [Butteriss] in Wendron. Born c.1829 in Wendron; aged 22, 1851. Children: See original
Caroline, bap. 27 July 1826 at Wendron. Visitor with her brother William, aged 24, unmarried, 1851. Married Joseph Opie of Stithians.
Joseph Reed, bap. 9 Apr. 1829 at Wendron. Stone mason, aged 23, unmarried, lodging with his brother William, 1851. Married Jane Treloar, daughter of James Treloar, by Elizabeth Knuckey. Born 1829 in Helston. Children: See original
John Reed, bap. 5 Sep. 1832 at Wendron. Stone mason, aged 19, living with his parents at Rame, 1851. Lead miner, aged 29, of 8 New Street, Aberystwyth, Wales, 1861. Emigrated to Pennsylvania, U.S.A c.1862-3 and sent for his family 1865.. Coal mine boss in Olyphant near Scranton in Lackawana county, Pennsylvania. Died 18 Nov. 1903 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Married in Cardiff, Wales, Ann Arter, daughter of David Arter (later of 8 New Street, Aberystwyth), by Catherine Thomas. Born 7 May 1837 in Aberystwyth. Aged 23, 1861. Died Mar. 1922 in Philadelphia. Children: See original
Jane, bap. 28 Sep. 1835 at Wendron.
Jane, bap. 14 Aug. 1839 at Wendron. ?House servant, unmarried, aged 15, in her brother William's house, 1851. Married John Jenkin.

1 Additional information on his family from the pedigree in the J.P. Rogers Collection (Society of Genealogists, London) 329-30. Information 'supplied by Mr Joseph Henry Perry of Rame'.

2 Rogers pedigree, p. 329.

Les Rowley Note: Jane bapt 1839 has to be a furphy as the jane in Williams House is obviously the first Jane


Thanks to Ron Seed, who supplied the keys to the Roach family in Cornwall . Sheila Evans' tree on Ancestry gave us Mary Bolitho and more..Thanks to "REEDS of Stithians and Wendron" by Edward Martin, which can be purchased online (Google it)

Research Notes

Sheila Evans also has another child Richard b abt 1814, which makes a lot of sense. He would have left home by the 1841 Census. However  the only Richard Reed in the LDS that fits was born in Wendron in Jun 1813 - too early and the father was Walter. So leave him out for the moment. Note the grandaughter Prudence is a nice tie in to Simon Bolitho and Prudence Richards
LDS Two possible christenings for Richard in Wendron.
01 SEP 1782 to Joseph Reed and Susannah Gundry  It would have Richard 58 when he said he was 50 in 1841, and  68 when he said he was 62 in 1851, and age at marriage 31
19 JUN 1785 to  Richard Reed and Mary Gundry It would have Richard 55 when he said he was 50 in 1841, and  65 when he said he was 62 in 1851, and age at marriage 28
The second looks more likely. Make it 80% ,
Could not find any 1861 Census Record
OPC site is promising, but marriages are still being transcribed.(2007)

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