John Greet and Rebecca  Rowter

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Parents      John Greet and Sara Drew          Robert Rowter and Mary Webb 

John Greet (b 1743 Saint Just In Roseland Cornwall, m Rebecca  Rowter 1769 Saint Just In Roseland)
Rebecca  Rowter (b 1743 St Gerrans Cornwall)
    Mary Thomas Greet (b 1769 Saint Just In Roseland)
    Rebecca Greet (b 1772 Saint Just In Roseland)
    Honour Greet (b 1775 Saint Just In Roseland, m  James Bath 1799 Mylor Cornwall)
        Marina Bath (b 1804 Mylor Cornwall, m  Colon Tippett 1836 Madron Cornwall, d 1887)
             William Henry Tippet (b 1843 St Columb, m Eliza Julian 1865 Cornwall, d 1927 Brunswick Vic)
                Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    AnnGreet (b 1777 Saint Just In Roseland)

Research Notes

LDS have our Greets in the right place and noone else. We can mine LDS right back to John Greet born  about 1570 in Saint J on R.

Rebecca Rowter is unclear. There are two christenings at St Gerrans, one mile or so east of Saint Just In Roseland (FHO has nothing extra)
    (1) 1734, no parents
    (2) 1743, father Robert Rowter, no mother specified
Searching on Robert Rowter yeilds a probable brother christened 1729 St Gerrans. But also two other Roberts
    (1) christened 1722 St Ewe
    (1) christened 1745 St Ewe
St Ewe is about 12 miles NE of Saint Just In Roseland. We seem to have two familes here. LDS seems to have two streams going back, one in each location
So we will give her a father and brother.
Robert born 1699 has a father Geoge, but no further information in LDS or FHO. No mothers on any of the christenings going back, but is that Thomas second name for Mary a pointer to anything? Probably not. John Greet had an elder sister Thomasin.


Susan Old, the Online Parish Clerk for St Columb Major supplied a wonderful response to a query on ColonTippett's baptism. She added three generations back, for someone who had been a very murky figure to us. 

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